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PAX 2009 - GET HYPE ? ! ? !

The closested thing to E3 that the public can get to [nowadays]:

Friday thru Sunday
September 4, 5, 6
Location: Seattle, WA  [only 14 drive from san jose] :P

PAX stands for Penny Arcade Expo. and is usually around Labor Day Weekend. [First weekend of September].
I know most of you guys will be barely starting school, but I figured I'd throw this out there in case anyone was interested or wanted to rant and build some hype.

I'm trying to bribe / force / kidnap some friends [old or new] and if anyone else shows vague signs of interesting maybe we could work on a game plan for a massive and epically fun road trip.

that and I'm just bored with nothing else to do than day dream about the next epic convention... :P
So just and FYI if you think you have nothing to do that weekend [me :P]

ironically I was invited to go on the 25th, which is the SAME DAY as the UGN 2.0 night.

but thats in the evening-ish 5pm til whenever.

but if anyone is interesting in joining me in the morning [say 9am-ish] and then heading back to my home to set up [say around 3pm-ish some of the WAY early birds get there 2 hours early to get the video gaming out of their system first :P] it happened the first UGN trust me for hardcore video gamer you need it out of ur system before playing board games all night...

but i digress... here's info from the  website :


10 tons of beef ... 4 tons of pasta ... 4 tons of calamari ... 2 tons of scampi ...
plus 2 tons of fresh Christopher Ranch garlic ...

WHO Gilroy Garlic Festival

WHAT The 31st Annual "Ultimate Summer Food Fair"; three days of incredible food, arts and crafts, live entertainment, and cooking demonstrations.

WHERE Christmas Hill Park, Gilroy CA

30 miles south of San Jose off Highway 101

WHEN Friday, Saturday and Sunday
July 24 – 25 – 26, 2009 - always the last FULL weekend in July
Hours - 10:00am to 7:00pm with gates closing at 6:00pm each day

HOW Tickets -

Adult General Admission $12, Children (ages 6-12) $6 (under 6 – free), Seniors (60+) $6

Tickets: one per person, per each day attending.

Cash only is accepted at the gate. ATMs are available at most gates.

Advance tickets available online after June 1st at


The festival is held in a park. It is all outdoors with mostly turf and some compact dirt and asphalt walkways. There are natural shade trees, and many shade tents with tables and benches.

The admission price includes parking, musical entertainment, cooking demonstrations, and a children's area. Festival guests purchase food and beverages from the vendors. Prices range from $2 to $12 depending on the item, which is a full-size serving, not a sample.

Lodging, camping, and RV sites:

Parking is Free with a shuttle running from the parking lot to festival grounds.

Free secure bicycle parking is available on Miller Ave. at Yorktown Dr. just 1/2 block north of the levee.

Public transportation:

Gilroy is serviced Monday through Friday by CalTrain Commuter Service only. The train leaves Gilroy in the morning and does not return until the evening.

The Garlic Express Train sponsored by the Golden Gate Railroad Museum will not run in 2009.

General Aviators - If flying in to the area:
South County Airport, (E16)
13025 Murphy Ave., San Martin, CA 95046
(408) 683-4102

For your comfort:
Wear comfortable shoes - walking on lawn, compact dirt, and asphalt.
Dress in layers - mornings could be foggy, afternoons are sunny.
Sport hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen - there's lots of garlic sunshine.

Handicapped and disabled access:
The parking lot is a graded agricultural field. Ask the lot attendant for directions to handicap parking. From there, guests will be shuttled to and from the gate. The festival grounds are mostly lawn, compact dirt, and asphalt. There are handicap restroom facilities in the parking lot and at the many restroom areas throughout the park. There are many shade tents with tables and benches throughout the festival grounds.

Please remember: Shirt and shoes are required.

Christmas Hill Park rules prohibit bringing the following items on Festival grounds:
◦ Alcohol of any kind
◦ Bottles, glass and cans
◦ Coolers - large or small
◦ Frisbees and water projecting devises
◦ Pocket knives and weapons of any kind.
If you bring any of these items listed above, leave them locked in your car.

