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Is that an original GBA for $3? If so then I'm copping that for sure
Be advise itsold and used, and has no backplate....

Btw, hachi, we might need t make a combination deal for both kingdom hearts for $190, is that okay? Also did you add the posters in new section?

Buy/Sell/Trade / Re: [WTS] Orange Box
« on: May 24, 2010, 12:40:33 AM »
Im trying to figure out what the orange box is O_O!,...
erhm... is it this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_eaE-_GDbmQ

Buy/Sell/Trade / Re: [WTS] Manga & FLCL Mamimi Barbie
« on: May 24, 2010, 12:38:01 AM »
I wish you the best of luck and I can't wait to see more on the list!.. erhm...
you don't happen to have any vintage stuff other than the flcl do you T_T!?

Staff & Volunteers / Calm and peace...
« on: May 22, 2010, 11:33:51 PM »
Do not worry. If you wait enough,  I'm sure they will respond to you again...

Live Programming and Events / Re: Swap Meet 2010
« on: April 27, 2010, 02:54:58 PM »
I really am kinda afraid asking this question to anyone but maybe someone can better explain me how the new system works!
They mention about a number system that I wasn't aware of and im curious how does it really work?

another question is do I need to send an email confirmation for "yes I  am still interested to the swap meet? or have they already known that?"

Don't worry about the line so much!
They will ask for your id and call a number from you. I know your in the wait list because of this question. My advise is try not to worry about this so much. I am very sure you are still in since your the first 10 people in the wait list!.
as for confirmation, if you need to make a change i think its best to notify them as early as possible but I am not so sure if your planning to  change from full to half, be advise, I really don't think it will make a difference for increasing your chances, your just increasing their chances for a spot! :-[

Live Programming and Events / ballpark number?
« on: November 02, 2009, 12:51:36 AM »
[ message deleted - working on apology letter ]

Dealers Room / Re: Dealers Room vs Swap Meet
« on: October 27, 2009, 05:05:48 PM »
I normally save my money for the Swap Meet, as most of the things I want I can get their cheaper than anywhere else.

That said, I was much happier with the Swap Meet this year than the Dealers Room. Found some nicely priced games.

Some may be cheaper but I kinda wanted to find the things that are the most hardest to find...
I hope next year i can get enough rare items to sell next years fanime!...

Swap meet may be a place to find Cheaper items but its also a place to find Amazing rare and hard to find items!

Registration / Re: 2010 Pre-registration
« on: September 29, 2009, 12:04:27 AM »
Does anyone have a slight idea when it will be out?  ???

Lets see, I know they have pre-registration around yoai con but thats around October 30 - November 1, 2009.
My guess is has to be around the third week of October!... because i remember pre registering before the begining of november. its a huge guess. but im just crossing my fingers and continue hoping!

Hotel and Facilities / Re: Mariott TVs, Consoles, and You
« on: September 24, 2009, 12:16:23 AM »
try this:

1) make sure the power is on (sorry its an annoying thing t say but iI gotta make you laugh :p) point is, I tried it once and found out the plug was broken and ripped -_-! so it was my fault at some point.. on to step 2)

2) not all tv's are the same, one of the rooms we had before then was a sony bravia, now we had a toshiba 40inch. some rooms might have different tv.s so in other words, ask other people which tvs they had, heres mines: Sony bravio: 1 av output, component, and hdmi ports however it was locked but a screw driver can get it removed and it wont activate some trigger device -_-!* but note: this was last year, this year we got a room ith a toshiba which has the same tv ports you are telling us!)

3) if there are input ports there has to be a secret channel to obtain them! try turning the channel downwards after channel 3 (should say at least input something or Direct)

4)Make sure IF POSSIBLE, to set have your xbox set at a resolution stage!, sometimes you may need a special port other than av cables!, otherwise if its av cables only (sorry, i know its only av cables but our room has a/v and hdmi), make sure your settinsg is at a/v. for a ps3 we had to hold power to reset the screen setting, not sure if it works on xbox! but try tht.

