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Me gusta. If my friend and I get everything together, we'd show up as Araragi and Oshino.

Heres some of what i have for now. Also if you guys want to add udyr, his summoner name is Carmaine.
Quote from: G-Force on May 28, 2012, 06:31:57 PM
Whoooo we've got another gathering down and the attendance has swelled in both cosplayers and photographers/viewers. I can't comment on the afternoon gathering as I was late and DarkenedWings had full control of the event so I backed out as not to complicate things however the Midnight Gathering I was there from beginning to end. From what I saw, we had a very lively group filled with tons of photos and super cooperative cosplayers where the energy reached such high levels that I had to collapse on the floor when things were done (that's a good sign as I was smiling  ;D)

Gotta thank HeeroYuy135 for keeping this thread updated, DarkenedWings for helping me run the midnight gathering on account my voice was shot and to everyone who stayed. My biggest regret was not involving the Cathrine side characters more so if you are reading this then I'm soooo sorry. While Cathrine is a bit harder to include in pictures as opposed to Persona 2 or Devil Summoner, it's not really an excuse to just give the series a cold shoulder. I was beating my head against the wall to try to get the cast more involved with the rest of the characters. Any ideas with this issue would be most welcomed cause I really want to do my best in getting everyone involved.

With that said, in comparison to other gatherings in the past, our numbers have grown enough where I really noticed the benefit of having help from the cosplayers a second organizer and the crowd for both ideas for photos and keeping track who's been photographed and who hasn't so that really helped moved things along.

Unrelated note, my streak of losing my voice after running Persona gatherings continues.  :P

Orlando and I had noticed how much you tried to get us in photos and greatly appreciated it. Also we understand that it was hard to get us into more shots, though I admit I grumbled a little bit about it, but it happens and it was still a cool meeting. I'll have some pictures uploaded and I'll post a link to them when I can.
ill post what i have soon. Also, add me if you wish. My summoner name is Vashyron.
I understand where its at. Man, time was going fast until I noticed how close it was to fanime. lol.
Looks like a pretty good sized group already. Cant wait until it is time.
Just need to find where I put the last bit of my costume. Been too busy playing LoL and such. lolz.
Quote from: DarkenedWings on May 16, 2012, 02:28:57 PM
Okay, I coordinated with B and since there's not that much time left to make any changes to gatherings, I was asked to take over as the gathering head for both gatherings.  No one's contacted her about otherwise, apparently?  If G shows up I'll have him help me out, since he's run more SMT gatherings than I have, haha.

Just to re-confirm, we have two gathering times:

Day: Saturday
Time: 2 pm
MP&L: 1FCC LA = 1st Floor Convention Center (Lobby Area by center pillar just inside the entrance)

Day: Saturday
Time: 11:59 pm (Sunday @ Midnight)
MP&L: 1FCC LA (same area as the 2 pm gathering)

I'm probably going to keep it at Heero's original photo order just for the sake of organization.

Sounds good, for me and my group anyways. Works out for just about everybody in the end. Good work with a last minute taking over.
Quote from: DarkenedWings on May 15, 2012, 02:00:35 PM
Well, we've got two days to decide since that's when the gathering signups close.  Are people generally in favor of a Midnight Gathering?  I think G-Force told me he'd be able to show up for one but if not I'd be willing to run it myself for sure.  I'm assuming everyone wants it to be the same day, so how's Sunday at Midnight (aka Saturday at 11:59 pm) sound?

Me gusta. I vote for midnight.
Quote from: HeeroYuy135 on April 16, 2012, 08:31:12 PM
I have terrible news everyone!
My finances have been falling apart in the last month or so, so I can't go Fanime this year.
I'm already in talks for other people to step in to coordinate the gathering. I will still be updating the thread, but I won't be there in person.
I'm very sorry this had to happen, but conventions aren't that fun when you're running on broke.

That sucks. I'll make sure to post pictures here for you then.

On a side note, was it going to be a midnight meeting or still at the original time?
Quote from: RiotKitty on April 03, 2012, 02:50:37 PM
@Tabbychan - Yes, I organized last years. (I went as 'Kitty Cat' Katarina). The turn out was great! Most of us that made it got a free 'Riot Squad' Singed skin code from a Riot Games employee that happened to be at Fanime.

Looking forward to this year's meeting! :)

I posted some pictures from last years on the link i put on a previous post
A midnight gathering would be awesome. I'd like to do that if possible.
I appreciate you trying to get a time good for everyone. That will work for us fine. 4 would be perfect for me and udyr
lol. everyone has such a crazy schedule. Shin megami finally said their time which they're going for 2. Man it'd be pretty close for us, if you wouldnt mind Udyr and I possibly being a little late.
aw.. seems like Udyr and I aren't meant to make it. We'll only be there Saturday and Sunday. You'll be able to see us around those on those days. Make sure to post picture on here from the meeting so I'll be able to see them.
We're doing it Friday? Udyr and I wont be at fanime til Saturday. Aw, well if you guys do it then, maybe I'll see you guys in costume and try to snap some pictures on one of the other days.
I didn't see the Miss Fortune last year. But I think I saw a couple others who didn't make it to the meeting. The other meeting my friends and I are going to just announced they will be at 2. If its not asking too much I'd like if you could make our meeting a little after that so my friend and I have time to go and get changed and arrive to be there from the beginning.
Yes I was. I wanted to make a malzahar outfit for this year, but I didn't get to it in time. Besides Garen killing everyone, I liked the Garen and Shaco picture. Hilarious pose.