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Updated Info Peeps - FINAL Rovers Meeting THIS WEEKEND May before FanimeCon 2010 ---***

Saturday, May 22th @ 5pm we will be having our Rovers meeting [please check your e-mail]
or contact [email protected] for more details.


We will be going over code of conduct, who we are (Since this seems to be VERY CONFUSING for some people), and what we do. We'll give quick overviews of duties, quick updates on the happenings, and conclude with a Q&A. For those of you who have worked [on Rover's staff] for 2 years+, this meeting is optional. A sign in sheet will be required for all the new people.

*** Please note our Weapons / Props and Cosplayers items Policy is FINALIZED AND POSTED ***
and further details in this meeting/training--- if you still have questions please send your e-mails and pictures to the links below:

If you have any questions, send them to [email protected] / [email protected]

Interesting Debate topic---

      What Would You Do If The Internet Was Destroyed?

      A long time ago, in a place that might seem like another dimension, the internet did not yet exist. It was a sad place, a grim world where conversations took place over the telephone and in person. It was a place where people had to keep up the pretenses of being polite, respectable people, lest they be viewed as angry, raving lunatics. And as for information? Well, it moved slowly. So slowly, in fact, that documents were moved in things called envelopes and driven on trucks to their destination. Sounds like the damn dark ages, doesn't it?

      Really though, what would happen to the world today if the Internet was suddenly yanked out from under us? I'm not asking what things would be like if it never existed, either. I want to know what so many internet-reliant people would do when faced with a sudden, permanent loss of instantaneous communication.

      I've got a few predictions:

      1. The global economy would take a massive, MASSIVE hit. I'm no economic forecaster, of course, but it doesn't take a number-cruncher to recognize the how many companies are reliant on the web to make their profit. Millions would be out of work, and IT workers would find a major part of their expertise circling the drain.

      2. There would likely be a sudden pregnancy boom. With so many people finding that their favorite web hobbies are no longer available to them, it's realistic to think that people might start spending more quality time with their significant other's. Additionally, with the inevitable collapse of the pr0n industry, people will have to try harder to stay carnally satisfied, leading everyone to new relationships and lower expectations. Clicking and wanking will no longer be a replacement for a girlfriend.

      3. Support groups would spring up overnight. Facebook withdrawal, coupled with numerous other forms of detox symptoms brought on by internetlessness will bring the weak-spirited to their knees. The mantra "Hi, my name is [blank], and I lost all my [insert social network here] friends." will be repeated thousands upon thousands of times. Pills will be popped, alcohol consumed, and coping will ensue. It will be a long, hard process for many.

      4. Slowly but surely, people will stop acting like assholes. The internet has always had the unique ability to turn people who would normally be smiling, polite citizens into malicious morons with nothing better to do than berate their fellow man for a difference of opinion. The slower pace of information may also serve to keep people's nerves below boiling point. Without the barrier of anonymity that the internet provides, incidences of flaming should dissipate quickly and be left to the only place it really ever belonged anyway: Congress.

      5. Obesity will gradually decline. Usage of the internet also involves a great deal of sit-on-your-ass-itis, which means that without it, people will begin to use their legs more often and slowly venture outdoors again. Computers will still be useful for various activities, of course, but the idea of getting up to smell the roses will take hold more easily without the addictive lure of the web.

      What would you do, or what do you think would happen if the internet were suddenly gone?


interesting, no?

considering how much we rely on technology in general, especially with smart phones- laptops and etc.
how badly would you freak out if the internet globally would decide to go down the tubes?
Serious Business / ever fall into the "Uncanny Valley" ?
February 12, 2010, 10:16:49 AM
So people have been tossing this phrase around --- " uncanny valley "

and at first I had no idea what ppl were talking about- thank goodness for the internet:


The uncanny valley is a hypothesis regarding the field of robotics.[1] The theory holds that when robots and other facsimiles of humans look and act almost like actual humans, it causes a response of revulsion among human observers. The "valley" in question is a dip in a proposed graph of the positivity of human reaction as a function of a robot's lifelikeness.