5) Hack it!, if it does'nt work, try finding out information about the TV and get a similar universal remote, if its an advance one, get one that looks an affordable price, remotes kinda cost 25 maybe more just to get it compatible to a (lcd)tv -_-!, you be lucky if you get one under 9 bucks!) but sometimes they do help work. the toshiba we had, has a remote but the numbers are erased except the number 5

okay calling downstairs and having a maintenance guy and hooking it up for you is the strangest thing i never heard before O_O!...
they can actually do that? well my concern is if they charged you... i had a similar approached to it and they charged my bill by an additional $10 fee for "maintenance "

if all else fails then i think marriot added some kind of "primitive parental lock" which prohibits some channels online! including input devices -_-!, i thought its not possible but there are some tv's that CAN do that just to prevent their kids playing too much video games -_-! unless you are smart and willing to waste 5 hours cracking the 5 digit code, you are a code breaker XD and I must congrats!

abit curious but..:::I noticed previous hotels are now giving some people a 1 day free of the *pathetic free* internet service from "Ibahn". has anyone found this out ? bcause back then they did'nt do this, until i visit a different marriot hotel!...

hey its close to free internet, just only for 24 hours -_o!...
and im sorry its not tv related but it does give a console related news... ..erh somewhat >_<!

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Swapmeet 2010
« on: September 23, 2009, 11:49:38 PM »
I have to admit, having an extension on fanime swap meet is a good idea!

Dealers Room / Re: Sooo...What Did You Guys Buy?
« on: September 23, 2009, 11:36:54 PM »
Dealers Hall:
Square enix playarts = Kingdom hearts valor form (costed me $90 but its not bad!)
Revoltech Starscream
Orchid seed - Seto san (and autographed yeay ^ ^!)
recieved gifts:
Kingdom hearts poster
Kingdom hearts wisdom form

Swap meet:
+kannazuji no miko pencil board
+Trading figure - Simon (that second season outfit, erh he has a coat)
+Trading figure - viral (again...second season?)
-Pia carrot 2 figure
-Osamu Tezuka tiger short stories manga (1-7)
-Initial D manga
-Chobits manga
-G-blades keyblades cosplay prop(one to someone and another to a guy dress as RIDDLER!)
-oblivion keyblade cosplay prop
-Zangetsu (cutting moon) prop
-bronze sword cosplay prop
-digimon puzzle
-pokemon g3 poster
-Sailor moon wall scroll (chibi form)
-Sailor Moon game gear game
-Chaos emerald (clear) well its an accented diamond prop thingie
-pokemon Trading card games (this one is hard in category but im satisfied)
-pokemon national pokedex Dia/prl guide
-Gameboy pocket (red) w/ games

Artist alley:
+A genie drawing
..............thats pretty it O_O!
-2 large shikishi boards
-1 small shikishi board
-2 posters
-1 Tanzaku board

Fanime lost & Found:
-house keys
-hotel keys
-a cellphone charm strap, its a dutch hound strap
-1 dollar bill (found a hole in my cosplay pockets!)
-a water bottle
+3 bottle caps
+2 cellphones (1 is returned to the owner, the other is handed to con-ops)
+blackberry (returned to its owner)
+a cake thats plastic (I swear to god I was hungry and it looked real T_T)
+1 dollar coin, 2 pennies, 1 dime and a 9 quarters in the arcade
+a flier from a guy who is dress up as alot of fliers around him, and wearing a chinese hat) O_O!
+a hotel card from marriot
+car keys that has a hello kitty chain on it (its a black cat and its not Bad Batsumaru)(returned to con-ops)
+gum in my shoe -_-! that one was shock!

even though I bought some things, IM more happy to sell them and see their smiles ^ ^!.....
and thats how I enjoy fanime.. except the gum on my shoe -_-! that one took me 35 minutes to remove!

Dealers Room / Re: Dealers Room vs Swap Meet
« on: September 23, 2009, 11:08:23 PM »
I had good moments on Dealers room for finding somethin I needed Right away:
Seto San from orchid seed was a good find and manage to finally got it autographed on monday ^ ^! yeay!!!
erh but the rest seems, kinda hard to focus on what I really wanted to get. Some are overpriced, others seems easier to get and cheaper online! (official ones, not bootleg and I know its illegal to sell that in both halls)

however I barely found anything I wanted from the swap meet:
The only thing I enjoyed the most is selling my keyblades and everything I have!
although alot of people were shocked for the Kingdom hearts play arts arms!I can admit it was expensive, but hopefully this next year I can drop the price down to at least 125 (its at least 3times the value folks -_-!). I was hoping for something nice from the kuroshitsuji merchandise to find, but I only found pencil boards and cards. Has anyone found anything nice of it?

all in all, i had more fun on the swap meet, selling all my stuff:) and makig people happy!
although the one thing I still feel upset is selling my Tezuka tiger short stories comics!. Still at least I made her happy!

Registration / early - Late registration???
« on: September 23, 2009, 10:51:23 PM »
okay, I know fanime was supposed to open its registrations at least some time around this week, or I think its around october! but then I recall One October Week that the $45 registration is Closed and the $50 begins!...
well I hope Yoai-con might have the pre-registration this year!...(that reminds me,. did anyone went to yaoi-con before? if so, how much pre-reg for fanime was O_O!?)

Live Programming and Events / asking for a second table?
« on: September 03, 2009, 02:41:52 PM »
I talk to the front desk about pre registration of the artist alley and I have a big question..
is it possible to change a demand from 1 tables to 2? or is it too late?
*because I thoguht 1 stand can hold most of my posters but as soon as the months pass I think I may need to jump that to 2 tables o_O!....

anyway please let us know immediatly about the tables...
another question in quick is the pre=registration of fanime.
Is it possible to pre registered (if its not online) fanime through a different convention? like yoai con for example, incase if the site is not posted up for pre-registration?
Just askin thats all..

thank you for reading this...

Big Event Showcase / Re: Autograph Sessions?
« on: May 22, 2009, 01:44:10 AM »
okay i understand about her but I also wanted to know if there are other people doing autograph sessions as well (like the voice actors of resident evil)

Okay guys, I'm at con right now. If you're looking to trade some Magic or buy some, I'll be at the Swap Meet tonight wearing a blue buttonup shirt (short sleeved) and a pair of ripped jeans :) I have repacks, singles, bulk cards, and Momir Basic binders. I have a few Alara Reborn packs as well left from drafting that I might sell too if you guys want. If you can't find me, contact me on Twitter. My username is @rkho and I will be checking it roughly every half hour or so. I'll also be looking to get some Magic cards for my collection and have a list of cards that I want!

Man, it feels strange trying to sell roughly 1/2 of my Magic cards. It seems like I'm quitting AGAIN -.-

I know this sounds a stupid and most rediculous question but... whats a recommended card thats good looking and more of the aim ofa harem girl or a mermaid?... also, was there a holofoil card called "spontaneous combustion" ? cause I only have one non holo. and cheer up.. if things did'nt go on thursday, wait til friday, it becomes VERY very full!

Live Programming and Events / Re: Pokemon Cards?
« on: May 20, 2009, 12:31:26 PM »
Also, I don't know if Pokemon is going to be a table top game this year.
But maybe that would help sell them?...

i've brought my pokemon cards the last couple of years, and sell them pretty cheap.  I'll be bringing them along again for those who might be interested.  :)
Ah, What would you consider cheap then?

it depends on if you want to just want to lighten your burden to take home or not. ;)  Here's how I price mine:

Energy Cards :  10 for $1.00
Trainer Cards :  5 for $1.00
Basic Pokemon Cards :  5 for $1.00

Rare Pokemon Cards : $1.00 each

Since I just wanted to rid myself of the cards, the Rare Pokemon cards went quicker, so I didn't mind selling my Charizards, Gyrados, and my double-colorless energy cards for that price. :)
wait do you only have the basic set series??
or do have some cards that are in different prices (example : ex or x type pokemon, along with shinning pokemon!
Im still collecting a specific type of Card im searching for, mostly its Gardevoir.... let me know if anyone has one since i love her so much T_T!


If it's classified at T+ on the cover, it isn't Adult, so this is fine.
Noted. Previous post edited to remove the question thanks to your answer Keys. And thank you.

I still have no idea what to price the pillowcases at, so I may have to go the "Immensely Overpriced" route and drop the price from there as time goes on. I'm just so used to being able to check sites for aftermarket values of cards that I'd sell or trade. It's just a pain when I can't find any sort of agreed upon price range for an item I'd want to sell.

Everything else, I pretty much have prices set in my head. I just need to make sure everything seems right.

I was thinking of the same thing to over price them at first and reduce them,. with the exception highlighted in colors since now they are very rare and hard to find. Normally I would be innocent and allow it but this time I may have to disagree alot of offers due to the economy and its rarity. As for the pillows, make sure you give an estimate of the high and low of its actual price. Swap meet may be about selling your stuff but at the same its the most important thing people really really wanted!

