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I will probably at least stop by to take photos, but I'm still debating on bringing Ventus this year. (he takes up so much space!)

An actual date would be nice, then I'd be able to tell if I have time to cosplay for this one. Is Sunday out of the question? I'm sort of booked Friday and Saturday.
I have a question about carrying my things; do bags also need to be close-able, or will an open top bag be alright?

Also, I have a wallscroll I was hoping to sell but it does not actually fit inside any sort of container, can I have it sticking out of a bag or zipped up backpack?
Oh this sounds like good fun! I'll be there day zero, so I'll try to make this.

And I've had not but bad experiences at that Johnny Rockets, but anywhere else sounds good!
I'll be there as Rise! And probably femaleMC at midnight.
I'll be yet another Elizabeth, bringing along yet another Booker~
I'll be there as Minako!

Also, I absolutely adored the midnight gathering last year, I really hope we can do that again.
I'll be there!

I should have a fancy!dreamer Roxy cosplay by then, but if it doesn't get done, I'll just be there as Jade.
Sorry to be late to the party here. I will SO BE THERE for the dark hour gathering, but I'll have to see how things go in regards to attending the day time gathering. I'll be coming as Female!main character from Persona 3.
*is super late to the party* BTW I'm coming too~ I had a blast last year (as it was my first KH gathering) so I'm totally looking forward to joining you guys again!

I'll be cosplaying Ventus. People will actually know who I am this time, woo-*bricked!*
Well, I'm am all for the Akuroku obviously (if you come to the black and white ball there will be quite a sight waiting for you~ >_>) But Poor little Xion here needed a Roxas :3

*loves on ALL OF YOU* I'm leaving to drive up north RIGHT NOW so I'm going a little crazy, do excuse me <3
Gasp! An actual Roxas cosplayer! Now I must fight for Xion's heart affection!

(also, thanks for reminding me to pack my Org coat, hurhurrr~ Almost forgot it~)
All the confirmation things have been going through fine, but I just wanted to make sure you have me (Krispy Kream) listed for the Full Metal Alchemist gathering organizer. iKuraudo is still listed here, which is the only reason I worry.

A new post has been added to the second page of the FMA thread with the updated gathering times/attendee list:,13286.20.html
Since I can't edit the first post, here is the official information for the gathering!

Date: May 29th, 2010 (SATURDAY)
Time: 10:00 am
Location: First floor convention center; Riser stage

Main Characters:
Edward Elric: Edward Elric's friend, Yura Kyo Aures
Alphonse Elric: koribean
Winry Rockbell: Rabid Potato

Riza Hawkeye: k.worthley
Maes Hughes: HappyHeretic, AriSky (maybe)
Gracia Hughes: HappyHeretic's wife
OC State Alchemist: MikoChika
Zolf Kimblee: krispy_kream's friend

Envy: PhDPepper, AriSky (maybe)
Greed: brookin413

Dr. Nox: krispy_kream's friend
Russell Tringham: korepersephone
Fletcher Tringham: korepersephone's sister

There's no real photo order that's been decided, but it will probably involve group shots of the obvious categories before morphing into just plain random requests. (I do love me some random photo requests.)

Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

Also, there may be cookies. (hopefully no one is allergic to them. I'll write the ingredients on the box I bring them in.)
So, it's a week till con. Are there still no game specifics or twitter? I would still really like to play! (not in costume, unfortunately)
Oh! I think my friends and I ran into you guys last year! (though we were cosplaying Avatar at the time) I'm so glad you can make it, I'm looking forward to seeing you there~
@Koribean: Of course!! I'm looking forward to seeing you there! Unfortunately, I can't edit the first post to add you to that list (as it is not my post to edit) but I'll post a finalized list of attendees at the end of this thread closer to con time. :3

Fanime is the best con ever, I'm sure you'll have tons of fun~
Quote from: Angelx624 on May 12, 2010, 11:55:32 PM
There's actually gonna be a Kingdom Hearts gathering in SF on June 13. ^_^

I wish I lived in northern Califonia~ *sobsobsob* I need more KH friends OTL
There wasn't a lot of discussion in the thread about when the gathering should be, so I told BSaphire it was going to be on Saturday morning regardless XD; I can't be there in costume either (The reapers game and KH are right after it, and my priorities lie with those events, unfortunately) But it's not Saturday morning without an FMA meet.
If you'd like it on Friday, please give me a time. (It cannot be in the evening)
Name of gathering Fullmetal Alchemist

Changes to gathering info: None

possible attendee count: 10-12

Photography order:
All battle pose