Please be advised that the City of Gilroy park rules prohibit dogs and other animals from being brought into the park, except Guide Dogs, Seeing Eye Dogs & Service Dogs.

There are no kennel facilities available at the park.

The Gilroy Garlic Festival is a celebration of food, fun and family. It is the Garlic Festival's policy to provide a safe, family-friendly atmosphere for all Festival patrons and volunteers. Therefore, the Garlic Festival refuses entry or admission to anyone wearing clothing or paraphernalia indicating or signifying membership in a gang, including a motorcycle club. This policy is applied equally to all persons, regardless of their sex, race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, disability or medical condition.


Discuss. Rant. Repeat.
So I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say, I was mostly working fanime and despite having fun helping out random attendee and what not and constantly having the "hey there!" [walk by hug or high five] and kept moving/rover-ing along I missed out on actually hanging out with ppl from fanime. epic fail.

So I figure the next best thing would be to figure out when, where or what anyone whats to do for the next fanime board gathering for all you social peeps out there.

Suspi has a good handful of people who haven't picked up forum badges that he made so I randomly threw out an idea of somehow getting all together in one spot and hang out like the fanime nerds we are...

So what do you guys think?

Here's the standard ideas:

Mall / Movie Gathering -
hang out, randomly shop, make fun of an epically good or bad movie. goto the foodcourt, debate about anime and then take massive amounts of group pictures and/or embarassing pictures and videos of just ppl goofing around.

Location / Theme / Event Gathering -
based on a specific theme or event [cosplay obviously optional based on themes] again hang out, venture around for photo ops, again talk and debate amongst ourselves and again possible take pictures and what not.

House = Jerry's Place [or anyone else's home] Gathering
usually this is composed of massive amounts of snackage, gaming, drinks, and may also dash in a few board games, psp or Ds gaming, massive goofing off and sometimes the occasional group movie or hentai watching just for laughs. these usually may turn into overnight parties because some ppl party a bit *cough cough* too hard. :P

so debate, discuss and repeat as usual.

Here are some ideas from the top of my head- but of course I'm down for what majority votes say:

[Anyone's Birthday coming up] - Birthday party gatherings ?

Video games [party games or fighting game or epic releases ] gatherings ?

Santa Cruz Beach / Raging Waters gathering ?

Transformers Movie [releases 6.24.09] gathering ?

Rock band 2+ [dlc songs] party Rock out all day/night long! woots.

or who cares do we really need a reason to party gathering?
Course thats just me...
Gaming / e3 2009
June 02, 2009, 10:41:02 AM
wishing i was still part of the gaming industry I've heard ALOT of buzz from websites, G-tv, G4, 1up and all the epic gaming sites.

So far I've heard/seen/ rumored about:

PSP GO! system  [meh?]

Microsoft dashboard will have Facebook and Twitter updates! [Wtf?]

Halo 3 OSDT footage [Woot!]

Dead Rising 2 & Left4dead 2 Trailers [ Yay for the zombie Apocalypse! :D ]

Metal Gear... Rising? on xbox 360?

Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

Discuss. Rant. Repeat.

Anyone looking forward to any specific announcements and/or epic games coming up in the year ahead?
Ha, you gonna get totally pwned on by executive staff and wish your birthday wasnt advertised on these boards. :P

but seriously happy freaking birthday, you better survive to work this weekend.

I cant be random black suit asian #2 if your not around to be black suit asian #1.

Happy Birfday Steve, you better survive this Con. or else. :P

Products & ServicesSupport



San Francisco on sale date!

San Francisco Symphony tickets go on sale April 21st! We are excited to perform with the San Francisco Symphony for our California debut on July 18 at 8:00pm! The San Francisco Symphony sets the highest possible standard for excellence in musical performance at home and around the world. Tickets for this show are already in demand and we're expecting this one to sell out fast!

