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Hey all! Long time no post from me, I've been pretty busy with quite a few things. One of those is making a metric crudton of Eurobeat music that I can perform live on some plane or another. If you wanna hear it, I believe the website link (the li'l globe under my icon) is still very active.

I'm interested in doing a live Eurobeat show at Fanime, if that were possible at this point in time. The best part is, no hassling with Avex for licenses, it's a quick setup for me AND Fanime, and I have the material last as many/few songs as necessary for either the big stages or Stage Zero. (If my legitimacy is in question, I can only suggest
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

tl;dr: Where would I send what info to see if this were possible on any level?
On another forum I visit, I had an idea to gather the songs of a few 'local' independent Eurobeat producers and fans, and put them into a podcast. It's finally done and I'm rather proud of what we Eurobeat fans can do. It's currently not on iTunes... YET. ;3

Here's the link to the forum thread with the download:
And for you lazies, here's the actual download link(s).
Mirror 1 -
Mirror 2 -

I did the between-song banter. It's my first podcast so... please be gent— I mean, please enjoy it as much as you can. :3
Hello boys and girls! This is your old pal Stinky Wizzleteats! This is a song about a whale. NO!!! This is a song about being happy! That's right, it's the happy happy joy joy song.

Happy Happy Joy Joy
Happy Happy Joy Joy
Happy Happy Joy Joy
Happy Happy Joy Joy
Happy Happy Joy Joy
Happy Happy Joy Joy
Happy Happy Joy Joy Joy!

Live Programming and Events / A request for Karaoke 2009
February 22, 2009, 10:05:47 PM
In previous years, I have used both karaoke and non-karaoke tracks in my competition. The karaoke songs worked well, and when the staff wasn't notified that the file WASN'T Karaoke, it worked out fine. ("Running in the 90's" was a fine example of this for me)

When they DID know it was Karaoke, the quality was raped, I couldn't hear jack, and ultimately I couldn't sing on key to a song I couldn't hear. It's consistent.

May I request the option to NOT vocal-dampen non-karaoke songs? The cold, hard fact of the matter is, in some cases it'll be impossible to find a karaoke version of every song someone could sing in this competition; and when they DO just use the non-karaoke version, 9/10 times it's destroyed by the vocal dampening to a point where it just doesn't work, particularly in terms of volume. I saw many of my competitors motioning for the staff to bump up the volume, which occasionally was rewarded but ultimately served little to help. Perhaps what would fix the matter better is a slight increase of volume in the microphone.

I really have searched for the "official" karaoke versions of these songs (seeing as those are the only accepted variety) that I'd like to sing, but... they just aren't there to be found. I don't want to be shot down in the competition due to audio issues, either. Instead of facing that quandry, couldn't we just free up the option to sing with the file un-dampened? If I'm the only person with this issue, I'll stand down.
Things in the Universe / Happy Turkeymas!
November 27, 2008, 12:41:46 PM
May your day be full of giving thanks, enjoyable moments and the tryptophan-inducing food of your choice.

...I'm... twitching with rage. The original logo at least bothered to have some elegance. THIS... is what they come up with??? IT'S LIKE SOMEONE SNEEZED LETTERS ALL OVER THE PICTURE!!!

...thank God they didn't dub it, as far as I know. They nearly take a whole YEAR to do what fansubbers have already been able to do for quite some time, and THIS is what they do to it???
...Mizuho... deserves better than THIS. Good GOD.
In the manga, we finally meet Mizuho as a "full" male-self!

...doesn't really change much, does it?
This ain't a joke, folks. Check out the Eventful Demand widget on his profile:
Notice that there's more demand for him overseas (here in the states) than in Osaka AND Tokyo... PUT TOGETHER.

GO VOTE! More demand for overseas Dave means MOAR OVERSEAS DAVE! (And more openings for, say, FANIME DAVE! Or OTHERS TOO!)
Gaming / Initial D 4 Plzkthx.
February 05, 2008, 12:02:35 PM
Initial D seems to have been a pretty big staple in Fanime so far, so why not bring the newest installment to Fanime? I'm fairly sure we've all kept our stockpiles of tokens and ID4 cards ready for SOMETHING.