The term was coined by roboticist Masahiro Mori as Bukimi no Tani Genshō (不気味の谷現象) in 1970, and has been linked to Ernst Jentsch's concept of "the uncanny" identified in a 1906 essay, "On the Psychology of the Uncanny".[2] Jentsch's conception is famously elaborated upon by Sigmund Freud in a 1919 essay titled "The Uncanny" ("Das Unheimliche").[3] A similar problem exists in realistic 3D computer animation, such as with the films Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within,[4] The Polar Express,[4] and Beowulf.[5]


So using the example - I do remember the first time I experienced this feeling --- Back in the day when I saw Final Fantasy: Spirits Within - I spent about 1/2 the movie convincing myself that the movie was CGI and not filled with real people.

So to CGI movies bother you? or do you prefer the "old fashioned" way of puppets / animatronics / man in rubber [godzilla] suit?

Things in the Universe / Superbowl Commercials of 2010
February 08, 2010, 11:36:26 AM
Cmon you know you saw or have at least talked about the game by now...

or your just not much of a Sports or TV Fan. [and hey I admit there are ppl out there who dont dig on it]

But what was your favorite superbowl commercial of this year?

mine was definitely the Snicker's - Betty White Commerical.

What was yours?  :D
So I was randomly thinking--- [scary i know]--- and of course besides the main website, twitter, forum and of course word of mouth. How else does Fanime Con 'officially' advertise itself?

I tried to look up to see if Fanime Con had a Facebook page. and too bad there isnt one. [Except for a few fan made pages]

ironically other random companies, TV shows, forums, pop culture, and etc- have their own facebook page as a semi form of advertising / fan page to generate hype- have updates and stuff like that.

I'm sure there are hundreds if not thousands of fans out there since we've always been about " By Fans for Fans mentality " --- is there a fine line between needing to or not needing to advertise because the internet? or just us talking about Fanime to friends or friends of friends enough to keep things growing? unless explosive growth is a bad thing? [hence the AX going down the hopper thread]

Just a random thought I wanted to throw out. since most of us use facebook.... So in short-

"official" Fanime Con Facebook Page?   Good or bad idea?

Serious Business / Toll Hikes
January 28, 2010, 11:03:21 AM

The long, painful process of considering toll increases for the Bay Area's state-owned bridges ended Wednesday when the Bay Area Toll Authority bumped the cost of crossing the Bay Bridge to $6 during commute hours, and the price for driving across the other six bridges to $5.

But the real pain begins in July when just about everyone - including carpoolers - have to start paying more to cross the seven state spans. The Golden Gate Bridge, which is owned and controlled by an independent district, is not affected.

The package of toll hikes unanimously approved by the authority after months of public hearings brings to the Bay Area congestion-based and carpool tolls for the first time.

The higher fees are expected to generate an additional $160 million annually, and officials say the revenue is needed to pay for seismic strengthening of the Antioch and Dumbarton bridges, and because of declining bridge traffic and toll revenue and the rising cost of borrowing money.

About a dozen speakers asked the commission either to kill or reduce the toll increases. Among the opponents were casual carpoolers, and recreational vehicle and boat users.

On the Bay Bridge, drivers crossing during weekday commute hours - from 5 a.m. to 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. to 7 p.m - will have to pay $6. During other weekday hours, the toll will remain at $4. On weekends, it will rise to $5. The toll will increase to $5 at all times on the Dumbarton, San Mateo, Richmond-San Rafael, Carquinez, Benicia-Martinez and Antioch bridges. Carpoolers on all bridges will see their free ride end, as they're charged $2.50.

Two casual carpoolers objected to the new tolls and warned it could backfire.

"If a carpool charge is begun, there will be no benefit for people to pick up passengers before driving into the city," said Rachel Chang, who usually picks up riders. "The system will collapse."

