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I got a question.  If someone happened to record themselves playing an instrumental version of an anime song that did not previously have a karaoke version and then uploaded it on the internet for the world to hear(and gave permission), could we use that track in the contest?
Or if someone created a karaoke version of an anime song through sound mixing etc?
Quote from: BSaphire on March 09, 2011, 06:34:06 AM
@nicoleonlywalks: Between the two polls, 1 pm still wins, so it will be at 1 pm. It has traditionally been at 1 pm on Saturday since I started running it. Mostly because so many FF characters are loved and to get into the cosplay out fits takes some a couple of hours. If it is too late in the afternoon it causes many people to rush and FF characters are so photographed that most people want to have time to really enjoy the cosplay.
@OpheliaCat8: YEAH! It will be good to see General Beatrix :)

The list has been updated and we stand at 65 right now :)

Uh....Wow...  I don't know where you got General Beatrix from(though I'd like to do that one too one day), but I'm doing Relm Arrowny from Final Fantasy 6.  You know, the 12-year-old painter.
Oh, wait!  I totally didn't even look at the time.  If it's not 'til 4 on Sunday, then I might not, cuz of the Masquerade.  I'm doing a different cosplay for the Masquerade, so I'd have to have at least an hour to change before the mandatory 5:00 meeting.
Any chance it can be bumped up to 3:00??? 
I'll be there!  As Sailor Jupiter, stars version!
Ok, at long last, I've committed myself to Relm Arrowny!  Hopefully I can make some headway on the costume by the end of the month tho. O.o
Quote from: Otaking007 on June 08, 2010, 12:49:16 PM
I'll be attending the 2011 gathering at Don Corneo from FF7.

I think that's awesome!  Someone should dress as cross-dresser Cloud!

So, I'll probably be back.  If I do, I'm gonna work on Relm cosplay from FFVI or Tseng from FFVII.
Actually, I think the finalist performances are up on You Tube, along with videos of the rest of the con.  I think these are the "official" videos recorded by the staff. But last I checked they only had up to finalist 8, but it's been a few days since I seen them so they may all be up by now.
Just wanna say, good job to all those who participated.  Competition was pretty fierce this year.  Looks like I'm gonna hafta up my game if I wanna win next time.
BTW Angel Hearts, I thought you guys were awesome!  The way you coordinated your vocals and everything showed how much time and effort you put into your performance.
(And in case anyone was wondering, I'm L. Lorenz.)
See you next year!  ^-^
Actually, 4:30 works better for me!  I'm also in the karaoke contest and I'd like to have as much down time between the gathering and the start of that as possible. (Thinking about it now, 6:30 would've interfered with it too. I didn't even realize!)
I did finish my LoveMe jumpsuit, BTW, so I'm definitely going to be coming as Moko-san(Kanae) from Skip Beat! I'm really looking forward to this! ^_^ 
Whew!  I finally finished my Loli outfit.  Its a bit conservative tho, but it looks cute!   Guess I'll be able to attend the picnic after all.  I look forward to meeting everyone. 

Yoroshiku, minna-san!
Live Programming and Events / Re: karaoke songs
May 23, 2010, 01:54:42 PM
Yeah, totally get the not knowing which songs to sing for open mic, especially since the line gets so long and you'll only sing a few times throughout the whole con. 
Milkychu, I think as long as you get the rest of it, people will probably forgive if you miss a beat in the beginning.  I myself am thinking about singing Triangular from Macross Frontier, and that song too starts straight away without warning.  (In my case, whether or not I do sing it is if I can get the rest of the rhythms in the verse.)  If you really want to sing it, I suggest don't hold back.

BTW, this makes me want to start a topic of what songs people will sing during open mic.  GAH, I'm such a karaoke junkie!!  >.<
There I am!
Thanks Galewolf!

Now, I practice, practice, practice.
Quote from: MyMidnightAffair on May 04, 2010, 04:04:46 PM
How many times can we sign up?
I just signed up my 2nd time.. with the CORRECT information and I've checked everything twice.

I followed your lead and re-signed.  I checked my drop down memory like Yumicchi, and nothing was incorrect, but I wanted to change the Artist for my finale to the Anime series.  And then I didn't get to use my nickname(or rather badge name) last year, so I put that in this year.

Man!  I feel SO much better about this this year.  But wasn't it 35 contestants last year via internet, not 25?
I'm wondering whether my song is Ok too.  I put in the artist name because I couldn't think of the anime off-hand.  I wonder if it makes a difference?
Quote from: milkychu on May 02, 2010, 10:19:39 PM
Quote from: OpheliaCat8 on May 02, 2010, 10:16:08 PM
I dunno.  I'm totally freaking on whether I typoed in my e-mail.

crabapples, i don't know if i put down the right email XD. I was shaking so much, and my palms were all so sweaty. and i kept reading the enter in the song name and i almost messed up by typing in both song and artist in one box.

signs, i hope that i didn't mess up.....

Actually, now I'm wondering.....If we did mess up, would we receive any sort of notice to allow an opportunity to correct our mistake? (and couldn't help but notice that sign-ups are still open, which means that its less than 40 people over an hour after opening.  Not like last year's 20 min record.)
At least the shaking has stopped by now.....for me anyway.....
I dunno.  I'm totally freaking on whether I typoed in my e-mail.
I know what you mean!  I was typing as fast as I could!!  Still shaking like a hypoglycemic.....
Simple question.  What timezone is this for?  Cuz 10-12pm on the west coast is a lot different than the east coast of the US.  And lets not forget people who might be coming from overseas.
BTW, we know the link is going to be posted on 5/2, but what time?
Is it going to be at midnight at XXX standard time or at some other time? Cuz there's a lot of Sunday for people to be waiting around for a sign-up link.