Just putting it out there. ;3
Things in the Universe / The Freeze!
January 19, 2008, 10:44:42 PM
At least here in Scotts Valley (not too sure about San Jose or its roundabouts), on MONDAY, the temperature is supposed to drop IMMENSELY. The mid-day temperature is supposed to be


degrees Fahrenheit. That's somewhere between "HOLY CRAP" and "YAY SNOW".

Any thoughts? I'm just glad I don't have to work that day. No pushing carts for some jerk who wants double-paper in plastic in a soda flat in a cart from another store.
Incredible Stuff I can Make / I Make Eurobeat. :3
October 25, 2007, 12:23:16 PM
For those of you that don't know this about me, I write music. For those of you that DO know that about me, well... uh... I can write music... FOR you.

Need a theme going on in the background of your student film? Making a game and want something to flow in the midst of a fight or something? Do you like Eurobeat? Paper or Plastic? Why are carrots orange? Where's Waldo? Who can believe it's not butter? (I can. It's Margarine, people. Freakin' Margarine.)

If the answers to any of the first three questions are "yes", then you're in luck! I can create musical themes for any length of time needed (within reason... I won't compose rock operas for you, I do have to take care of other things in my life, y'know!), in just about any genre. Although a majority of what I write is Eurobeat or Eurobeat-flavored, I also write in

  • Jazz
  • Orchestral/Classical
  • Alt-Rock
  • Metal/Power Metal
  • Christmas-flavored
  • Abstract
  • Any style you need in particular, granted I can understand it.
In terms of fees, talk to/ PM me and I can give you a quote. Be sure to check out my Music on Myspace and be sure to buy lots of songs! Yes, you TOO can line the pockets of yet another capitalist swine support my music!!

UPDATE: I can also create general-purpose MIDI files instead of MP3's for your programming/gaming purposes. I would request a fee and that you wouldn't share the file with the internet.
General Anime Chat / Pandering in Anime?
July 09, 2007, 10:24:16 PM
I'm fairly new at this whole "aneemay" deal, but from what I do see of some of the newer/more recent series (newer than, say, Ranma), I have a few quips from my observations.

There seems to be a lot of references to the Anime culture within anime itself, sometimes to the point of absurdity, from the looks of it. It would appear to some that some of these series' are trying to cater to the immediate needs/desires of even the Japanese Otaku (I.E, the ones more looked-down-upon). Take, for instance, the English dub of Haruhi. You'll hear "otaku", "moe", and some other terminologies that only most "learned" fans would know about. That's a pretty small case in point, but I take you now to the synopsis of Lucky Star. A girl that plays video games and watches anime (at an age much like the average Otaku's) is more than thrilled to work at a Cosplay cafe? While the series is pretty nice from what I've looked into, something in me questions if there's some playing-to-the-clique action going down.
Is it just me and my n00biness? Or is there a small amount of pandering to the needs of otakus that I'm just now noticing and picking up? I mean, I believe an anime should be able to reference small facets of the anime culture, no problems there. But something smells of "dumbing down" from what I see. I could be absolutely wrong and/or just looking in the wrong places.
Hotel and Facilities / Room Rates
May 09, 2007, 02:24:22 PM
Okay, so I'm considering bunking up for this year, although something eludes me (other than money).

I see the rate $85 for a room at X hotel. Okay, that's great.
Is that for the whole weekend? Or is that just for a night?? Or...? How does it all figure out? Is it a certain amount of prescribed days at a fixed rate each day? Is it something else?

How do I figure this stuff out?
Ideas and Suggestions / Joseph Palmer
May 07, 2007, 01:46:24 PM
Last year we were so fortunate to have THE master of Ranma fanfiction come and talk to us. I was barely coherent that morning, so I wasn't able to fully appreciate his majesty in my awakening haze.

Any chance of bringing him back for a panel? Please?
Ideas and Suggestions / Church Service
April 23, 2007, 09:01:13 PM
I'm aware that religion may/may not be a touchy subject, so I'll try to be easy with this one.

