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Id like to know if anyone has the times for these panels? I need them to plan my schedule:

Whose Line Is It Fanime
Official Gaia Panel
Cosplay Cosmetology
Your Body, Your Cosplay
Script Reading with Jonathan Osborne
The Comedy Club at Fanime
Whose Line Is It? Anime! (18+)
The Dub show
Anime Lets Make a Deal
Gaia Variety Hour
Create That Anime!
Create That Anime (18+)
Gaia Feedback Social
Abridging A Series
Character creation
An Intro to Memes
I Wish My Life Was a RPG
Magikarp: A history
How To Amateur Voice Acting
Vocaloid: The Fan Phenomenon
So, for Fanime, 2011, my friends and I are doing a South Park group. And we're looking for a few missing people! Namely Kenny, Butters, Chef, ETC.

Who we have:
Cartman (me)
Kyle (My friend)
Stan (other friend)
Pip (other friend)

So, as you can see, we have an incomplete group! If your interested, either PM me here or on facebook:
Panels and Workshops / Zombie Survival/Apocalypse Panel
October 13, 2010, 10:04:18 PM
So, Im think of holing a Zombie Survival/Apocalypse panel this fanime, as well as the KH one. But, this si SUCH a broad topic! I was wondering what you guys would like to see in such a panel?
Panels and Workshops / Kingdom Hearts panel?
July 16, 2010, 01:08:14 PM
So, at Fanime 2010 my friends and I did a Ask Hetalia panel that was a comedy based Q&A panel that lasted 2 succesrful hours! Now I was wondering what people would think of a KH comedy Q&A panel with KH characters as the hosts? Im thinking of making the first hour a Q&A session and making the second hour a game show (KH dating game, KH jepordy, KH family feud, or KH whose line) where the audience gets to interact with the panelits! I would more then love to hear everyones thoughts and suggestions!
Hello Ladies and Gentlemen.
I thought I'd kick off the 2011 Kuroshitsuji gathering. Since the gathering is in its early planning stations I would love to hear from all of you as to what we should do at said gathering. Last year they did a Tea/Gathering, and we could repeat said event or do a new event. Or we could do both gathering and tea party as separate events. So, please, I'd simply love to hear your thoughts.

Day: Saturday
Time: 1:00 PM
MP: FH L = Fairmont Hotel (Lobby)
L: FMS = Front Marriott Side of the Convention Center Lobby (tree area)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Guest List~~~~~~~~~~~

Phantomhive Household
Currently Empty

Estate of Madam Red
Currently Empty

Middleford Estate
Currently Empty

Circus Company
Currently Empty

Imperial Palace of India
Currently Empty

Lau- Kites


Possible games/events:
Tea party?

I would love to hear any suggestions for this event that you may have.

Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering/Event this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.
Registration / Badge name question
January 15, 2010, 09:49:23 AM
Ok... so, I'm going through gender reassignment and I was wondering if there was any way I could put my preferred name on the pre-reg badge form rather then my legal name? Anyone know who I can ask?
I was wondering is anyone could help em make a Bleach Captains uniform?
I plan to cosplay Kisuke Uahara when he was a Captain ^^;;
I have money for it and junk soooo msg my or PM me if you can help!!!
Ok, since I lack a credit card, I cant order my own room for Sac Anime XD
Soooo, I was wondering if anyone would be willing to let me stay in their room with them?
I can pay for my own food and my share of the room.
Also, Im very neat, so my cosplay carp wont be all over the place ^^

You can message me here or:

Gaia: hi-potion
facebook: (Also my MSN!)
AIM: kiteskun
the hosts for this gathering aaaaaare:

Kites-chan/Sora and the lovely Avairrianna! :'D

Also: We do not currently know the time of the Gaia Panel,. but as soon as we know the time it will be posted here!!! :'D

Gaia Cosplay Gathering:
Day: Saturday
Time: 12 PM
Meeting Place: L: 1FCC RS (Risers Stage)
Location: Park across from FH (Park across from Fairmont Hotel, by the giant Snake/zabimaru) (NOTE: My friends and I refer to the Aztec snake as Zabimaru =w=))

Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering/Event this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

NOTE: You DO NOT have to be in a Gaiaonline cosplay to attend! You may show up in any cosplay or not in cosplay at all! If your not in cosplay, try to sport some gaia-Gear to show you support for the site! :'D

People Attending:

-Fan Name:Kites-kun
Gaia username: Hi-potion
Cosplaying? Yes, possibly an NPC c:

-Fan Name: AnimeEmperor
Gaia Username:AnimeEmperor
Cosplaying? Undecided

Fan Name: Avairrianna
Gaia Username:Avairrianna
Cosplaying? Yes but it's a secret thus far! Hint: It's a Gaia item not NPC

Fan Name: auroramarija
Gaia Username: Aurora Marija
Cosplaying?: Yes...not from Gaia, but not sure who I'll be that day yet.  My signature lists all the possibilities.