Tickets are available at:

or by phone at 415-864-6000 starting April 21st.


Anyone remotely interested? I promised myself I go back if the FF series of concerts came back to the bay area...

which was like 10+ years ago since the original concert: Friends of Final Fantasy debuted back in ... whoa. like forever ago. :P
* Possible Spoilers ahead. *

I couldnt find my original "Heroes" Chat thread so what the heck, I'm starting a new one. :P
So anyone jumping back on the bandwagon?
I'm finally pleased that a good episode of Heroes suspense and wonderment is back in the series.
For those of you who dont know much about the series here's an expedited recap:

" Previously on Heroes ... "

Season 1: Genesis
[X-men-ish] Mutant like characters in 'save the world' scenarios...
Save the Cheerleader = saving the world.
Evil psycho-path Sylar [killer and powers stealer] - revealed
Crisis averted - NYC blowing up.

Season 2: Generations
A Mysterious "Company" is revealed to have a troubled and shrouded past [as they monitor ppl with abilities]
HRG [Cheerleader's father] and the original founders of the Company partial history is revealed
Crisis averted - The Shanti virus is prevented from a killer pandemic

Season 3: [part 1] Villians
Two competing underground companies fight "Good vs. Evil"
Petrelli father attempts to create a formula for mass ability-giving
Crisis averted - Formula destroyed as well as the companies...

Season 3: [part 2] Fugitives
New government Company capturing ALL those with abilities
A "REBEL" is revealed - as casualties on both sides mount.
scattered, our main characters have little options and almost no where to turn with even less ppl to trust.

... " To be continued ... "

Wootz. anyone else on any comments, possible points of interest? :)

Discuss, rant, repeat.
Meetings, Gatherings, and Get Togethers / Sakura Con 2009
February 19, 2009, 10:41:21 AM
Sakura Con
Washington State Convention Center
Seattle, WA
April 10th ~ 12th 2009.

Well, I'm jumping the gun a bit. Mostly because my roommates are going and I will probably not. >_<
*I punch economy in the face* but regardless, is anyone else going?

I hear its a pretty decent Con, minus getting rained on since I hear that area is notorious for cloudy and rainy weather, but I would figure it would be a Cosplay nightmare, but sure enough a good number of hard core cosplayers are out there too.

If I do stay behind in Cali, I might as well throw a few random partys at my place that weekend.
That and I need to live vicariously thru my roommates who are going and anyone else probably meeting up there.

Anyone besides my roommates going?
Things in the Universe / Friday the 13th, part I
February 13, 2009, 10:33:59 AM
ironically, late for work this morning.

plane crashes [ i heard over the news]

my print projects smeared

and my label machine ate and spit out a gob of hot melted plastic at me this morning.

so far no death threats, minue the ones in my usual inbox [thanks mikey and jun i feel your love :D]

but other than that im still alive, how is everyone else's Friday going?

Dont forget, part II [next month we'll have another Friday the 13th] - also Resident Evil 5 is out that day.

Yay for zombies.  :)
Gaming / Dissidia: Final Fantasy
February 10, 2009, 12:19:32 PM
well, looks like i dont have to get the import anymore.

cover your ears from the screaming fangirls...

Late August, probably late Q3/Q4.

Anyone else played it yet? Any good? Logic make sense all of why all the FF universe is meeting in one fighting tourney?

I suppose its going to be better than:

Anyone remember this game?
Gaming / OneChanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad
February 10, 2009, 11:59:28 AM
Just when I thought fighting games couldnt get any weirder after DOA and Extreme Volley ball...

I saw this game at obviously translated from the japanese port):

I thought to myself... what the hell?

anyone else know about this game?, the engine and WTF why are they're half naked samurai girls? :P

from the inital glance at, its supposedly semi like Dead Rising, cept with co-op and samurai girls.

