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I've got two:

- To the Waldo cosplayer in line behind me at pre-reg on Friday: I had a lot of fun chatting with you and counting up how many people walked by and yelled "I FOUND YOU!"  (I believe we made it to fifty in about an hour and a half?)  It made the two and a half hour wait go by a little quicker, haha.  I had to rush off as soon as we got to the front of the line, so I didn't get a chance to catch any of your contact info and I'd like to keep in touch!

- Not necessarily something that needs following up, but to the incredible Ezio cosplayer who walked by our little ragtag Persona 4 group on the first floor of the con hall really late on Sunday night/Monday morning: We jokingly called out "ASSASSINO!" as you walked by and you pretty much had the best reaction I've ever seen.  Jumping behind the closest pillar, hiding for a few seconds, and then walking off slowly while blending the whole way?  You had us in stitches, and we'd had a really terrible night, so thank you so much for making us laugh. 
Hey everyone!

I want to sincerely thank all the gorgeous cosplayers who showed up to the gatherings!  You all looked amazing and I'm so glad we had such a great turnout for both meetups this year.  I'm sad that I didn't really get much in the way of photos since I was too busy running the ship, but I'm sure some will show up soon.  Hopefully the gatherings were run to your liking, I would very much appreciate feedback on how things went.  I did my best to try and include everyone equally, but like G mentioned above, it can be difficult with so many different series and characters together.  Regardless, I'm so happy for how much representation we had and I hope everyone had fun!

Please share your photos once you have them uploaded and processed!  I'm excited to see them.  Thank you all so much again, and those of you who will be at AX, I'll see you there!
Quote from: HeeroYuy135 on May 16, 2012, 11:21:21 PM
Hey, I'd like to apologize for flaking out and not putting in the paperwork. I've been busy with finals and all, and I do really feel bad that this combined with the fact that I'm not showing up at all because of my situation has thrown everyone into disarray and that it all comes back to me.

Thank you for picking up for me, and I will continue to update the thread as we get closer.

Haha, I'm sorry I kind of came in and took over.  It's all worked out, though, so we're good.  Thanks for keeping the thread updated, your dedication is appreciated for sure!
Your Name of Gathering/Event: Shin Megami Tensei / Persona Gathering 2012
Your Changes to Gathering/Event info: I'll be taking over as gathering head
Your Possible attendee count: 30+, most likely
Your Gathering/Event Photography Order

  • All-in group shot
  • Group shot by game
  • Game re-enactments
  • Pairs
  • All-in group shot
  • Requests

Your Name of Gathering/Event: Shin Megami Tensei / Persona Midnight Gathering 2012
Your Changes to Gathering/Event info: None
Your Possible attendee count: 15+, most likely
Your Gathering/Event Photography Order:  (Same as above)

  • All-in group shot
  • Group shot by game
  • Game re-enactments
  • Pairs
  • All-in group shot
  • Requests
Okay, I coordinated with B and since there's not that much time left to make any changes to gatherings, I was asked to take over as the gathering head for both gatherings.  No one's contacted her about otherwise, apparently?  If G shows up I'll have him help me out, since he's run more SMT gatherings than I have, haha.

Just to re-confirm, we have two gathering times:

Day: Saturday
Time: 2 pm
MP&L: 1FCC LA = 1st Floor Convention Center (Lobby Area by center pillar just inside the entrance)

Day: Saturday
Time: 11:59 pm (Sunday @ Midnight)
MP&L: 1FCC LA (same area as the 2 pm gathering)

I'm probably going to keep it at Heero's original photo order just for the sake of organization.
Well, we've got two days to decide since that's when the gathering signups close.  Are people generally in favor of a Midnight Gathering?  I think G-Force told me he'd be able to show up for one but if not I'd be willing to run it myself for sure.  I'm assuming everyone wants it to be the same day, so how's Sunday at Midnight (aka Saturday at 11:59 pm) sound?
The guy you're referring to isn't the same guy that got the Midnight Gathering disbanded last year by bringing a megaphone, is it?  ;;;

I'd be willing to run a gathering as well as a midnight one too if people were interested.  I've run a few Ace Attorney gatherings in my time so I know how it goes.
aww, understandable though!  If it gets moved later we might be able to drop in, otherwise hopefully we'll see some of you cosplayers around on the other days.  :>
I will likely be there with a group of varying P4 characters.  I'll likely be Souji / the P4 MC but I'm not sure who of my group can make it.  We should have a few characters, though.
W-weh, I was hoping to make it to this with a few friends/Novices but Saturday at 2 pm is literally the exact same time as the other gathering I need to go to.  ;;;

Is the time set in stone yet or is it still up in the air?  I don't want to inconvenience a whole gathering just for one group but if Sunday sometime would work for everyone that would pretty much be perfect on our end.  Again, I'm not trying to be demanding, I'd just like to make it to this too.
Hey all!

I'm a friend of BadFanGirl's.  She messaged me recently and told me that she won't be attending Fanime this year for personal reasons and so provided I get permission from BSaphire, myself and my cosplay partner ImpureImpulse will be running it this year.  Our cosplay group has been attending the Fanime AA gatherings since 2006 so we've got some experience under our belts.  ;) 

I can't update the first post, but the time is confirmed to be 2 pm on Friday at the Fountains in front.  Looking forward to seeing everyone there!
Quote from: angeljibrille on April 30, 2011, 10:40:52 PM
Check the first post in this thread for new and cool information! :D

Whoa, this is way awesome!  Thanks a lot for looking into that, this will be much better than stressing about getting in the reg line early with enough time to pick up badges and then run to go pick up our boxes.  <3
I have a question!  I'm signed up for a spot on Thursday (not waitlisted) and I see on the Swap Meet rules page it says that lining up for sellers begins at 5 pm, but from what I remember that's right around the time badge pick up tends to open, too.  If we're required to have a badge to enter this year, doesn't that leave us with a fairly narrow amount of time to pick up our badge and then drag all our stuff to the meeting spot?  I'm especially worried because the reg line is always ridiculously long right when it opens, and I know several people get in line hours and hours in advance, which I'm not sure I can/really want to do.

Is this something I need to be worried about?  Should I just try and get into the reg line as early as possible?
I'll be there for sure!  I'm either going to be wearing my Apollo again or Klavier to go with my friend's Daryan.
Hey everyone!

The gathering was awesome this year.  I saw a ton of excellent costumes.

I was the cursed Sasuke doing some of the calling during Ninja Twister.  *waves.*  I also was the one who drew on the box and the mat, haha.

If anyone has photos, I'd love to see them.  Since I was participating in the gathering, I didn't get any photos myself.  :/

Had a good time though.  :D  Hope the rest of you did too.
I'll be ANBU on Monday, if you want the photo.  ^^;

As for the ears... I layered a whole bunch of newspaper on top of the head, folding it over so they formed triangles, and leaving some tabs on the bottom of the ears so I could attach them to the face.  If that made any sense at all, congratulations.

(PS, I notice you're from Los Gatos... do you know Andrew?)
Haha, no problem.  It just surprised me when I scrolled down and saw an almost exact copy of my mask design.  XD

I'm glad you liked it enough to copy.  Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, yes?
...  o_o;

Uh, that would be my mask you based the design on.

Uh, okay.  We'll go with the simpler explanation.  xD

Fan minion you are, yes.  No denying that.  But I have been cosplaying with her for just about three years now.  The Orochimaru/Sasuke partnership started a little over two years ago.  I never designated myself as "fan minion", though, so no worries about me trying to steal that spot.  ^_^;  I have a different one.

And I'm going to leave it at that for now, I think.

For now, back to sewing.  Sasuke's armbands need fixing.
I am more special than you.  :D

(Kidding, of course.)