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Actually I'm afraid I'm gonna have to cancel :c didn't know this was the same time as the SMT/Persona gathering, so sorry!
I'll be going as Narukami, of course I'll be bringing along some very nice arcana cards~ And I'll be there for the kings game! ^^ Photocap of me with RuKira and Raiphin cosplay~
For Konekogami, please add my Skype. The messages arent sending on my end :c it's xerdudethedarkassasin.
Fujiwara no Mokou reporting for duty!
I currently have a Fairmont Room with a King Bed and Rollaway bed from Friday the 23rd to Monday the 26th. I'd be willing to do a trade if you're interested =D
Hey amigos! So how to introduce myself... Most people know me as my nickname Xer, but yeah, I'm Ricky. I'm based around South San Jose and I'm a Leigh High School student. My main cosplay is Mokou Fujiwara (Touhou) even though I don't look the best in it, but I enjoy music gaming a lot and meeting new friends, so yeah... HI EVERYONE :D
Is it possible to get a Touhou 12.3 Tourny on the list or will there not be one this year?
Video Programming / Re: VIDEO GAMES MOVIE 2013
March 28, 2013, 03:38:44 PM
Quote from: the otaku god on February 22, 2013, 01:40:28 PM
lucky for your fanimecon guest i found a movie ver of ni no kuni. once i watch it and see how good it is maybe will show it.

Oh my gosh please do, I'm actually going to be cosplaying Swaine for the con and it'd be epic to see the movie hahaha
This is that dude on skype that said he's mokou. O n O;;
I think I have a pretty good idea for the next Street Fighter X Tekken Tournament, how about we go 2 v 2? Personally I think it'd be fun to see if any of us fighting gamers could join together with a partner > : D
Quote from: Avairrianna on December 04, 2012, 04:19:09 PM
Well, I'm the organizer for the Valve cosplay gathering so I have connections with pretty much all the 100+ Valvers out there if you wanted to maybe tap into them for the flash mob. Personally I love the idea and would love to be a part of it!
That'd be so awesome! Think you can tell them about it and probably sometime we could meet up and plan it all out? It doesn't matter if we're in different cosplay or not, this is all just for fun ^^
Ideas and Suggestions / Super Epic Portal Flashmob Thing
November 08, 2012, 08:17:56 PM
So... I'm on skype with my friend and we just came up with a really random but epic idea : D Anyone wanna do a flashmob for the song 'Still Alive' aka the credits song to portal? It's random, but I think we can pull this off if we get enough people c:
I know this may be asking a bit, but is it possibly to move the gathering a few hours ahead? I have a tournament I wanna go to and it's at the time of the gathering ; w ;
Awesome! I'll try to be there on time =D
Ohh, alright. Also, I might be about 5 minutes late because the Valve gathering is at 11AM that day and I'm going as Red Medic so I'm gonna have to run and switch cosplays real quick >.<;
Also if it's possible, may I join in on the picnic? =o
Hey everyone! My friend is letting me use his cosplay this year so I will be going as Rinnosuke Morchika ^^
Ahhhh, forgive me everyone >.< I have to switch to red because my medic pack symbol was colored red, I hope that's ok Dx
Hey everyone! I would like to join this and I will be going as the Blu Medic =D And if that fails I'll just be a red scout xP Hope to see you all there ^^
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Quote from: Chen-Yakumo on April 24, 2011, 05:35:26 PM
Someone should get red and blue paper and make balls out of them and use them as Danmaku.
Touhou dodgeball game?

Also me and 2 other people have almost finished learning bad apple but we wont be cosplaying from Touhou.
I still hope we can dance it with some other people who might be doing it ;n; don't give up!!

Touhou dodgeball sounds fun!
I'll bring as much as i can for everyone if you wanna do that~ ^_^

OH MY GOD that sounds like a wonderful idea!! I'm leaning more towards this than the dance idea:DD
If anyone can bring styrofoam balls or any other dodgeball-appropriate (as in noone goes *pichuun* when hit) balls bring them!
Going pichuun is not fun o.o used to happen alot years ago but now I IS A LUNATIC SO WATCH OUT >=D