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General Anime Chat / Metaloclypse
October 10, 2006, 07:08:07 PM
its an awesome show, i love it. lol

I also love how the vocal only talks in death voice.

General Anime Chat / Death Note Anime October 3
October 10, 2006, 05:50:22 PM
i love series that start AFTER the manga is over. Atleast we won't expect to see much filler if any. This goes especially for jump. I always hated the fact most jump animes becomes filler-city while the manga is still great to read.

On a side note, im surprised that death note is what? 37 episodes? I wonder if they are going to stretch it a lot.

Quote from: "zoupzuop2"Ack. Am I one of the few that liked the series?

This probably means I should see more anime before passing judgement... 0_o

why is that? you saw something and you LIKED it, how great is that? who cares what others think, if you enjoy a series, that all what matters. We all carry hobbies and spend our time on it for enjoyment right?

I think we all watch anime for different reasons, we all have different tastes and different things makes people react in different ways. It's great that people express their opinions on certain series, but I don't think it should be effective to the point where you have to question your own taste. :)

I personally tend to like a lot of series people pass on. I tend to find appreciation on series that are rather underappreciated, but that's me. If you like a series, let's appreciate it. :) I agree with you on the fact that you should WATCH MORE anime though.

heres one of mine before the change. I keep it simple.

ps beware my gangsta haruhi icon!

i think they should do a colabo with higurashi meets kanon characters. It'll be awesome. more killer lolis! "uguu~ i'm going to kill you NOW NOW NOW! *slash*"

on second thought, lets not, nm on that.

probably one of my all time favorites are mushishi and kaleido star. Both were unique and just blew me away in their own way.

it's fairly good, and I'm hoping that it's going to be better than Air. I know many of you guys love this show and unfortunately I'm totally new to it. I'll see how this goes.

My impressions

1. as mduo already stated, its kinda generic, and a lot of similarities with air stood out.
2. Lots of subtle moe factors lol.
3. It's freakin kyon, amirite?

Either way, I'll probably watch this series till the end. Lots of series ended up blowing my mind at the half end, and exceeded my expections in the past.

General Anime Chat / DUB or SUB? What's your preference?
September 23, 2006, 01:44:05 AM
raw and raw only  :oops:


Quote from: "joshness"***************First off semi Spoiler warning**************
Skip here if you don't want anything revealed, even though I'm not revealing much.

Ryu, without revealing the plot at all, is it explained why it suddenly resets (time line wise) after the first story?  Or is it just suppose to be like another  possible story with the same characters?

it's not really a spoiler, just the formation of the series. The series has "sets" of arcs with same characters and settings, but the plot, victims and the mastermind under the acts are all different by arc. They do all the questioning of all the stories in the beginning. So you wont know the juicy details till the end. :)

I love this series, yes it's one helluva creepy series with cute characters flipping out getting real nutty. And when it all comes together at the end, your mind is blown. I love it.

General Anime Chat / D.Gray-Man Anime October 3
September 04, 2006, 02:52:03 PM
fairly solid series. I like it. But then again im a huge jump head so my opinion might be biased, lol.

plus, lina lee is too cute.

Quote from: "Spiritsnare"
Quote from: "LastElixir"tsuruya maid > all (and they need a figure out!) amirite?


Bonus points if they follow the Churuya-san model.

edit Kyon's sis? Close second.

kyon's sis = leads to victory

tsuruya maid > all (and they need a figure out!) amirite?

General Anime Chat / When I watched (?), I cried...
August 11, 2006, 01:10:18 AM
kaleido star, end of 1st season.

hell even the end of season 2 made my eyes water a bit.

if you havent checked it out, its a MUST. yes, a must.

General Anime Chat / Haruhi.......Returns??????
August 07, 2006, 08:52:56 PM
from what i can see from couple of glances is pretty much a interview/questionaire from the directors. They pretty much ask 50 questions about the series but they are mostly opinions on what THEY like about the series. The interview is aimed for fans who want to know more about what the directors think about the show.

NO confirmation about a 2nd season.

yea, just send them my way. :D much appreciated.

Yea, i'll try to do one once in awhile, i usually have some open time. Short ones are always welcome as well.

ty again for the replies. I'm thinking of doing another interview translation, problem is, i need the material/scans. I prefer a series thats fairly popular so everyone can take use of it. Maybe something like Rozen Maiden or Fate/Stay Night. If anyone have magazines with interviews they want translated, please scan them (also please make them legible) and PM me the links, or email me the direct scans to . I may make this like a weekly thing, it's good brain exercise anyway for my mushy brain :wink: .

so no one bumps aria the animation STs and drama CDs like i do in middle of east oakland?  :lol:

i wont lie, i was listening the the paniponi drama CD in my car while i was driving through bayfair mall the other day and people gave me "the look", i didnt care. haha


cuz they kick major ass.

thanks for the replies guys, it means a lot. I may be translating the director's interview in the near future, who knows. :P