Authority members Chris Daly of San Francisco and Tom Bates of Berkeley argued for cutting the carpool toll to $2, but the motion was voted down. The reduction would have lowered anticipated toll revenue by about $5 million. Bicyclists argued for using toll revenue to build a bike path across the Bay Bridge west span, but officials said state law does not allow that use. Bates said he has asked for information from the state counsel and asked state Sen. Loni Hancock, D- Berkeley, his wife, to introduce a bill that would allow tolls to be used for a bridge bike path.

Truck drivers will see the steepest increases, but in an attempt to soften the blow, their increases will be delayed for a year to allow them time to negotiate with their customers how to cover the costs. Trucks and other multiple-axle vehicles will be charged $5 per axle. They now pay from $6 for a three-axle vehicle to $13.50 for a seven-axle vehicle.

Funding at risk: BART has three weeks to satisfy Federal Transit Administration's concerns over airport connector. C2

Higher tolls

The new rates take effect July 1:

$2.50 Carpools, all bridges.

$5 All state bridges except the Bay Bridge.

$6 Bay Bridge during peak commute hours ($4 non-peak and $5 on weekends).


Being a person who usually doesnt use tolls that much, I feel REALLY bad for people who have to deal with this.

anyone else have 2 cents on the situation?
I'm always randomly thinking about food and I'm surprised no one has asked about what our possible Food Vendors at fanime will be like?

I think If my memory serves me correct. In Previous years we've adapted and evolved to having late night Drink/Snack stations which REALLY helped out those who are up all hours of the night during Fanime...

I think I remember a bubble Tea/ Drink Station. --- I think we even has limited Sushi -> Japanese sytle - Food cart vendor type meals too.
So I figure in the spirit of making sure out Fans are sustained by good tasty food. Maybe we could rant, Discuss, request or talk about Food Vendors that you wished could possibly make it to Fanime in 2010 and possibly beyond.

My Vote for 2010?  Japanese style Crepes. Woot.  :D
Gaming / Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom
January 27, 2010, 01:34:55 PM

I'm really behind on the times, considering this game is only being released domestically as of this this week. But I know some of you have been playing it since last fanime since I saw it in E-gaming last year and had no idea about this new cross over by Capcom.

So basically is it worth spending $50 on?

Could you guys talk/rant discuss about the mechanics? Favorite chracter combos? broken characters?

is there already EVO footage already?

etc etc etc.  :)
Things in the Universe / Tekken's Heihachi is dead.
January 26, 2010, 02:54:42 PM

Japanese (voice) actor Daisuke Gouri was found dead in Tokyo's Nakano and a note in home. The death has been officially ruled as a suicide.

Gouri was known for his voice, which led him to be cast as Tekken's Heihachi Mishima, Hercule in DragonBall Z, and the Japanese Yosemite Sam. He also played dozens of other roles, usually bit parts, that required his distinctive gruff.

Age 57, he was diagnosed with diabetes mellitus a few years before his death which negatively affected his vision. He complained to his fellow voice actors about not being able to read scripts, saying that he couldn't do his job like he wanted and that he was getting old.

The note found on his person was directed to his family. It read "I'm sorry. Thank you."


Whoa after all this time I used to joke about Heihachi would never die in the Tekken games... poor guy.  :-[

January 21st thru 25th 2010

Now before you judge me :P  I actually am NOT very familiar with this genre. I'm just curious if anyone knows of this community and curious if anyone has gone to a convention like this before.

I'm possibly going with a friend on a random day just to see what the fuss is about.

And mostly to see how Conventions are handled at the SJ downtown Fairmont to see how they handle convention crowds for "Research" since Fanime at some points considering expansion into their hotel as well if Fanime continues to grow. :)

Any else want to comment, Rant, Rave or comment? :)

Gaming / _insert game here_ review thread
January 13, 2010, 09:38:38 AM
Trying to be an avid gamer, as well as informed consumer - I appreciate the reviews and input of my other fellow gamers out there.