Fan Name: Fondu
Gaia Username: Fondling Endearment
Cosplaying?: YES! 8//D Belphegor from Katekyo(shi) Hitman Reborn! and hopefully an added Klonoa from Door to Phantomile

Fan Name: Samcarter
Gaia Username: The Emperors Right Hand
Cosplaying? Yes, a Gaia avatar

Fan name: Liger 0 Sniper
Gaia Username: liger0sniper / javasparrow
Cosplaying? Yes, but not from Gaia. Probably gijinka Luxio from Pokemon.

Fan Name: artisticpsyco
Gaia s/n: ennichi_jimetsu
Cosplaying: Yes, but not from gaia sadly

Fan Name: none lol
Gaia s/n: xsoapxbubblesx
Cosplaying: yes >3 I made her some irl Gaia items, so she'll be wearing those.

Fan Name: Rick
Gaia Username: Pidgin English
Cosplaying? Undecided. ><

Fan Name:Somebody (? Wasn't sure what this meant)
Gaia Username:ama-chan14
Cosplaying? Yes, as the OC my Gaia avi is modeled after

Fan Name: Kohana Ichibana
Gaia Username: Kohana Ichibana
Cosplaying? Yes but not from Gaia.

Fan name: Sexeh Mudkip (lol)
Gaia Username: tehredkitsune
Cosplaying?: Possibly, but not gaia o Ao.

Fan name: Sexeh Mudkip (lol)
Gaia Username: tehredkitsune
Cosplaying?: Possibly, but not gaia o Ao.

Fan Name: =63NX45=
Gaia Username: genxas
Cosplaying? Maybe. :3

Fan name: Taokaka
gaia username: Rebeccakh
cosplaying: prolly taokaka or gwendolyn depending on if its close to 11am or not x _ x;

Fan Name: Foxberry
Gaia Username: The Spy is a Spy
Cosplaying? (Yes/no - If yes, who? Are they from Gaia?): Yes, (currently a bit of a surprise- just look for my fanname on my badge.), No

Fan Name: Aoi (Suu)
Gaia Username: Aoi Memori
Cosplaying? Yes but not a Gaia character. I'll be Ichimaru Gin from Bleach.

Fan Name:Crewd
Gaia Username: Duke Thomas
Cosplaying? (Yes/no - If yes, who? Are they from Gaia?) I'll be a Void knight on sat, not related to gaia

If you plan to attend please fill out the following form and post it here:
Fan Name:
Gaia Username:
Cosplaying? (Yes/no - If yes, who? Are they from Gaia?)

-Freeze Tag!
-Host Club Game/ Daruma-san ga koronda!
How to play: (Its basically like redlight/greenlight)
(Looking for more fun games to do! Please PM me with ideas!!!)

Gaiaonline's Official Fanime Discussion Thread:
Anyone here know where to acquire a MGS3: SE Revolver Ocelot cosplay?

I believe its some sort of Russian military uniform...
Things in the Universe / Doctor? Doctor who? DD:
September 18, 2009, 09:36:31 AM
So, yeah... my favorite TV show of all time is Doctor Who. =w=
I especially love Tom Baker's and David Tennant's doctors. :3
Any other Doctor who fans out there? If sooo, anyone excited for season 5? ;D
General Anime Chat / Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
September 18, 2009, 09:28:36 AM
So, has anyone been watching FMA: Brotherhood of the Funimation website?
Personally, I love it, accept for the first few episodes, its is a wonder rendition of the Manga. The artwork, of course, is wonderful. Though, I didnt notice this until someone pointed it out for me, the original FMA anime and the new (but more original) one have slightly different artwork. The artwork for the new anime reflects the manga more, so they gave the characters slightly rounder faces. Also... is it just me, or did Mustang's voice actor change? o.o;;
Hey there, people ^^
Name is Kites-kun and I just moved here from Sacramento...
And, I used to live here abotu 4 years ago and have lost contact with 99% of the old friends x.x
So, I need to make new friends here in San Jose to hang out and cosplay with x.x
age:  19
Gender: male
Location: Capitol Ave.
Gaia: Hi-Potion
AIM: Kiteskun

So, yeah, contact me if you can. ^^
Im insufferably bored here with my grams. x.x;;