*wool* Top Hat White - $70 or offer (best for black and white ball)
Gaia online G blades cosplay blades (both) $15 or offer
K. hearts cosplay golden Oathkeeper Keyblade (autographed by Tommy tolico) $10
k. Hearts Cosplay Oblivion keyblade - $10 or best offer
Ichigo bleach bankai sword – $20.00
plastic normal sword - $10 or best offer*
Shinning Pokeball (burger king) – Pikachu and Jigglypuff

Kingdom Hearts Master arms Keyblade (USED)- $20 or best offer
*MINT*Kingdom hearts Master form - $40 or best offer
*MINT*Kingdom hearts Valor Form - $150 or best offer
*partially used*Kingdom hearts Play arts arms 5 Keybladeset - $200*rare and hard to find however im still finding the actual price.*
[Tomy] Kingdom hearts Valor Form w/ Oathkeeper and Oblivion figurine - $25
Dragon quest figure 5 open/ 2 un open – $40 (or best offer) in total
Cyborg 009 figures (some open) -
Pia 3 Carrot Ayano Kunugi 1/8 Figure - $60
Mew Figure – $5
NIP Pokemon GIRATINA Origin Figure PLATINUM Version - $15
Mermaid Melody Luchia, hanon, Rina  (Stage version) - $20 or best offer
The little mermaid sisters figure set  - $25
Princess Zelda (orcarina of Time version) - $15

Vulpix kfc - $25 or best offer

Sailor V vol#2- $15
Shugo Chara~Special Edition #8~ $30.00 *hard to find*
Shugo Chara~Special Edition #9~ $30.00 *hard to find*
Cyborg 009 - $10
Initial D manga set -
7 Ranma ½ comics - $17
Super sonic vs Hyper knuckles - $15
Sonic the hedgehog #50   -    $20
Sonic the hedgehog #50 (directors cut)  - $30
Sonic the hedgehog Firsts - $10
Sonic quest #1 - $5
Sonic quest #3 - $5
Sonic the hedghog #68 - $5.00
Knuckles the echidna (book 2) - $5.00
KNuckles the echidna (book 3) - $5.00
KNuckles the echidna (book 17) - $5.00
Dragon's Lair (book 3) - $1.00
Gundam wing comic books -
Osamu Tezuka~tiger edition~short stories vol. 1-7 - *tba, still searching how much its value is*

Pokemon Tcg:::::
non-holo's - 10 for .25 cents
Common holofoils - $1.00
Rarest Holofoils – Priced tagged…

Art Books:
Naruto Art book - $20
Mai Characters - $20
DearS artbook - $32

Gaming / etc..
Digital Camera 3.2 mega pixel Olympus Camera ($50 or best offer)
(*mint/unopen*) Dragon quest 4 - $36
Sony 2GB Memory Stick PRO Duo Mark 2 Media - $20
Sony 2GB Memory Stick PRO Duo - $20  (blue)
Sony 1GB Memory Stick PRO Duo - $10  (black)
*mint/unopened* Gameboy advance New york pokemon center Gold - $200 or best offer
Sony Psp headphone control - $1
Game gear  - $5
Sailor Moon Game gear game –  $40 or best offer
Magic Knights rayearth game -  $20 or best offer
GBA Movie Player - $1

Strategy/movie/program guide:
Pokemon Johto Journeys Novel - $0.25
The Art of Pokemon the First Movie - $0.50
Pokemon Diamond and Pearl International Dex Strategy guide
Video games live Autographed
Video games live Autographed
Video games live Autographed


Sailor Moon S Vhs tapes (i don't know if I should sell them in singles or the whole pak)

This is what I have so far but I can promise you that the Keyblade set is very hard to find these days.. in fact, its as hard as trying to make ultima in kindom hearts  XD...
still.. I know its open and used but it was for displaying only.. now that its set back in the box.. maybe i can give someone a chance to use them...
However I know the price is rediculous but be advise this was a limited release Only on Square enix's Store!
HOWEVER i am concern with the Tezuka tiger short stories... I don't know how much its value is, and it looks incomplete!... since i heard there were 8 books...
note: the prices will be reduced when the hours are passed by...

if you still have problems filling out a permit... use the link I have provide under my signature...
should say "need help signing a permit click here"

also I have a question, Will fanime provide a second email notification? because even though the tables are not full yet, I alreayd submited 2 mails both containing seperate forms.

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