Weird. now if i only had $40.
Gaming / Street Fighter IV
February 10, 2009, 08:55:44 AM
Okay, I double checked if there was a thread for this game or not, then I got lazy.

Anyway, I think from previous searched I got the impression from some of you, that you guys were over SF Series and had moved on, but I like to pay my homage (as well as many countless hours of quarters at arcades and random landromats around SJ and beyond...)

Anyway, since the console version is out on 2/17 anyone planning to pick this up on PS3 or Xbox360?

or most of you (ironically myself included) arent going to bother buying it or the special edition which isnt worth $60 or $90(special ed)...

but the only reason why i started this thread is because I found out yesterday that Gamestop is hosting their own Tournaments * at parcicpating locations * on:

Feb 21st
2pm * (arrive early they told me)
* Random participating locations
Stevens Creek Gamestop in San Jose/Santa Clara. - I was at and yes their holding it.

only other thing I thought was interesting that all finalist from this Gamestop Tourney will be given "Bids" to compete in the EVO Tourney 2009.

I figure that would be worth mentioning, but I havent even played SFIV yet, so I'd be pretty ballsy to enter a tourney in a game that I've never played before...

Not like ive never done that before and looked like a friggin idiot...

*cough cough *

I would go on the 21st, but I'll probably have bday plans and rather bury myself in booze and boobs for the day thanks. :P
Things in the Universe / Super Bowl Commercials
February 02, 2009, 09:49:07 AM
I'm surprised no else put anything up here...
basically talk, rant and share your Favorite or some of the commercial that show have been during Superbowl.

EDIT with links! :D

Some of my favorites to mention:

Doritos #1- awesome biting wish maker -> clothes ripping off, ATM spitting cash...

Doritos #2 - Magic Wishing Globe = Free Doritos

Jack (from Jack in the Box) hit by a bus!!!!  :o   =

Etrade baby commerical   = Poor Koala being hit in the face several times = OH DEAR!

Budweiser = Horse and Dog commericals

"Heroes" chracters VS. Pro Football Legends Commerical

Victoria Secret's commerical:


Go Daddy Shower commercial

LMAO clinic [Nbc]

Movie Trailers:
Star Trek

Disney and Pixar presents  "  UP  "

GI JOE: Rise of Cobra

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Land of the LOST (meh for will farrel)

Wolverine: X-men origins

Any more commericals you seen or liked? let me know.
Things in the Universe / Happy Asian New Year! :D
January 26, 2009, 08:58:58 AM
Shout out to all the Year of the Ox peeps out there as well as all the other animals in the zodiac!

Including the year of the CAT and Riceball! :D

And heres the link to one of the MANY legends regarding the Zodiac Story.

After ALL these years, you still think the Cat is upset with the Rat?

So, anything interested in getting one? :P Course this would mean i would need my pilot's license...

Also makes me wonder what the dashboard / control panel looks like.

What a world we live on :D

I'll always know him as:

Rest in peace good sir.

Live long and prosper.
Things in the Universe / New Years Resolutions...
January 02, 2009, 11:02:56 AM
I'm surprised no one put up a resolutions thread. So what the heck.

The usual ones usually apply-

Quit Smoking
Drink less (unless social of course) :P
Save Money
Learn something new everyday
Make new friends
Only buy video games when I beat a video game (this one was tough for me last year)
Be more confident
Be Decisive
Be less pervy (is this even possible? :P)
Be more funny
Go to more Cons besides Fanime (AX, Sakura, SD Comic-Con, WonderCon, Ani-Jam,) etc...
Take more pictures (first I'd prolly need a better Camera)
Reconnect with REALLY old friends

and the list goes on...

How about everyone else?
or did some of you already break your resolutions...  :D
another update [ With pending guest list !!! ]

************  first post updated **************  or read here:
EDIT [as of 3/5/2009]:
So far planned:

What:   Social gathering of the Fanime peeps!
Where:  Afternoon-ish:  Great Mall [Milpitas, CA]
            Eveningish:      Jerry's Place [east side san jose]

When:   SUNDAY  3/8/2009

Time: Meet up Location:
         Great Mall - Food Court Starting after 12pm noon-ish?
         Jerry's place - starting after 6pm -ish til midnight.

