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Friday and Monday are good for me!
AND I bought a wall scroll that I'm going to make into a flag for the front of the Parade/Conga line! So we'll be noticeable!
If we keep it on this day then I wont be able to go  :'( This day might end up being my Phoenix Wright day so I'll be a girl but we'll see as we get closer
So far Saturday works for me too but we'll see!
I vote for freeze tag as the game we play! ^^
This would be awesome! It should start at the fountains and be a conga line (A FAST conga line otherwise we wont get very far! lol!) across the con and then lead to a big field and then we should have an epic battle like 300!
I want the DS gathering to be either Monday or Friday! Just not SUNDAY PLEASE!!!!!!!!
Monday is not good for me!
Me and 20 others are coming from Bakersfield, California! 4 Hours drive up I-5 North!

(Yes, the town that was on the portapotty in the movie 'Cast Away')
What I did during AnimeExpo 07 was me and two of my friends learned the TV size version and we carried around an ipod with speakers and we would stop randomly and do the Hare Hare Yukai then pick it back up and do it again in like 15 minutes! We did it this way for 4 days @_@ so yeah I plan to do it that way again this year at Fanime so I'll just stop whatever I'm doing and do it when I feel like it so watch for me!
NP! This is just going to be my first Fanime and I'm soooo excited about it! After talking to you guys I went home and finished my Ouran tie lol! But teah we would walk around and L's from EVERYWHERE would just jump us trying to get the pixie stick but we kept it for three days until we finally gave it up at the Gathering!
We'll see...... you'd have to do something pretty amazing to get some! Like last year we gave a three foot long pixie stick to the best L cosplayer at AX! He was ta'happy!
I will be in several groups which include:

-Haruhi (Me)

Phoenix Wright
-Angel Starr (Me)
-Manfred von Karma
-Maya Fey
-Ema Skye
-Ron DeLite
- three others haven't decided yet

Full Metal Alchemist
-Sloth (Me)

Metal Slug
-Clark Steel
-Fio Germi
(I count this because there are only 7 characters total between 7 games so two is a group so there *sticks tongue out*)

And then everyone else is going off and doing other stuff to!
Well If it's on the same day or around the same time as the Ouran Host club gathering I'll talk my group into going seeing as I'm a girl playing Haruhi and most of the hosts are being played by girls lol!

So put me down for either Haruhi Fujioka from Ouran or Female Choji from Naruto (That counts right?)
At AnimeExpo last year we bought bags of candy to give to every L we saw ^^ It was fun but apples are heavy @_@ I already have to carry a bombox to do the Hare Hare Yukai around the con so I can't carry that as well.
My group is going as an Ouran group so put me down as Haruhi but I will also have the following characters with me:

The Twins
and..... someone else but we pretty much have an entire group! ^^

But about the jackets! We made all of ours (meaning I'm GOING to make mine, and Kaoru made 5 jackets, and her mom made Kaoru's jacket lol!) So yeah..... you can find them but when and entire formed group shows up and doesn't have matching coats it looks weird so we all have the same light periwinkle color to match and they weren't that hard or that expensive to make!
I might be MisaMisa-Chan like I was at AX last year so put me down as Misa please?
I'm not going as a character from TMHS (But ironically I am going as Haruhi from Ouran High School Host Club) But I will be running around the con doing the Hare Hare Yukai in the cosplays that I will be wearing so that would mean you might see a girl dressed as: Choji, Sloth, MisaMisa, Fio Germi, Haruhi Fujioka, and/or a Angel Starr!
Put me down for Female Choji!