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Plastic Tree and Onmyo-za *u*!!

or even MOMOIRO CLOVER-Z!! They are so energetic and their lives are full of hype!! I would die if Momoclo-Z came to Fanime
Guests I would like to See for Fanime 2012!! hmm

It would be really awesome if you guys brought Andrew Hussie!!! He created webcomics such as Problem Sleuth and his current work Homestuck is really amazing and it has a strong fanbase *u* it would make my con~

Also if you guys brought back Tohru Furuya that would be even more amazing *u*
There needs to be some idols up in this beez!

I am going to suggest Momoiro Clover! They are cute, their songs are super upbeat and catchy and to one of my friends who has seen most of their lives and went back stage to meet them...they are very audience/people friendly and very interactive with audiences

Esp if you enjoy to wota \o/

Here is a link to one of their many songs:
A big dream come true (and I always ask every year XD) is if Plastic Tree came to perform at Fanime

They are a pretty good group and their style is constantly changing (so it can be catered to everyone)

Also Onmyo-za would be amazing to have!!
Quote from: Elimeno on April 13, 2010, 02:13:38 PM
Going on Sunday, and having an unofficial eating contest at Mifune. . . I'm not entering but it should be interesting.
LOL you

but I will be there too  :]
I am excited that the momoists will be back!! also I would love to go to this panel (seeing as i missed it last year T___T)

I really want to learn a lot of the calls!!
Shiina Karuho!!! She is the Mangaka for Kimi ni Todoke and has one of the greatest animes of all time (yeah its Kimi ni Todoke) she just released some more of the volumes so she should come!!! Plus it would be her first US visit and her manga/anime is becoming very popular (hell viz already started publishing the english versions already).
Big Event Showcase / Re: Fanimaid Cafe 2010
February 01, 2010, 10:40:54 AM
The problem with outdoor venues is that there is always a chance of rain. Not to mention People could get lost, or distracted by random things.

I enjoy mexican food I mean I live near a friggen papalote so I get my fix when I can

Now if we talk about Peruvian ha haaa la comida de mis Peruanos man :U I love making it and I love it when my family makes it
I <3 being Peruvian
Jerry there are boystyles like Dandy/Aristorcrat and ouji little prince looks C:

Oh I wish I could help with the panel this year but I kinda took a break from Lolita fashion and donated my clothes to friends who wanted to start in lolita fashion :c
Quote from: achoin on January 19, 2010, 10:58:15 PM
For musical guests, I say we bring in HANGRY & ANGRY.
Their music has the upbeat-ish type rock that corresponds well with anime, and they're an Indies group thus far.
Plus, they've already hit up Anime Expo and Sakura-con, so obviously bringing them into a convention successfully is possible.

They may also be able to do something to promote the fashion line, maybe work with a panelist, especially now that we have the first brand Gothic & Lolita shops open in San Francisco (Baby the Stars Shine Bright and Black Peace Now). Because personally, I thought last year's Lolita panel was horrendous and hope that if we have anything similiar this year it may be able to do Japanese fashion a little justice.
Im sorry what? How in what way was it horrendous? As a co-host to the Intro lolita panel and fashion show I feel like that is insulting to me and my fellow panelists as well as the models. We all worked hard on that panel, people volunteered their time and even some of their clothes to make our fashion show a success . I am sorry if you were expecting big lights, high end super awesome BURANDO and being pro model. This panel was made by people who loved lolita fashion so much that they wanted to share it with others. I never claimed to be an expert and neither did any of the others.

