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Things in the Universe / BACON!!!!!
March 30, 2006, 01:02:58 PM
.. all the bacon in the world couldn't save you now....
... if only i was going.. and that i'd be helping you blues.

youwould love this Blues
i found an nearly exact school girl top like in megatokyo
haha i found it in Goodwill XD

i got it for 2.50
anyways. when i saw it i nearly freaked at the store

but i promise you Blues, i'm trying my best to get to Fanime..
Live Programming and Events / GTL's 1337 Tutorial setup
January 05, 2006, 03:53:32 AM
i can pull off a Miho now

she's so sad now.. so i can't pull that off

and i'm getting prepared for a better costume

dont' know how yet -^^-;
Big Event Showcase / Music Fest?
June 04, 2005, 03:10:42 PM
ZZ rocked!! i was soo closed to them i could feel their POWER!! X3
also, i was with my good friend ^_~ and boy did i have a good time jumping and um....yea never mind

Maria Yamamoto

Kumiko was a like a japenese corny version of J-Lo

RAmen And Rice....made my heart beat faster...

and ZZ made my heart beat like a hummingbirdl
Quote from: "jwockies"I met a really really REALLY pretty guy cosplaying as a Jackal boy, who was really sweet and adorable (and kissed another guy!)! But I was to embarassed and stupid to ask for his aim or email....

would anyone happen to know who i'm talking about so I can track him down?

hmm this cute guy bit my neck a couple of times -^_^- it was awesome
i had this huge stalker at the Con

but i have great things that happened at the con...

a guy proposed to me to be his was soo cute!!