So here's the Deal - You may talk about ANY game here in this thread [hence _insert any game here title_ ]
- I'm curious about your input about current, old or upcoming games that are coming out.
-  Id like to know what you liked - didnt like, and or what your thoughts [semi productive] on what you'd like to see in the near future.

I'll start with um - Bayonetta

It essenttial feels like Devil May Cry with sex appeal. Anyone played it and is it worth it?

or anyone played - DarkSiders?

ironically i have no clue what this game is about nor have had a chance to read any articles about it.

Again feel free to change the subject - and/or Rant or Rave about games you guys are playing out there.
I might have missed an underground favorite or avoid an over advertised and save my $60  :)

Game on!
Things in the Universe / Avenue Q at SJ CPA
January 12, 2010, 11:06:49 AM

Broadway San Jose
January 12th - 17th
San Jose Center for the Perf. Arts


Probably sold out by now, but in case anyone wants to catch this hilarious show.

Whats your favorite song? I'm sure you guys have heard of them even though you may or may not have seen this musical. :D

Serious Business / Rules on Booth babes/ Cosplayers?
December 22, 2009, 08:34:00 AM
Saw this interesting article on my usual e-mail list as of this morning:

Article Reads:

"Not the Girls!!!" Booth Babes Booted...

Short of it is, see the girls of the cosplay/booth babes advertising a new game called "Blood and Soul" [I guess from the creators/ artist from Magna Carta Series] where the girls costumes are a bit revealing. So after this particular convention implied specific rules:

This year, regulations were put in effect for booth babes that at least 1/3 of their back needs to be covered, girls cannot be wearing bikini tops/bottoms and have them be showing, and their pelvis needs to be covered.

So since these girls supposedly didnt adhere to these rules they were asked to leave the convention.

What do you guys think? has cosplayers and/or booth babes gotten out of hand?

What is and isnt respectible for men or women cosplayers to show off?
Serious Business / Obama & Nobel Peace Prize
December 10, 2009, 09:19:11 AM

Lots of chatter about this topic.

I dont have all the information, though I've been trying to read both sides and I honestly still cant make up my mind.
Though now that Obama has accepted it, will it make Americans more cynical of him?

I'm curious about how you guys feel about this.

just curious if anyone would be down to check out Sherlock Holmes.
I live by Eastridge mall, but willing to check out this movie anywhere in the bay area [within reason] and might as well make a mini gathering out of it.

mini movie meet ups Routine -
1) make new friends of anime fans or other nerd stuff out there
2) check out the movie - usual audience member antics.
3) rant / gripe about the movie over the usual food court goodies.
4) mini after gathering usually at my home - usually with video games or general hanging out

I'm thinking the Saturday or Sunday - Friday if your crazy or actually bored that day.

Location: Eastridge Mall.
Time: TBA [ any showing before noon ]
Price $6 for AMC early bird ticket.

Who's Who?
Boba + 1 friend?

So one of the offices in our business park had a breakfast mixer:

and food was catered by T's mini donuts -

Free donuts and coffee never tasted so good!.

Share your random food adventures and pictures here.  :D
Buy/Sell/Trade / [WTS] Xbox 360 bundle
November 30, 2009, 10:21:44 AM

didnt want to start a new thread - so im editing and re-opening this thread:

bought this system, then the "new" xbox 360 250gig sytem was released.
this system is known as the Xbox 2010 "spring bundle" as it was labeled.

brand new - never opened
Xbox Elite System w/ 120 GB Hard Drive
1 wireless controller
1 wired headset
A/V Cables
AC Adaptor
promo xbox live card TRIAL ONLY
HALO ODST & FORZA 3 on single disc

$200 OBO

email me for additional details thank you!
Gaming / New Super Mario Bros.Wii
November 16, 2009, 08:17:15 AM
Mini Rant. -

Bought it at Fry's for $40 and I have to say this game is pretty awesome.