Also What does HANGRY & ANGRY have to do with lolita fashion? If anything they are more punk/H.NAOTO kids imo

Also Having a super awesome brand designer would be nice to have a panel but they would only discuss their brand not the entire lolita fashion and its many walks of life.
The only mangaka I ask for you to bring to Fanime 2010 is Karuho Shiina she wrote the most popular Manga and anime Kimi ni Todoke and also other works like Crazy for you. I dont know if she will be able to travel since she has a kid with her but shes someone I really would love to meet. Especially for her work on KimiTodo ; ;
General Anime Chat / Re: Fall Season 2009
December 21, 2009, 03:01:09 PM
With KimiTodo the manga stopped at 9 because the creator took a break since she had a kid. She is supposed to come out with more but I am not sure when the release dates are. I am pretty sure the anime will be longer than the Manga since the manga carries four episodes each.
General Anime Chat / Re: Winter Season 2010 Anime Lineup
December 21, 2009, 02:59:08 PM
Hell yeah Kewpie Anime \o/

I might also watch Ladies Vs Butlers

but none of these animes will replace Kimi ni Todoke ;___; forever in my heart
Hey girls hey! Dont hate on M. Night Shyamalan! I thought that Lady in the Water was a beautiful piece of work. The Sixth sense and his other works were pretty awesome too, sure some of them have flopped but give it a chance. M Night is actually a BIG fan of the Avatar Series so he could do it some justice. Though I am amused that Patel is playing Prince Zuko.

Also, It peeves me that people will be like "OMG AMERICAN LIVE ACTION ANIMUS, ITS SOOO GOING TO SUCK LOLOLOLOLOL LETS BASH ON IT BEFORE IT EVER DEBUTS, OMG JAPAN DOES IT BETTER" Honestly Shut Up and wait till it comes out, go watch it and then go complain about it. I personally am looking forward to the American versions of death note, At least it will give a better representation than the crappy Japanese version. Japan honestly has done some of the WORST adaptions in Anime. Higurashi live action, Deathnote, and a few others were just so bad that I am pretty sure the american counterparts will do much better because there is more production value and a hell of a lot of money put into it. Though I can honestly say Dragon ball and Chun li were pretty bad for the US remakes.

That and Zac Efron will make an Amazing Light, Hes a fan of the series C:

Also, Transformers isn't a Japanese anime IIRC, Also Enjoyed that movie, its what I pretty much figured if Autobots and Decepticons were to be in the real world.
Quote from: iKuraudo on December 05, 2009, 08:44:30 AM

Other than that,
It would be cool to bring back An Cafe, since I really got into them after watching various performances of Snow Scene and I missed the concert in 2008, due to exhaustion.

An Cafe are actually going on Hiatus in January, It is unknown when they will come back from hiatus Sorry~

The only J-rock band I would LOVE to see is Plastic Tree!

I still would like Perfume to come or even May'n with Megumi Nakajima

Also please bring Back Momoi ;___; I miss her, her concert was so energetic and fun!
Wait what...TC are you into that stuff...oh my

Anyways we should all have a .gif party yes
Quote from: ultimatejunmaster on December 05, 2009, 09:51:13 PM
Okay! I know parents might flip out on the idea that I will present!

So I thought that there would be those who wants to 'prove' that they can stand up to the character they cosplay. In terms of costumes and stuff, they can probably pull off the character. However, the combat skills are not shown as much.

To get to the point! A Boxing Ring where cosplayers can duke it out with the fighting style of their character.

The initial name for it will be: The Fanime Battle-Thon!

We might want to have local MMA fighters to be the referees of the matches. (Frank Shamrock, Cung Le, Josh Thompson, etc.)

Everyone is required to bring paddings and other safety gears.

Some of the rules:
1) Everyone get 3 rounds each. To win each round, you need 10 points. 1 points= Punch or a hand-strike to the stomach, 2 points= Leg strike to the stomach, 3 points= High kick to the head, 4 points= A successfully executed throw, 5 points= Executing a "Special Move"
2) A "Special Move" is the Character's Special Attack that is stopped at least 3 inches before the helmet or the chest plate. If the opponent does not notice the move in three seconds, then 5 points will be rewarded for perfect execution.
3) For any characters with weapons, they must use some safer version of it. (Nerf Sword, Water Balloon, Frisbee, etc.) All the ways to get points with weapons will be acquired the same way as without weapons.

The rest is up for discussion!

I don't know about you but this SCREAMS liability IMO just because you might have safety gear or whatever it doesn't mean people can still sue fanime for it and they could get shut down. No one wants that do they?

Looks like someone needs to fill this out: