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I'll be going as Painted Lady Katara
Hey all! I got an update from my friends.

It looks like I'll have a Kida, Shizuo, Izaya and Shinra attend the gathering with me.

Just wanted to let you know. ^.^
There's a very slight change of plans...instead of going as Shadow!Naoto, I'm gonna go as summer casual!Naoto. (The one in my userpic)


(〜 ̄△ ̄)〜
I plan to bring Ryotaro possesed by Urataros!

I'm seriously looking forward to this gathering guys...^o^
My friend and I will be attending as characters from Bakuman!

l'll be going as Mashiro Moritaka and my friend will be Takagi Akito (Shujin).

Looking forward to the gathering!
Quote from: Olivine on March 12, 2012, 01:17:30 PM
Yeah, there's three major gatherings in the morning/afternoon, and two in the evening. D8 I don't think it Saturday is possible, I'm reaaaally sorry.

That's alright. ^^ Thanks for considering it though! But yeah, I'll definitely be there somehow.

So I guess sign me up for female!Izaya then. The rest are still pending.
I'm so excited for the Durarara!! gathering! I was scared there might have not been one. xD

I'll be going as female!Izaya/Kanra or Aoba Kuronuma.

I'm also bringing a group with me consisting of the following:

female!Shizuo or Erika Karisawa
Kida Masaomi
...and possibly a Mikado.

But I was it too late to change the time of the gathering to Saturday maybe? 5 PM on Friday interferes with another gathering I'm going to, and we are all coming from out of town so checking in will take a little longer than we'd like. There's also the fact that we get out of school at 3 PM, and live a couple hours away. ><

I really hope to make it to this gathering. Unfortunately, I missed last year's and I was so bummed out about that. xD

Thanks for taking up this gathering! I'm looking forward to it greatly. :)
Quote from: sugarpunch18 on January 13, 2012, 11:40:49 PM
Soooo... Is anyone planning a Durarara!! gathering? I really hope so...  :-\

(My friend, sister, and I are planning on cosplaying as Fem!Kida, Fem!Izaya, and Fem!Shizuo respectively.)

asdfghjkl. YES. :O I'm going as fem!Izaya (and Blue Square!Aoba depending, maybe), my sister as fem!Shizuo. My guy friends as normal Izaya and Shizuo and my other friend as Shinra. <33

I really hope for a DRRR!! gathering too. But there are definitely DRRR!! cosplayers out there.
-salutes- I shall be there as Taiwan! <3
Beef. Vegetable beef? :)
- Guilty Crown, anyone? and Bakemonogatari and being famous in general, especially amongst NicoNico/Vocaloid fans. :)

Kinda impossible, but RADWIMPS would be great too. ^^
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - a.k.a. the singer of the PONPONPON song, with it's viral music video. She's also a fashion blogger and model for Harajuku styles. She's young (18), hip and successful. I think she'd make a great guest.

Yuyoyuppe - A Japanese music producer and singer, he's gained fame for remixing music from the Touhou games, and for composing songs with the Vocaloid system. He speaks some English, and is also a DJ. He is influenced by Western music styles (rock, dubstep etc.) so I think he'd be a very interesting guest to have at Fanime. Also, he's in a couple bands, and he's friends with other NicoNico/Vocaloid singers. 

Supercell - Either as a guest, or music guest. Originally a doujin music group. Better explanation + website:

As mentioned before, Parle Productions and Abridgers would be awesome too.
I don't like children.
Forum Games / Re: This or That?
November 22, 2011, 08:59:46 PM
Los Angeles. :)

Pie or cake?
I'll be returning as Shadow!Naoto. :)