Start:  @ Century 20 Great Mall
         Coraline     100 mins START @ 150PM
         Watchmen  160 mins START @ 150PM
        Dave and Busters to follow movie - Stop whenever.

        6pm- ish to 12 [midnight HARD CLOSING TIME]
        Jerry's place.
        MUST RSVP and must be approved by Jerry & Roommate DemonLordZazuba
        IF you are NOT RSVP'ed you will NOT be allowed to enter.
        [you have been sternly warnned]

Great Mall - Hanging out, D&B's, possible movie?
Jerry's Place - Hanging out, gaming, Food, drink and fun times!

Jerry's House RULES:
[upstairs bathroom is OK]
Please NO Drama, NO THIEVES, NO ZOMBIES, NO weapons
[people are allowed to borrow items with permission and notification from Jerry, please return items when possible***]
Guest list must be approved by Jerry AND DLZ
MUST be 21+ in regards to responsible beverage consumption

ALL rules subject to change*


THE JERRY [Host after 6pm]
Otaku   'the Dr. O'
Steve Young
'old man' Barnes GM only.
Ultraman Gaia
Tsubasa    POST GM
Last Elixir  POST GM
Gmontem  GM only?
Stormfalcon GM only?
Moogle        GM only.

Edendreams + friends
KandyBar +[husband]?
Chiri Kcrinh [PEER PRESSURE!!! Cheesy] GM only? [because she is afraid of Jerry] surprise attack?

Honortable mentions:
DLZ [out on vacation]
Lisu [out on vacation]
Short_storiesgl [punches economy in the face D:]
Kazuko [we all still think u should go! Cheesy]

If you name isnt here, that means i missed your name, or I couldnt tell if u were serious about going to this gathering!
Speak up or hold your peace.

REMEMBER ALL ARE WELCOMED. :D this is not exclusive to ppl who just posted on this thread.
We expect and appreciate surprise new challengers to the group.

just please respect the rules of the house and no stalking the girls [apparently thats my job :P]


Ask and you shall receive sorta....

So time to throw together some ideas for a Board (bored ) Gathering for the beginning-ish of 2009. Now realisitically anyone and everyone is totally allowed to thrown in their two cents.

The better organized we are the more successful and possibly the more people you could meet from and expand your circles of friends you will.

Believe it or not, in the Chaos that was 2006 we nearly had Monthly if not WEEKLY gatherings in Q4 of 2006 and 3 years later mostly due to natural progressions and of course ( WE ALL BLAME ) the lame economy we havent had many gatherhings in recent ( *cough cough * 2008 ) so to make up for a lack luster year of gatherings We'll throw in a little more effort and let this be the breeding ground of better and brighter and possibly more concrete (crazy or not ) ideas for gatherings in 2009.

One suggestions that I think may or may have not been thrown out to Mr. System Admin and his awesome and helpful mods is that we have some time of "EVENT CALENDAR" for ALL YEAR ROUND. Literally monthly or generic possible events ( and of course all natural/ or random holidays ) for us to celebrate i.e Valentie's day, First Day of summer, Xmas and such and such.

Then again I've seen gatherings for other special events such as Big movies: I.e. Star Trek, SF: Legend of Chun Li, and other big 2009 films and releases.

Or even announce minor/major house gatherings for Bdays, shoutouts or just a bunch of people celebrating and gaming up new games like Resident evil 5, God of War 3, and various other epic titles of 2009.

We've gotten suggestions for:

Video games Live (Feb)
Wonder Con (Feb)
Jerry's bday (Feb)

Avenue Q (March)

Cherry Blossom Festival (April)

Fanime 2009 (Duh)

Another T-shirt Gathering???
Another Ultimate Game Night Gathering?

Girls Night out (obviously NOT hosted by me of course :P)
Guy's Night out (of course the guys are too lazy to do anything)
Tap-X Friday Night Hangouts (still actually being done to this day)

Gamer's Night In (NEW to 2009?!?)

Bringing back??? ---->
The 911 Challange???
Raging Waters Summertime fun Gathering
Beach Board walk Gathering

Dont forget other Cons!
JTAF (San Francisco)
SAC Anime
Ani-Jam (Fresno)
Anime on Display
Yaoi Con
Kinyobi Con
San Diego Comic Con!
Tokyo Game Show 2009
Penny Arcade Expo 2009
Sakura Con 2009

See what I mean, eh, if we ever actually get buckled down to actually make an events Calendar, or actually plan it and do it I think they'll be plenty of things to do in 2009.

then again its 3am and ive been shooting zombies inbetween typing this, so im probably not making much sense at the moment so u should just ignore this entire thread and or just come up with better ideas and suggetions

peace out yo.  :D
So you've asked and what the hell. Time for Gaming.

Who? Me. duh. :P
Where? Jerry's if you dont know ask me. or ask someone who does.
When: anytime after 1pm 12/24/08 til i feel like kicking you out of my home.
What? Random or maybe selected gaming til your tired of it
Why? Because apparently the only holiday I celebrate is a gamer's holiday.
How? Because I can, and because my roommates are gone ( please NO UPSTAIRS allowed. period. )

This is half assed attempting at literally throwing something together TOTALLY Last minute.

I have 1/2 work day today (12/24/08) yes, xmas eve and since I have nothing else better to do. I'm gonna play video games at home. That's right im having a Gamer's Night In.

I have the golden Trinity ( Xbox 360, PS3 and wii ) and I do have a few party games:

Xbox 360 games  - I would need ( I would need and xtra 360 guitar ) or ( would need 1 more 360 controler )
Rockband 2
Left 4 Dead
Resident Evil 5 Demo
Halo 3 

Wii/Gamecube games - I ONLY have one wii mote ( but I have plenty of GC controllers )
Wii sports
Dokopon Kingdom
Smash Bros Melee ( GC version NOT to be confused with brawl)
Mario Kart ( GC version )
Secret of Mana ( SNES version NOT virtua console)
Super Monkey Ball 1 and 2 ( GC versions )
Pac Man Versus ( GC and an old Jerry Con favorite )

Ps2 - Ps3 games ( only 1 Ps3 contoler, and only 1 ps2 arcade fighting stick, 1 usb Fighting stick )
Well basically ALOT of fighting games but the main feature:
WANTED on Blu-Ray (Angelina Jolie gun toting action!!!) :D

So basically I'll be home any time after 1pm- Most of you already know where I live.
Do I care if no one shows up or calls me?

Of course not, you should be spending time with you FAMILIES Dag nab it!
Me? my family is my collection of games, yeah thats right pity me or not. My games keep me entertained :P

So call, PM or just random show up at my door.
I'll probably order myself massive amounts of pizza because im too lazy to cook and besides my cooking would definately KILL U dead.

Also my home is lame and is a BIG MESS, and FREEZING COLD. so if you dont mind standing/sitting and about ankle deep of random items and freezing your ass off, (I'd recommend wearing several layers seriously) then feel free to stop by.

Once I figure out my schedule for the new year. I'll see how pheasible a Beginning of the year Party/Gathering would be. Worse Case Scenario I figure we could default to a movie gathering or a mall gather so that some of you people could meet and greet just for the heck of it.

Again there's pleny of ideas being thrown around for '09 so we'll have plenty of reasons to hang out before Fanime.

Game on.  8)
Gaming / Resident Evil 5!
December 22, 2008, 04:30:32 PM
Thanks to an awesome ninja friend who was able to get in touch with a good friend from Capcom Japan...

