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I'll be there as Silver from Pokemon Special!
I'll be there as Silver from Pokemon Special. I'm making a very special outfit for this too! :3
Heya! I was one of Heero's contacts earlier who couldn't make it to the event. I'd like to clarify that I had declined the offer to run the gathering because I am actually really really nervous about doing that in general, but I wouldn't mind helping out. As long as I don't have to be in charge or anything. Heh.

I also happen to be tech-stupid and had a really hard time locating this thread. I apologize for the inconvenience. ^^; I'll be attending as the female protagonist from P3P (I usually call her Minako, but most people seem to prefer Hamuko...?) and I'll be with my girlfriend Jackie who will be Shinjiro Aragaki.

P.S. I was reading some comments about someone with a megaphone last year... I can't believe someone would do that! Talk about inconsiderate... :/ Here's to a better event that doesn't get us in any trouble! *thumb's up*
Heya! I'm planning to go to this. I'll be Karkat. Bringing a Terezi and a Jade with me, too. :3
I'd like to participate in this, but I also wanted to point out that there's not really a fandom war or anything between Homestuck and Hetalia anymore. It's ancient history by now, all things considered, because the fandoms seem to have embraced each other since most Homestucks are also Hetalias and vice versa. But I'm always up for a good time with my fellow Hetastucks since there ain't no party like a Hetastuck party! XD

I think I'll attend as Broadway Karkat since after SakuraCon I'll need more excuses to cosplay as him. My girlfriend will be Canada. <3
Jackie (who doesn't have an account here) said she'd like to be Miki.
I'll go! And I'm bringing my fiancee with me. I'll either be P4U!Akihiko or Minako and Jackie says she hopes to have Battle Panties!Mitsuru ready in time. If Minako gets a P4U design, we'll switch to those versions instead, if time allows. :3  Can I be your co-host again, Matt?
I'd like to attend as Haruka! Do you need any help hosting this gathering, Matt?