On Sunday, I think it'd be really cool to have a li'l church service with some worship and a small sermon for those of us who are coming to Fanime but would like to attend church as well. In regards to denomination, we could have multiple panels for each specific faith that would like to hold a service. I'm aware that a group called Cosplay Church has already started this idea; however, they seem to have fizzled off the internet, and I'd like to hold the tradition in Fanime.
My idea would be a 'general Christian' service, with me and some others leading in a lightly-instrumented worship session, and someone discussing appropriate issues with Christian anime fans.
This shouldn't stop any other denominations from starting their own services, if this idea took flight.

Any discussion? Any takers? Any problems?
These skit scripts were written by the user known as "Zoupzuop2" of the FanimeCon boards. NO STEALIN'!

Ranma ½: Fandom, or Wild Abandon?

An original skit by Travis ********


•   Ranma Saotome
•   Akane Tendo
•   Boy Fan 1 (In Cosplay)
•   Boy Fan 2 (In Cosplay)
•   Girl Fan 1 (In Cosplay)
•   Girl Fan 2 (Not in Cosplay)
•   Ryoga

(Props needed)
•   Pail (Bottom cut out, replaced/fitted with BLUE SHEET)
•   Foam Mallet
•   Kettle
•   Sketchbook or notebook (may be empty)
•   Dark, grey, or spray-painted boxes for “rocks”

(Music and sounds Needed)
•   Introductory fanfare (ORIGINAL SERIES)
•   Blink
•   SPLASH (Got that one.)
•   Bonk!
•   â€œGag”

(No special Choreography needed)

(From stage right, Ranma and Akane are walking to school or something to that effect.)

Ranma: Look, all I’m saying is that a five-ounce bird couldn’t carry a one-pound coconut!

Akane: Right, but all I’m saying is that, suppose that two of ‘emâ€"aw, forget it! You’re too stubborn to understand.

Ranma: Look who’s talkin’. <Akane scowls> Anyway, we’re lost again. <Cue female fans> Smart idea, havin’ Ryoga tell us which way to the bank. Now we’re at… we’re at… where ARE we?
(Female fans take notice, and start giggling awkwardly. Ranma notices that they’re looking at him, and turns to them.)

Ranma: Uh, is everything okay?

Girl Fan 1: *Giggle* Umm, are you Ranma Saotome? Like, the REAL Ranma Saotome?

Ranma: Umm, sure. As opposed toâ€"what?

Girl Fan 2: OH MY GOSH! We’re, like, your biggest fans EVER!
(The two girls turn to each other and squeal on cue.)

Ranma: Huh? I don’t understand.

Akane: <Somewhat annoyed> Ranma… we’ve got to get GOING…

Girl Fan 1: Can we glomp you? Pretty please?

Girl Fan 2: Yeah, can we?

Ranma: Huh? What’s a glomp?
(The girls turn to each other. Meanwhile, the boy fans are about to come onstage, but before they do, they join the girls on cue…)

All fans: OH MY GOSH!

Girl Fan 2: You don’t know what a glomp is? Well…

Both Girls: We’ll just have to show you!
(And so, the girls proceed to glomp Ranma to the ground.)

Akane: RANMAAA! <Cue male fans, approaching Akane> WHAT ARE YOUâ€"Oh my. <Freezes in place>

Ranma: <Getting up> Man, glomps are painful! Shampoo hugs softer than… what is it, Akane? <Girls are still giggling>

Akane: I sense a disturbing and unshowered presence behind me…
(Akane turns around to see two of your run-of-the-mill Otaku boys.)

Akane: I was right.

Boy Fan 2: Umm, are you Akane Tendo? Like, in real life?

Akane: <Finds this somewhat odd> Yeah, of course…

Boy Fan 1: Oh my gosh! <Turns to Boy Fan 2, the girls start pointing and giggling at whatever Ranma’s doing> It’s HER! It’s really HER!

Akane: Yeah… it’s really ME…

Ranma: Okay, what do you two want from her, then?

Boy Fan 2: Oh, nothing… we’re just really big fans of you two!

Ranma: Us two? Listen, we aren’tâ€"‘ey, what’s that in your hand? <Takes notebook> OOMPH! <Ranma’s tackled by the girl fans; they just can’t control themselves anymore! Akane takes it from Ranma’s hand before he falls.>

Boy Fan 1: OH NO! Not my lemon fanart!

Akane: Lemon fanâ€"KYAAAAA! YOU PERVERT! <Darts towards Male Fan 1, while Fan 2 runs for it, giggling> TAKE THIS! <Stagehand hands Akane mallet, which she swingsâ€"and missesâ€"at MF2, whom runs away.>…and I’M NOT THAT FLEXIBLE!

(Just then, Ryoga erupts from a pile of “rocks” with a loud…)

(ALL fans just stare at him. The fan-person aura is building up.)

Ranma: <Plods over to Ryoga> Thanks, man, you’re a pal. <Turns to fans> HEY, EVERYONE! IT’S THE REAL RYOGA HIBIKI!

All fans: SKWEEEEE! <All fans sprint towards Ryoga, whom yells and “runs” back into the “rocks”.>

Ranma: QUICK! GET OUT OF HERE BEFORE THEY… “GLOMP” ME AGAIN! Lord, the pain… <Ranma takes Akane’s hand and runs offstage>
(END MUSIC, Bows, cleanup and leave.)
#17, not hentai or sex.
This one happens to be an AMV using clips of Ouran Host Club to the tune of Dead Man's Party from Oingo Boingo (and NOT Friggin' Weird Science or Little Girls or Insects for once).
I figure it's my way of counter-corrupting my corrupters. If I'm gonn'a go all otaku, might as well make my corrupters Boingo fans, ne?
Here's the link:
November 21, 2006, 12:32:37 PM
Hey guys. Using the library computers again..., a long time ago I emailed Digital Praise, the makers of Dance Praise (the Christian DDR spinoff) with some critiques and compliments as to the game, and offered to lend some songs as an "in-game" artist. For a while there was no response.

Then the design head of the studio emails me, asking for feedback on their next revision. I kid you not. They have asked me to give feedback on what I think would make Dance Praise even better, and what would make my ideal dance game. I take it that, from this, they're trying to connect their game with the "DDR Crowd" and like players who are already familiar with dance games.

...yeah, just felt like getting that out.
Live Programming and Events / Karaoke '07
November 12, 2006, 09:04:57 PM
Just starting up the new thread...

This thread will be, unless/until someone formulates a better thread for it than I, the discussion thread for Karaoke '07 discussion (NOT to be confused with Signups, announcements, or etc. from Galewolf or anyone who's involved in more ways than merely participating). I'll start up the ceremonies...

I've got a few possibilities for songs I could sing next year, and THIS time not on a full stomach (thus, without "seizures" like last year). They are:

*Ranma ½: Kawaiikune, Irokega Ne
*Ranma ½: It's Love (by Rabbit)
*Initial D: Forever Young (by SYMBOL)
*John Desire: Yozora No Muko (Yeah, I know my last attempt was an absolute horror, but this time it's closer to my range)

Anyone else planning ahead? Or am I just thinking too far into the future?
Thus is the beginning of the concepts and framework of a Ranma ½ skit for the Fanime '07 Masquerade.

That's right. I'm thinking of writing a Ranma skit. How original...
While I don't have a lot of work in it (I'm hardly doing well on my Ranma cosplay as it is), I do know that if I was going to do it, I'd want to do it right. This will probably be sort of my public sketchbook, the place I go to spew forth ideas and concepts for those interested to critique and/or comment on.

Here's my thinking. OF the Ranma skits I've seen, very few take the Ranma curse seriously in terms of effects, if they include it at all. In this case, I've decided to use individuals dressed in black costumes (ALL black, or a dark color that matches the Backdrop) to hold things of droppable, drapable fabric in different colors for cold water, hot water, and in some cases, chi blasts (two people; one holding one end behind the actor/actress making the "blast" and another to run the "blast" towards the person who's supposed to "take" it. Other effects will follow similar suit.

Now, here's some things I've considered for plots:
*The Musical Virus: Nerima is sucked into a giant Musical phenomena! Nobody can do anything without singing! Will Ranma survive? Will Happosai REALLY try to bother singing? (POTENTIAL PROBLEMS: Not everbody is able to sing, I'd have to write a rather large piece to do it to, timing would have to be SNAPPY)
*Manga scene re-enactment: Basically, one of the manga stories redone. (POTENTIAL PROBLEMS: Booooooriiiiing, unoriginal, not all facets can be recreated on a stage)
*Water Elemental: An oni decides to make mischief by draining some major waterways and water outlets in Nerima. Can the Nerima Wrecking Crew defeat this foe before the water's all dried? (POTENTIAL PROBLEMS: Curses besides Ranma's, other Water effects)

More to come as I think of it.

Hello Hello! Zoupzuop2 reporting for one of probably the... one reviews he'll ever post. This time, it's regarding another small series known as Princess Princess.

*Musical Score: 9/10. BEAUTIFUL. I'm sure, however, there are better scored animes I've not heard of, so I'll label it a 9 for safety. Excellent strings and traditional orchestra pieces do the series excellent justice.
*Comedy: 8/10. Whenever the series isn't serious and touching and/or powerful, it's funny. And always quite so. Nothing to the level of, say, Ranma ½ or some other Comedy animes, but with what it has, it's great.
*Drama: 9/10. The way the story unfolds is an art unto itself. Despite the odd concept, it truly is the story of developing from a boy to a man.

General Plot: Touru is a transfer student to a school that has an odd system: New students are nominated for the position of "Princesses", where, in return for monetary and lunch needs completely covered, they are required to serve as cheerleaders, mascots, and entertainment... as girls in appearance. All the students understand their actual sexes, but still treat them with the utmost of respect. He meets two other students in the same "boat", as they call it: Yuujiro, a self-established outcast from his family; and Mikoto, the reluctant member (which only serves to make him one of the perfect candidates), simply out of fear that his girlfriend will see him in costume.

Nothing overly inappropriate, although there is one feigned male-on-male kiss scene, which sort of weirded me out. If you have nothing against seeing anime characters crossdress, and occasionally jest about homosexuality, then this is a fine series.

Blame for my interest in the series goes to Lok. No doubt, he'll find some way to use this for furthering my corruption... XD

Your thoughts? Comments? Compliments? More requests for me to cosplay Touru-kun (chances currently a whopping 0 out of 0 and not budging)? Post 'em here!
Gaming / DDR Ultramix 4-- OINGO BOINGO IN DDR.
September 17, 2006, 02:50:27 PM

QuoteDance Dance Revolution ULTRAMIX 4 Song List (Not including Hidden Songs)

Arms (Alpha Omega Mix) - By Monolithic
Because I Got It Like That (Freestylers Indett Mix) - By Jungle Brothers
Big Up (Binghi Ghost Remix) - By Drew Campbell
Bit Mania - By Akira Yamaoka
Blue Impulse (for Extreme) - By Naoki feat. YUKI
Cannibale - By Stereo Total
Cosmic Hammer - By Jondi & Spesh
Dead Man's Party - By Oingo Boingo

It was hard to type this thread without twitching and skweeing with delight. My favorite band of the universe... IS FINALLY IN DDR!!!

Your thoughts?
General Anime Chat / Ranma ½'s... Return?
July 10, 2006, 10:22:08 PM
Okay! I have good news for R½ fans, and I have bad news.

Good news: Ranma ½ will be returning to Cartoon Network!
Bad news: Latin America, that is.

So... close... I have such little access to Ranma ½ material, being poor and the like, and not willing to visit HIGHLY questionable websites for content... here's hoping for a swift pilgrimage over to State America!

Your comments.
Hey folks!
So, over the last (recently became) three years, I've been scribbling and writing in my li'l "writing journal", with the chaptering and necessity of a Ranma ½ fanfiction. I've begun to post the chapters I've typed up from the original manuscript, and right now I'm about to put up the seventh chapter.
So, please! Commentary, critique, compliments, bribes, money... whatever you'd like to give!

So far my reviews have proven pretty nice... anything I could work on?