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In response to the damage caused by the March 11 earthquake (Tōhoku Chihō Taiheiyō-oki Jishin) and tsunami, Japanese rock performer Gackt launched a new donation fund called "Show Your Heart." Donations raised through the fund will be given to the Japanese Red Cross, the affected prefectures, and social welfare organizations.
Serious Business / throw the game... save aq life?
June 28, 2010, 11:11:39 AM
I heard this one on KSFO yesterday and I figured I would throw it at the fanime braintrusat. I'm on my cell phone so I'll give you my $0.02 when I get home.

Let's say you were the coach of like the US FIFA team and you had to play aginst North Korea....

If you know for a fact (and had proof) that the leader of North Korea. (Correct me if I'm worng Kim Jong Il isn't dead yet) would kill/execute the players, coaches, trainers, etc if they lost and returned home w/o any victories, would you throw the match on order to save lives? Would it be your moral duty to take the loss in order for those men's lives and possibly their familes lives not to be forfit?
A friend sent me this article. I figured i'd share it.

Well its getting close to that time again so I figured the annual PSA is up for renewal..and this year it's not from Foamy!

And if that's not enough try this one on for size. trust me your fellow con goers will thank you!

  ;D ;D :D
Fanime Peace-Bonding, Props & Weapons Policy

Weapons & Props are objects which go with costumes, but are not clothing. Any and all props carried at Fanime must be peace-bonded by a Fanime Rover at a peace-bonding station as soon as possible after entering the convention, and may only be carried with the matching costume. Some props- such as those listed explicitly below- are absolutely prohibited and there are no exceptions. Any items which may not be carried under California State Law are absolutely prohibited. The effectiveness of the prop or the skill of the person in possession of the prop is irrelevant when determining whether the prop may be carried.

In order to carry a weapon or prop as part of a costume, any staff, guest, or member must have their weapon/prop peace-bonded regardless of training, credentials, age, maturity, or status as a general member, staff member, or guest. Peace-bonding shall be done as soon as possible upon entering convention-occupied space- this includes all public hallways of hotels, anywhere in the convention center, and any space set aside for convention use.
In order to get your prop peace-bonded, you must be in costume, and you must take your prop to a peace-bonding station. By getting your prop peace-bonded, you as a convention attendee agree to be responsible for, and responsible with your weapon. You agree that you will not brandish it, threaten anyone with, or use your prop. You agree not to damage other attendees or convention property. You will most especially not use your weapon to fight or play-fight with anyone else on convention property.

Prohibited Weapons & Props
•   Real Weapons and Illegal Weapons as defined by California State Law are not permitted. Concealed weapons are not permitted, regardless of licensing status.
•   Live Steel is not permitted. Swords, knives, or other metal objects which have, or could take an edge are defined as live steel, whether sharp or not. Unsharpened steel may be bound into a scabbard and attached to the costume.
•   Guns and Projectile Weapons are not permitted. Examples include, but are not limited to: live guns, live gun replicas, pellet guns, BB guns, Airsoft guns, paintball guns, dart guns, filled water guns, blow guns, or crossbows. The functionality of the prop is irrelevant.
•   Flail Weapons are not permitted, and many are illegal in the state of California. Examples of flail weapons include but are not limited to: whips, floggers, maces, nunchaku, or similar weapons with parts attached by chain, rope, or string.
•   Incendiary Devices are not permitted. Any devices which spark, shoot flame, burn, smolder, could otherwise self-initiate combustion or which exist for no other purpose than to be lit with a combustion device are considered incendiary devices.
•   Miscellaneous Items which are not permitted include but are not limited to: lasers, laser pointers, metal baseball bats, sai, tanfa, metal kunai, and yaoi/yuri paddles. Solicitous signs (including "Hug Me" signs) are not permitted. Items larger than 8 feet long (in its longest dimension) are prohibited.

Permitted Props

•   Prop/Toy Guns which are clearly props- such as phasers- or which possess no moving parts and are clearly marked with non-removable orange tip, or colored in a bright safety color is permitted, however, they must be peace-bonded into a holster. Empty water guns may be carried if they are bonded with a pulled trigger.
•   Bows which have no tension whether strung or not may be peace-bonded in an unstrung position. Arrows should not have a tip, and may be carried only in a quiver.
•   Staves, Staffs & non-metal Swords such as bo sticks, boken, shinai, wooden, and plastic swords are acceptable as long as they are ornamental and in no way used as weapons. They shall be peace-bonded in such a way that it is not possible to draw them.
•   Miscellaneous Items which are permitted include but are not limited to: tennis rackets, plastic baseball bats, paper fans, flowers, umbrellas, musical instruments, and other everyday items. Some whips may be carried if they can be coiled and attached to the costume.
•   Other Props made of cardboard, papier-mâché, plastic, wood, enamel or other materials may be acceptable so long as they do not break Fanime weapons policy or State law. They should be brought to a peace-bonding station for review.

Weapons and Props not explicitly listed are to be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, and will be peace-bonded at the discretion of a Rovers Shift Lead. Fanime reserves the right to add weapons or props to either list at need.

Carrying Weapons & Props

•   In order to carry any weapon or prop at the convention you must be in costume as a published character, the weapon/prop must be peace-bonded and the weapon/prop must be with the costume which it was peace-bonded with. The prop may not be one which belongs to another character.
•   Gun-like and Sword-like props must be peace-bonded into a scabbard or holster (and in the case of gun-like props, the holster will be bonded to the costume). Items which are too large to be holstered may be tagged with a peace-bond and may be hand-carried provided they are never brandished. Items which are too large to be holstered may be dealt with in another way.
•   In order to qualify as a "Published Character" for cosplay and peace-bonding, said character must be available for viewing in print, on film, or on the internet, and must be developed beyond a basic character-concept.
•   Peace-bonding should take place as soon as possible after entering the convention. It must be done every year, at every convention. Tags from previous years, or other conventions do not qualify, and must be replaced. Getting your weapon peace-bonded tells convention staff that you have read, understand, and agree to abide by the Fanime Props & Weapons policy.

Purchasing a Weapon

•   All weapon sales shall follow Federal, State and Local laws and statutes.
•   Weapons shall not be sold to minors.
•   All weapons sold shall be in a box, bag, or other device rendering it ineffective and inaccessible and shall remain within applicable laws for concealed weapons. They shall not be carried around loose, or where they can be used.
•   If a weapon is purchased at con, it may not be carried around; it must be immediately removed from convention-occupied space. If the weapon meets the peace-bonding requirements, it must be peace-bonded.
Weapons and Props at Masquerade
•   Staff, guests, and members who are participating in Masquerade and wish to use a weapon which is not permitted by this weapons policy shall contact Rover Base for approval.
•   Any weapon approved for Masquerade but not approved for the general convention shall be securely transported to masquerade in a box, bag, or other device which renders it ineffective and inaccessible and follows all concealed weapon laws.
•   Once at Masquerade, the weapon shall be checked-in with the Masquerade Weapons Master until the participant is ready to perform, at which time it may be checked-out for the duration of the performance. Except for while the participant is performing, the Masquerade Weapons Master shall maintain control of all weapons and props.
•   When Masquerade is over, the individual shall pick up their weapon from the Masquerade Weapons Master and securely transport the weapon back to their hotel room or vehicle.

Violations of Weapons Policy & Consequences

Violations include but are not limited to:
•   Carrying a weapon or prop which does not meet the requirements for peace-bonding.
•   Carrying a weapon which was peace-bonded for a costume which you are not wearing.
•   Failure to have a weapon or prop peace bonded.
•   Removing the peace-bonded tag on a weapon while in convention-occupied space.
•   Brandishing a weapon or prop.

Consequences include but are not limited to:
•   Attendee warning or reprimand.
•   Escort to a peace-bonding station.
•   Attendee removal from convention occupied space.
•   Confiscation of badge.

Fanime Weapons Policy FAQ

•   What is Peace Bonding?
Peace-Bonding is the process of taking someone's weapon or prop, and putting a Peace-Bond (aka "zip tie") on it in order to both mark that they've agreed to abide by the rules, and, in some cases, make it unusable.

•   What can't be carried?
Real Weapons cannot be carried- this includes real swords, guns, etc. Practice Weapons such as boken and shinai are exempted from this. Weapons which violate State or Federal law may not be carried. Props which have not been peace-bonded may not be carried, and props which do not go with the costume you are wearing may not be carried.

•   You said I couldn't carry X, Y, or Z. What do I do now?
Weapons and props which are not approved should be promptly removed from convention center property. They need to be taken back to a hotel room, or a car, and kept there as long as you are in the convention center. We are cannot hold your props for you, even if you lack a car or hotel room.

•   This was OK last year, what about now?
We change rules yearly. This means that what was ok last year may not be allowed this year. Most especially, we're going to be changing rules on Guns and Gun-like weapons. We require holsters, and they must be peace-tied into the Holster. They should have the bright orange tip, or something similar which makes them look unrealistic. No metal swords are allowed. No metal blades. No plastic or metal Kunai (without being attached).

•   I'm dressed up as my character [insert information here], can I carry [prop here]?
Not unless your character has been published. We get a lot of people who come in wearing jeans and a t-shirt, carrying a boken and expecting to carry it because it's "their original character." If you can provide a URL where your character has been published pre convention, and the outfit matches the published character, you can, in fact, get peace-bonded.

•   I just bought this awesome [weapon here] in the Dealer's Hall. Can I get it peace-bonded?
Not unless it matches the character and you just happened to be waiting until the convention to get the last piece. If you bought it, keep it in a box (demand one from the dealer) or a bag which makes it unusable. If you don't have a bag or a box, take it off the convention center property and back to your car, hotel room, or a friend's car or hotel room.

•   I don't have a car/hotel room. What do I do?
Often, the people at the hotel front desks are kind enough to hold things. Rovers staff cannot hold onto your weapons for you- we are not a coat check, and cannot function as one, no matter how nicely you ask. (Sorry.)

I don't know if this is worthy of the Serious Business. So Mizuki if it's not please move or just close the thread.

AX has been making some changes and apparently quite a few people are none too happy with them

On top of SPJA (AX's parent company IIRC) electing a new CEO who's made some major moves IE - terminating AX's former marketing company. He's opted to change SPJA to a for profit organization.

The move in turn according to the article sparked the resignations of a number of Board members along with "80% of the staff ready to resign"

In turn the new CEO seems to not care.

QuoteSPJA CEO Michael Lattanzio's Statement

It seems the drama continues. For years the Anime Expo Division of the SPJA has experienced turbulence from Concom management.  That constant has always held true. Last summer the Board of Directors made a decision to transform the SPJA into a professional, results-driven company focused on serving its attendees and the industry. From day one, our course and direction has been to develop and grow the SPJA into viable sustainable fan-oriented organization for years to come and to push harder to meet our mission statement. That position has not and will not change as a result of those who desire to disrupt this formidable and logical strategy. Change and transitions are never easy for profit or non-profit organizations alike. The SPJA's main objective is to bring our fans the best in Anime, Manga and Japanese pop-culture. We do not engage in alleged claims and rumors that have no merit. With that said, we wish those who have resigned the best of luck in their future endeavors and encourage those who are still with us to become more actively involved.

So two questions:

Is this a good move or bad move for AX?


Is it wise for NPOs that cater to a non mainstream niche to try and turn for profit? It's the companies choice and if they feel they can do better as a for profit then more power to them.

However, with SPJA no longer being a NPO, will all the focus still be on the fans?  Will things now shift to bigger and better with more $$$?

I apologize if this makes little to no sense. Trying to post while talking to the users at work kills brain cells....
For those interested, it shall be Saturday 1/16/10 @ 4:30 PM

An email has been sent to all Rovers that have currently signed up for the 2010 staff.

If you have an invite code and have not signed up yet, please do so or if you are interested in Rovers and need the meeting location please Private Message me, thank you.
Things in the Universe / The tribe as an anime?
November 26, 2009, 01:22:56 AM
It's the 10 year anniversary of The Tribe and I wonder if people would think it would work as an Anime or Manga (story line at least)

If you don't know what the hell I'm talking about...

Quotehe Tribe is a post-apocalyptic TV series. t is set in a hypothetical near-future in which all adults have been wiped out by a deadly virus, leaving the children of the world to fend for themselves. The show's focus is on an unnamed city inhabited by tribes of children and teenagers. It was primarily filmed in and around Wellington, New Zealand.

Here's Eps. 1

Things in the Universe / Love Never Dies
November 20, 2009, 12:41:51 PM
The story of the Phantom of the Opera continues!

Gaming / Converting the Unisystem to d20
November 19, 2009, 12:58:57 PM
There are a few Eden Studios games that I have been running for a while and quite enjoy (along with my players) however as of late Eden books are getting kinda meh and I've been getting more and more into DnD 4e. Does anyone know of or have a system of converting the Unisystem into d20?

Also is it possible to convert books from 3e or 3.5e to 4e?

As someone that's in a (very happy mind you) interracial marriage, this offends me to no end. In this day and age who has the right to deny the union of a man and a woman in matrimony?! I understand that racism is alive and (sadly) well in this country but this one takes the cake! IMO this JotP should be investigated big time and possibly removed.
Things in the Universe / List o' Webcomics
October 15, 2009, 05:42:03 PM
I'm pretty much caught up on all my WC so I'm looking for more. What WC do you read can you reccomend any?

Currently I have

So as you can see I have a pretty long list. Anyone have any that I can add or think there are some I can toss?
Forum Games / the-impossible-quiz
October 09, 2009, 03:17:23 PM
Got this from Another Forum:

Oh, for times it'll be 11AM or Noon [they haven't decided yet] to 10PM. I say this here cause they didn't mention it in their entry below.

Copied and pasted from their blog:


Ani-Jam Halloween Festival 2009!

October Sunday, 25th 2009!

Events & Attractions

*Halloween Dance (Special Guest DJ!)

* Vendor Spaces (Jesse's House of Anime! Anime Attic, More to come...)

* Delicious Food for Sale! (Zombie Snack Shack!!!)

* Jammers Zombie Survival Challenge!!! (Find the First Aid Box, Get a prize, careful though, if a Zombie catches you, they take the box away and you'll have to find a new box.....and of course, there will be special First Aid Box that wins a cache of prizes).

* IRON PINATA CHALLENGE!!! (Who said Piñata's were just for kids, only the toughest of tough ninjas will be able to pierce this Piñatas thick hide, and whoever brings it down, wins his treasure!!!!)

* Best Anime/Halloween Costume Contest (Be ready to compete against the best of the best!)

* Ani-Jam Raffle, tickets are a buck, win some cool stuff!

* Pumpkin Carving Contest, Judged by Mr. & Mrs. Ani-Jam & 1 Staff Member!

* Halloween Trivia, Guess the scary movie, win a prize!!!

* More to come!

* All Age Events, Families encouraged to come and enjoy

IMPORTANT! There is no charge for this event, parking is free, Bring money for food, merchandise, raffle tickets, and if you are feeling charitable, we do also take donations to keep these events going. Thank you fans and friends for allowing us to continue to do these events that provide a safe fun, and family oriented atmosphere.

PS.. We charge the vendors and food providers to come and they mostly pay for this stuff, so make sure to pig out and buy lots of stuff. ^.^; thanks <3


Fresno County Peace Officer's Association Clubhouse & Park....

FRESNO, CA 93722 ....

Questions? Email [email protected] or text me 559-801-7903
Story here.

QuoteKathleen Neill, 26, was busted yesterday among the other classic nudes at the Metropolitan Museum of Art for posing naked.

