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Big Event Showcase / Cosplay Spectacular 2013
March 07, 2013, 08:06:50 PM
Any news on this? i am a bit surprised that we are into March and there has not yet been anything that I was able to pull up for this year on it. We will not be participating this year (need some downtime for other project stuff) but I know others are probably wondering what the plan is.
I know, probably a bit early for a question like this (and I'm in no huge hurry for an answer), but I'm curious as to whether the 2012 Masquerade will be happening on Sunday again, or if there are plans to shift it back to Saturday.

Either day is perfectly fine by me. I have a -slight- preference for Saturday mostly because I like having a day to just relax at the convention, but it's still a preference and Sunday works just as well. But I figured I'd check on that because whatever else I do kind of hinges on when that will be :)

Come and show a little love for one of the greats of Old School Anime!  Just some of the eligible series sources available to you include:

Space Pirate Captain Harlock and related material
Galaxy Express 999 and related material
Interstella 555
Gun Frontier
Cosmo Warrior Zero
Space Battleship Yamato (aka Star Blazers)
Out of Galaxy Koshika
Ozma (newly released on Crunchyroll)
Queen Emeraldas
And much more that I am so forgetting XD !

Day: Friday

6PM for those interested in joining in the Old School Gathering (pre-2000 cosplays only, organizer is BSaphire!).
7PM for those not attending the Old School Gathering (any Matsumoto cosplays, no matter of when released)

Meeting Place:  FiF MS = Flowerbed in Front (Side of Flowerbed Marriott Side)
Organizer: Dany  Backup Organizer: TBD
Location: Same as above, or very close by.

SPECIAL NOTES:: Currently seeking a backup organizer. Please PM Dany if you are interested!!!

Currently Confirmed Characters In Attendance

Dany - Miime (ORGANIZER)
Darieum - Captain Harlock (SSX version)
tallgeese_custom2002 - Schwanhelt Bulge (The Galaxy Railways)
junkeemonkey +1: Captain Harlock and Tadachi Daiba


Coming Soon!

Any questions, please PM me either here, or at My handle is the same in both sites. Looking forward to another great gathering!!


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