I have been bestowed to try out the Japanese release of the PLAYABLE DEMO of resident evil 5! (ironically EVERYTHING is in English)

This demo comes with two scenarios (Sub Boss fights with) the Axe Wielder and Chainsaw Weilder!

This demo also has CO-OP! (off line split screen only)

For those who want to check this game out and/or who also want to rant about Resident evil, I'd like to hear your 2 cents!

Might as well get some game time in before the final version is released.
And for those of you who fight with Knives only - you guy (and ive heard some gals do it too) are WAY too hardcore for me :P
per IMDB :

FEBRUARY 27th - Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li

  Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li

Director: Andrzej Bartkowiak
Stars: Kristin Kreuk, Neal McDonough, Michael Clarke Duncan (Full Cast)
Studio: Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation

The Plot: Interpol agent Chun-Li (Kreuk) enters an underground fighting tournament, with her eyes set on M. Bison (McDonough), the contest's founder and leader of a crime syndicate who may have been responsible for the death of Chun-Li's father.

THE BUZZ: You have a few more months to tighten up your Lightning Kick and get your hair into two perfect buns before Fox either a) "ruins" another fanboy property or b) launches the first film in a potential franchise with X-Men potential. Or both? Please note: I make that comparison in terms of the number of characters with shadowy pasts the story can explore, but I don't think this legend is going to break any box-office records (or put out two great movies, then a crappy third installment). So you're going to have to hit the theaters and pick this up on Blu-ray if you want to see Ken or Ryu in the future, and, while Kristen Kreuk was strung up with wires in order to simulate the moves that made Chun-Li the first lady of fighting games, there seems to be plenty of gun-toting action present here that will certainly upset purists (this is, after all, brought to you by the director of Doom). Meanwhile, another member of Black Eyed Peas goes rogue in order to, like, expand the pop group's "brand," or something. I think this interview with screenwriter Justin Marks is revelatory, and hopefully someone involved with the production will update their blog before Christmas.


I used to be a fan of Kristin Kruek (Smallville - Lana Lang) but I dunno - I'm just hoping she does a decent Chun Li - I mean geez, she IS the original first (playable) female character in gaming history.

Well unless someone could prove me otherwise :P

oh well i guess it gives me a reason to oogle at Kristin Kruek again... :P
Things in the Universe / Heroes: Season 3
December 16, 2008, 11:23:01 AM
So after catching up because of the awesome DVR - I didnt realise that Heroes season three - AKA volume of " Villians " has come to a not so dramatic close (I'm trying to avoid spoilers...)  :P

So whats your two cents?

I still like this series, but its definately taking a turn for a very (X-men-ish) theme of a drama.

I'm not gonna give any spoilers away just yet, but im just curious what you other Heroes fans have to say:

Heroes WONT be back UNTIL Feb 2nd ... oh the agony!  :-\

Until then we could speculate and or compare theories about the next season/volume : " Fugitives "
so ironically, ive been wanting to compete in a gourmet race but ive seen to miss them all-

sushi -
steak -
pasta -

and I saw a random blurb in another thread about Red robin.
Why not all you can eat fries? (with an awesome burger of course)

so what do you guys think?

Red Robin usually runs about $10~15/ per person which is pretty reasonable and they have ALL YOU CAN EAT FRIES.

i actually like the fries with that seasoning junk and or ur favorite dip

i know someone who would probably make ranch fry soup. (yum) :P

so what do you guys think? comments questions? sugguestions.

man, now im hungry for all you can eat- anything.  :D
so yah, I was given this link by a random friend....

Anyone could help me translate this website pretty please?
so the parts that I understand that its some sort of 10th aniversary Jrock/Visual concert yes?

so whats the big deal?  :P ( I iz a retard and would like to know more about this )

Discuss, Rant, Speculate, Post and Repeat.
Kthanks people. :)

Yeah, you heard me Yaoi Con. = September 26-28
San Mateo, Mariott.

Anyone else going?

Digusted by Yaoi?
Turned on by it?

Discuss, Gather up, have fun. Repeat.  :D