Very similar gameplay to New Mario Bros on the DS but imagine that it integrates the wii mote controls and having to share/deal with 3 other co-op players as you try to get thru the level with 3 other friends who may or may not know what theyre doing. :P

I may try to host a mini gathering to let ppl try this game out or something.

Otherwise. I'm just saying this game is pretty awesome considering its humble roots.
Forum Games / Look-a-Like
November 11, 2009, 02:31:21 PM
So randomly surfing the net...
So here's a random game-

Find pictures of anything that looks like anything else.
you can find some fun stuff on -

Here's a random Example:

Self explanatory.

Check out  for all your black Friday Ad needs.

sign up for their e-mail reminder and they will send you the notice as soon as the store you want posts their black friday add.

Target already [leaked] their Black Friday ad! :D

Now I'm waiting for Fry's, Best Buy and Gamestop.
Yup I'm a cheap gamer nerd.

That and also post about your Black Friday mis-adventures, pictures and Loots that you successfully or not successfully picked up.

Black Friday.
Freeze Ray.
Tell your Friends.
Cross your heart.
Things in the Universe / Halloween 2009
October 30, 2009, 04:04:12 PM
Had to randomly share:

I guess you can trick or treat under water right!

My Friend Jenni as Link [thought NONE of her coworkers had no clue what she was from...] :P

You know the Drill, been ranting about this Faire for about 3+ years now.

Anyone interested?

Weekends from Sept 12 thru Oct 18.

Rant, Discuss, Plan, Meet up and repeat if necessary.


So yah, I've been uber addicted to Felicia Day's - 'The Guild'
and now I'm looking for new or current friends to see if anyone would be interested in cosplaying characters from this Series.

if you dont know anything about this epic webisode series check out:  - any gamer will probably appreciate the randomness of "internet" friends and the antics that can ensue.

So here's a quick breakdown. Pictured from Left to Right...
1] Bladezz - Guild Thief    - pervy - part time model tweenager who likes to cause trouble
2] Vort     - Guild Warrior - penny pinching and neurotic old guy of the group
3] Zaboo  - Guild Warlock - Way too much time on his hands while stalking his true love
4] Codex  - Guild Priestess - Way to cute for her own good, just trying to have a normal life in/out side of game
5] Clara   - Guild Mage      - Less than Seldomly part time mother - Full time Gamer and drinks Way too much 'potions'
6] Tinkerballa - Guild Archer - Casual gamer that uses her girly charm and blunt speak to keep herself away from boredom.

So far my friends are thinking about Cosplaying as Codex and Clara-

I'm still trying to figure out which male Chracter I should be. - In Season 2- there is an asian guy who's a stunt man, but I'm not sure if I'm cool enough to play as him. :P

Any suggestions? Anyone willing to take a commision and/or possibly help me with my cosplay [ I have NO COSTUME MAKING SKILLS ] - i know right noob fail.

Anyway check out the Series- discuss, rant, repeat and please let me know if anyone could help me with my quest :D


Totally last minute I know. I happen to random be in Japantown this past weekend to see this banner advertising this event.

Saturday and sunday noon til about 6pm .

Food, live entertainment, and even a "kids" area! :D

Probably sounds like a good social event.

I havent decided on going yet, but if anyone wants to meet up and hang out I'll definitely consider it. :D
Might as well spread the word.

Details on website [ link below ]

Ghi"RAWR"delli square - in San Francisco.

basically 12noon to 5pm both days,
cooking demos, tasty treats and the air is literally filled with chocolate smells.

$20 for 15 "tastings" - but expect long lines and similar crowds and "heat" like the Garlic Festival...
only with this time CHOCOLATE.

you have been warned. :P

I may or may not [havent thought that far ahead] but if you like chocolate [and can afford it] This is a pretty interesting little festival.

Discuss, Rant - Gather, Have Fun - Repeat.