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I also got to step 3 and got wait listed.

Was sad that my lunch break wasn't until a bit after the opening time. My email was stamped for 1:02 pm.

Thanks for any help you can provide!

Edit: Wow you guys fixed it already! Super fast thumbs up!
Apologize if I missed this, but is it too late to change group leaders? Another member of my group is going to make it down to SJ before I will, and with now knowing that we can pick up at either location, I'd assume he can get through the Fanime line starting at 3 before my planned 6 PM arrival for Clockwork's line. Thanks!
Thank you for all your hard work on getting us registered one by one. Four hours later, finally in!

Question though: It says that badge pick up is on the bottom floor of the SJ Convention Center. However, I set to pick up badges at the DoubleTree where Clockwork Alchemy's pick up is, as that's my hotel. Will the voucher to get badges faster work there? What should I do? Thanks!

Also, should the group leader and the swap meet primary be the same person for the voucher to work, or does it not matter?
And I'm the flip-side. As much as I wanted to do the Swap Meet for the first time this year (and it's definitely not for the money as I have little need of that, but rather to get rid of extra things), I just have to weigh the options. You don't always get to see FLOW. Simple choice really. And if I really wanted to do the Swap Meet that bad, I would have signed up for Thursday too.

So while it looks like I barely made it for a spot on Saturday (I'm #91), someone lucky is going to get my spot. I'll still get to do the shopping part after, which is the most fun part anyway (and IMO one of the BEST parts of FanimeCon).

Major props to FanimeCon for this. The Swap Meet IS two days. Sure it's not necessarily feasible to go both days, but if you really want to, you'd make it happen.
Not quite Cal High, but I graduated in 2003 from San Ramon Valley High, and then went off to UCSC from 2003-2007. Graduated with a BA in Computer Science out of Oakes, and MA in Education for Single Subject Math.

I'll be in the Tabletop Gaming room most of the weekend playing Naruto and Bleach.

In time you'll venture nearly everywhere on campus, whether it is for a random GenEd or section in the middle nowhere (aka Merrill). Though I didn't do a lot in the BE Visual Arts area, mostly because of my major.

Heading down tomorrow, looking forward to it.