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I'll be attending as Levi Ackerman!
I'll be attending as Daki. My friends will be coming as Hotaru Haganezuka and Mitsuri Kanroji.
I couldn't find my ipod for the last couple days at the con.  I figured it was in my car, but when I got home I discovered that it wasn't.  I checked in with lost and found and they don't have it.
It's in a black brick case.  It's likely dead by now, but the lock screen is a picture of two cats, one gray, one orange.
Please let me know if you have any info.  Hell I'll even let you keep it.  I just got a new phone that does what I need.  I just want a couple of my save files from my apps and my photos and you can keep it. 
And if by chance you have it and have already deleted all my stuff from it, just let me know please.  I've been searching for days and just would like to know if I don't have it so I can stop lol.
Thank you.
I lost my ipod so couldn't take many pics. T_T
So if you have pics of me I'd love it! xD
On Friday and Saturday I was: Date Masamune from Sengoku Basara.
On Sunday I was: Playboy bunny Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail, with a playboy bunny Lucy.

Roommates Wanted:
+ Introduction: Hi my name is Ashley.  I'm 22 and a college student.  I'll be having at least three people staying with me, but more than likely there will be more than that.  Me and my friends are well.. Weird so you must be open minded, but were not crazy or anything.. At least in a creepy bad kinda crazy way ;D. 
+ Hotel Information: We are staying at Hotel De Anza, which isn't on the list., but it's in walking distance. They got all booked in like less then a day so yeah.. I went hunting.  We'll be staying there from Thursday the 22nd to Monday the 26th.
+ Costs: 100 per person in cash.  If we can get more people the price may go down, but no promises.
+ Requirements: We like to party so if you're uncomfortable with smoking and/or drinking then it's probably not the room for you.  Also, no one under 18.  I don't want to be responsible if something happens to you and were gonna be drinking so yeah.. 18 is the age limit please.  My friend is trying to throw a lingerie party too so if that makes you uncomfortable then it probably wouldn't be good.  You don't have to wear some corset, but they're gonna want to.  It's also a co ed room. 
+ Contact: Email me at [email protected] or facebook message me(You have to add me in order for the message to go through)
+ Miscellaneous: Not really. o.o  I mean.. I'm super broke so I need help with the hotel in order to go and I've been looking forward to fanime since last year. ;~; I work two jobs and hardly ever do anything fun so I hope that a few people won't mind putting up with me for a room we can all afford. :P
Me and my friend will be going as Lucy and Erza in their playboy bunny costumes. xD
I love going to gatherings but I've never hosted one and don't have the time to honestly xD.
But I'd love for someone to get going these ones:
Fairy Tail(Me and my friend are going as bunny suit Lucy and Erza lol)
Highschool of the Dead(Saeko and Takagi)
Sengoku Basara(Date Masamune >:3)
Did anyone happen to get pictures of the Katekyo Hitman Reborn gathering?
I was one of the Xanxus'. xD
Quote from: bebop on May 09, 2013, 05:55:46 PM
Does anybody wanna do an official gathering for Vampire Knight on Saturday or Sunday? :P

YES. ;D I'm sad there isn't one already.  I'm going as Zero.

Also.. Anyone else interested in hanging out or whatever with any other genres of mine.
My characters are in my siggy, but I'll write them again. xD
Fem! Squall from FFVIII and I am also going to the gathering.
Xanxus from Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Anbu Kakashi from Naruto.
Dunno for sure which days I'll wear what so I'm pretty open to you people's schedules. xD
Roommates wanted. :D

+ Introduction: Hello my name is Ashley.  This is going to be my fifth fanime.  I have no problem with you( or your friends) hanging out with me and mine at fanime as well.  But you can do your own thing if you want.  Also staying with me will be three guys and one girl.  So it's Co-Ed.  It'd be great to have someone room with me that was cosplaying from any of the genres I am. ;3 My list of cosplays should be on my sig.  I'm kinda shy but once you get to know me I'm pretty weird and crazy and fun.  The ages in the room are 18-26.  I'm 21 myself.
+ Hotel Information: Friday through Monday at DoubleTree.  I know it's far.  But at least there's a free shuttle.
+ Costs: $75 is a basic asking price, but I'm willing to negotiate. 
+ Requirements: There will be smoking and drinking.  I'm willing to discuss this if you have a major problem though and maybe we'll smoke and drink elsewhere.  Also, no under age people please.  I don't want the responsibility of anyone under 18.  And don't steal.  Or I'll stab you with my gunblade.. xD
+ Contact: PM me here.  Or facebook..
+ Miscellaneous: I dunno.. o_o.

Since I had to cancel one of my new cosplays I'm going to be bringing back an old one of mine, Anbu Kakashi. :3
So I'll come to the gathering too.
D: I don't have the money to go as Alice anymore unfortunately.
I had to take off one of my cosplays and hers was the most expensive.
So remove me.
I'll join this.  I'm going to be Xanxus.
I'll be going as a fem! Squall. x3 Didn't get around to it last year sadly.
I'm going as Alice this year. :D
My friend wanted me to cosplay with her so I had to drop Mitsuru's cosplay for someone elses.
Sorry. >_< I won't be attending.
Sadly, I can't go as Squall. Dx Didn't have the money for his cosplay.  Sorry.
I'd like to go as Izaya Orihara. :D I'm going as him anyway so why not go to the gathering? xD