QuoteShe's the latest project of photographer Zach Hyman, who makes a habit of shooting nude models in public places.

QuoteThe guard in the Arms and Armor gallery explained, "I had to make sure that girl was turned over to the police.

"There were little kids in here watching the whole thing."

Quote"I thought it was cool to juxtapose the nude woman with the art in the room," said Mike Markovich, a tourist from Toronto. "I was surprised by how many people didn't even notice her."

His friend, Elizabeth Epstein, added, "It's fitting that such an art project would happen in a museum in New York City."

Hyman asked, "Why is this wrong? There were thousands of people in the Met today looking at nudes as art, but as soon as there is a real nude, it's a big problem."

So when does art stop being art? Is the US too uptight in the decency laws? Would you have been offended?
Is there anything going on in the South Bay this weekend? Seeing as I'm stuck in Morgan Hill all day tomorrow and SJ Sunday I might as well have some fun while I'm out there >.<

So 1st amendment violation or stirring the pot?

Having experience teaching 2 the MS and HS level, I know most schools have a dress code. Anything labeled obscene or offensive is prohibited period. Every child is given a copy of the basic rules and dress code @ the start of the school year and attending said school is a basic verbal agreement to adhere to said rules.  I just wonder if a Pro-Choice shirt (that had "offensive" material) on it would have been treated the same way.
Gaming / Old School...
June 11, 2009, 12:03:15 PM
So I got really nostalgic last night and d/l a NES and SNES emulator. I scored FF 1-6, Secret of Mana 1and 2, Chrono Trigger, Punch out, Super Punch out and Smash TV. Couldn't get any SF games thanks to the ESA.

What other Old School games are worth getting?

Things in the Universe / Oddest party ever
June 10, 2009, 02:07:14 PM
So I was lurking around the AX forums (yeah yeah... tar and feather me later). And I came across this.

I have to say its the oddest idea I've ever seen for a con hotel party. I'm sure it works well down there (would never fly here)

But anyways, what type of odd hotel parties have gone down @ Fanime?

QuoteConfronted by two holdup men, pharmacist Jerome Ersland pulled a gun, shot one of them in the head and chased the other away. Then, in a scene recorded by the drugstore's security camera, he went behind the counter, got another gun, and pumped five more bullets into the wounded teenager as he lay on the floor.

QuoteUnder Oklahoma's "Make My Day Law" — passed in the late 1980s and named for one of Clint Eastwood's most famous movie lines — people can use deadly force when they feel threatened by an intruder inside their homes. In 2006, Oklahoma's "Stand Your Ground Law" extended that to anywhere a citizen has the right to be, such as a car or office.

"It's a 'Make-My-Day' case," Box said. "This guy came in, your money or your life. Mr. Ersland said, `You're not taking my life.'" The gunman "forfeited his life."

Box said that another person might have reacted differently, but he asked: "When do you turn off that adrenaline switch? When do you think you're safe? I think that's going to be the ultimate issue."

If convicted, Ersland could be sentenced to life in prison with or without parole, or receive the death penalty.

What do you guys think?

I think Atta boy. Though I wouldn't go for 1st degree premed maybe manslaughter but as far as I am concerned It's a make my day case

"he shouldn't have shot my baby like that"... your baby shouldn't have been ROBBING someone.

I see no issue here.
I know most folks are making their journey to *cough* Fanime. But for the few that are still here. I give you the annual friendly reminders for con. Thanks to the "lord and master".
No problem just go to Couch Surfingand you're set.

When my bro who just got back from 2 weeks hoping between France and Spain told me about this, I thought he BSing and then I looked it up

Quick reaction - WTF?!

Longer reaction - Well this is kinda cool but how can this even remotely be safe? Especially after the Craig list killer something like this would be a no way in hades for me.

So is this a good idea or a bad idea? Would you use something like this?
Things in the Universe / Brave enough?
February 27, 2009, 01:13:24 PM
Anyone like spicy food? (And have money to burn)