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I look back to my old Fanime posts and say, everytime, "...what the hell was wrong with me?! O.o"
*bats away with clarinet*

*Throws a mushroom* yee.
Ill come xD It depends on which cosplay I finish. But I'll probably come as sora with a finn and kairi too.
I'll come in a KH1 Sora, or KH2 sora. It just depends xD
Haha, wellll, my friend Amy's gonna be Kairi from the 2nd, and I'm changing mine to Sora from the 2nd.
I don't really know yet, Whether it be Erza, Lucy or Wendy...
Can I change my cosplay to Konan?
^ Yeah, actually before the last Fanime I forced my friend Amy to watch Ranma 1/2 with me and I told her about Fanime. She got way overexcited and instead of being Ukyo for her first cosplay, she wanted to be milk. Actually originally supposed to be strawberry milk from Gintama, but she insisted 2% milk xD
< Has a niece that likes InuYasha
> Hm... these makeup guru's on youtube scare me :/ Michelle Phan and Bubzbeauty are my faves because, well, they know what final fantasy is. And Sailor Moon. I likey :D
v How was your day? Did anything MAKE your day?
^PFFFFFFFFFFFFT Twix definitely.
< Did a P90X workout (That stuff works though)
> My friends are total narutards, but I kind of am too so I'm going to be Konan and my best friend Pein, and all my friend different Akatsuki.
v  Same question
I liked watching the Judo class demonstrate xD There were 4 girls that were really good at their throws.
Uh.. I just finished my Konan cosplay and it looks better than my choji one, so erase female choji and Sign me up for Konan from Akatsuki please!
EEEP! Akatsuki cloak FINALLY HERE :D
Forum Games / Re: Caption the Last Poster's Avatar ver. 3
September 29, 2010, 08:28:25 PM
DERGHHH. This wig is taking FOREVER to be shipped D:<
^Nyehhhh, nothing really happened so far, but I'd have to say the "moment" was milking charades long enough to hear a 10 minute Ash Ketchum impression from my Friend, and a Korean Drama impression. Win.
< His Chicks are almost CHICKENS. WOO!
> I am pretty over average as a drawer, for my age. I'm alot younger than most of the people on forums xP
v Are you craving anything? Food, Video game, ect :D
Eh, can you take me off of the list for now? Well, you can keep me there. I'm now deciding between Konan (akatsuki) or As said on the list (Female Choji) I will most likely pick Konan, though.
I'll see if I can make it.
I might go... I think I can get there! Wow I'm confusing-ish O.o
I think Kingdom hearts 1 AKA original.
General Anime Chat / Re: PIctures of Your Anime Room.
August 29, 2010, 02:54:47 PM
I have to put this on my watch, you all pwn me by a landslide. xD Seriously, I fail at collecting :D