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It's official fanime forum tradition to have a tshirt stenciling gathering at Jerry's house each year. We'll hang out, paint shirts, have good times. If you have no clue how to stencil, don't worry we're here to help and will provide basic supplies. Of course, you're also welcome to bring video games and board games as usual. :)

Where: Jerry's house
When: April 18th
Time: 4pm

What we'll be providing: Freezer paper, exacto knives, basic paint colors, sponge brushes, an iron, a hair dryer and directions on how to make freezer paper stencils.

What you need to bring:
*A tshirt (or anything that's made up of fabric, like a tote bag or pair of jeans) to paint.  Keep in mind light colored shirts, especially white, are easiest to paint, with dark colored shirts you'll have to do multiple coats of paint.
*An idea of what you want to stencil. If you can draw great, if you can't then the best thing would be to print out a stencil design (just onto regular printer paper) and bring it with you.
*If you plan on painting something HUGE or need very specific colors then you might want to bring your own paint.
*If you want to bring video or board games to play after shirts are done or food to share that would be awesome but you don't have to. An extra iron or two would be cool too, that way people don't have to wait as long.

What type of paints to buy if you're going to bring your own paint:
If you can find it (sometimes at Michael's, should be at most art supply stores), Jacquard is what I use:

There's lots of places to find stencils online, but this one is still one of my favorites:

Or you too could join the fanimafia and make one of these bad boys:

If anyone needs to be picked up from the BART station please let me know. I can give 3 people a ride from BART if needed.

Guest List:
Please let me know if I missed your comment/if you want to be added to the guest list! :)
There was a bday party for Jerry at his place this past weekend. For the most part we just played a lot of board games (Simpson's Battle of the Sexes, Fanimafia Guess Who, Taboo, Risk) and video games (Rock Band, Rayman Raving Rabbids "butt racing" and so on). Good times were had by all, or at least it seemed so. I know this isn't offcially a fanime board gathering (but it was about 95% board members) and it's already passed but I just wanted to share pictures with everyone that was there and those who weren't there that would like to laugh at us for looking so awful (ok I look awful, you guys look great as always). There's two photo posts over on my livejournal-

#1 Tribbles! (P.S. Thankyou to Dr.O for the tribble!)

#2 Everything Else

Mods- feel free to delete this if it's not cool to be posted here

Anyone who wasn't there- don't feel like Jerry/the rest of us don't love ya if you weren't invited. It was a semiprivate get together of Jerry's closest friends. You guys are all still quite awesome folk. <3

To everyone that was there- it was great hanging out with everyone. Hope to see all you crazy kids again soon.
Panels and Workshops / Lolita Panel and Fashion Show
February 23, 2009, 06:50:50 PM
Kazuko, venusivy and I plan on hosting a panel going over lolita fashion that ends with a small fashion show showcasing each substyle. Right now we're gathering people interested in modeling in the fashion show. We're looking for real people. Age, weight and height don't really matter. :) Just keep in mind that if you don't have your own outfit to wear that the loaner outfits are limited and we might not be able find something right for you.

Models must be-
*18 or over
*Willing to commit to the project. If you're not able to be in the show after all please let us know right away so we can find a replacement.
*Able to show up an hour before the panel to check in and rehearse

(We're looking for 2-4 people for each substyle/theme so don't worry if someone else already said they wanted to wear the same substyle as you.)
Substyles we'd like to include-
•   -Sweet
•   -Gothic
•   -Classic
•   -Casual
•   -Aristocrat
•   -Boystyle
Common themes we'd like to include-
•   -Kuro/Shiro
•   -Hime
•   -Country
•   -Sailor
•   -Pirate
•   -Steampunk
•   -Wa/Qi Lolita
•   -Guro Lolita

If you're interested please contact me (reply here, PM me or send me an email at with the following info-
1. Which sub-style(s) or theme(s) you'll be wearing.
2. A photo of yourself in what you plan on wearing (or if you want to model but don't have your own outfit then a photo of yourself and your bust & waist measurements so we can try to find an outfit for you to borrow). If there are multiple outfits you're choosing between or multiple sub-styles or themes you'd be willing to wear, feel free to include pictures of many outfits.
3. An outfit rundown-What brand(s) which parts of your outfit are from. (Your outfit doesn't need to be made up out of brand items. Well made, truly lolita homemade or offbrand outfits are welcome, we'd just like to see a photo of it first)
4. Email address to keep you updated between now and Fanime.

If you'd like to offer up some of your clothes for other girls who do not have their own to borrow during the fashion show please let me know. It would be super helpful if you could include photos of what you have to offer and measurements of each item.

*If you don't know what this whole Lolita thing is all about check out the lolita handbook on LJ-
Alternate subject lines:
*If Jerry can change his name so can I (but I'm not sure if anyone even remembers way back when Jerry was "shyguy")
*Felicity is dead (which I decided against because it's a bit too dramatic and cause some unneeded stress)

So, I was semi joking at the tshirt gathering about changing my name on here and decided to actually go through with it. J9 = Jeanine, which some of you may be surprised to learn is my real name. I don't actually think I'm that awesome. I don't care if people still call me Felicity instead of Jeanine. And sorry if I've confused anyone.