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Ok so I don't know any of you on a face to face basis.  I'd like to change that.   ;D

Would anyone be interested in coming up to Reno for some of our events / festivals this year?  We have a lot of really great events.  Hot August Nights (old cars and music), Best in the West Rib CookOff, Air Races, Baloon Races, Street Vibrations (Harley motorcycles).  We also have some really good arcades and restaraunts. 

Most of the events aren't until August or September.  I figured I'd see if anyone was interested in advance.  I have a pretty big apartment (at least by my standards), I could probably fit 4 or 5 people here easily if you're willing to stay here. 

I'll include some links to sites about the events and arcades in the area.  Let me know if anyone would like to come visit the Biggest Little City in the World.   :D
Things in the Universe / I can't believe I won!
December 28, 2007, 04:36:03 PM
I have to share and I'm short of people to share it with, so you're all being subject to my momentary ranting. 

I won the coolest contest in the history of Reno Radio Contests.  My sister nominated me for a contest called the Angels Among Us.  And they chose me to win.  I won "Gift of a New You including $5,000 gift card to Simon/Meadowood Mall, year-long membership to World Gym with fifty two personal training sessions valued at $1500, teeth whitening from Dr. Chase DDS valued at $1500, and $1500 in services from Nouveaus Aesthetics." 

$5,000 at the mall to "buy a new wardrobe".  Holy Heck in a Handbasket!

With everything negative that's been going on this was an insanely huge positive.  I wanted to share my happiness with everyone here too.  YAY YAY YAY YAY!!!   ;D

OK, back to normal now.  Thanks for reading.   :D

Fanime 2008 is now in the history books  :'(

It was an AWESOME year!  You guys are amazing!  Post your pictures now!

Games / Events
Bingo (At Table Top Gaming starting at 11:00 ending before noon to go to the gathering.  There will be prizes.  PM me or post here if you want to participate...or just show up Sunday morning.)
Freeze Tag 12:30  Location?  Bring water!!!
Carameldansen...during our gathering at about 12:30.
Naruto Chess.  We have the board @ 5:00 on Sunday.  As of now we're 33 players short...

Day = Sunday May 25, 2008
Time = 12:00 Noon
MP = Fountains in Front
L = Fountains in Front to begin then moving on for group photo's and freeze tag

For sanity's sake I've color coded the list now. 

Green = Cosplay specific to the first series of Naruto

Blue = Cosplay specific to Shippuden

Red = Akatsuki Members

Purple = Specialty cosplay (i.e. Lolita interpretations of Naruto characters or alterations of various kinds)

Brown = Kakashi Gaiden or other Manga specific cosplay

Black = Cosplay is the same for both series or I'm simply unaware of which one it belongs to.  Let me know and I'll change it.

I hope this helps everyone.  Goodness knows it'll help me.

Cosplayers (updated 5/18/08)

Naruto - Alex-X-Core,  Dragon Ninja, behindinfinity

Naruto Sexy No Jutsu - Zenorith's GF

Naruto Shippuden - clawmaster

Kyuubi Naruto (3 Tails) - PhantomShadow

Naruto Yaoi - Lunapokema

Sasuke - emo_avenger, sasukeuchiha92, Authentic-Chesse

Sasuke Shippuden   - jackehhh, Druix, Miguel, kai

Sakura – Mojo, Satoshi-kun's friend, maejounj39, Shadow Valkyrie

Kakashi - Jangular's Friend

Kakashi Pimp - Mister E's Friend (?)

Rock Lee - ovtrlan

Rock Lee Shippuden – Moogleborg

Ten-Ten - luluuxduplica1223

Ten-Ten Shippuden - chuwei

Neji - Baker!-!

Neji Shippuden - red_thestrals, sakukodo

Hinata - kat-hime

Hinata Shippuden - chibi*H A N A T S U K I, shy-cosplayer, Yunri-Chan

Kiba - seastone130

Kiba Shippuden - brie

Kurenai - Shawny

Choji - Farfie_Girl

Shino Shippuden - Sasukeuchiha92's friend, mtmonkey

Shikamaru Shippuden - Dancing Lanza

Choji (Female) - Avairrianna

Iruka - Kenie 

Yondaime - keisukesan

Tsunade - BrightHeart76

Jiraiya - Otaking007

Anko - alcblueyes, Otaku_Princess, call_me_canada 

Masked Anbu - Narutotaku, chanocular's 3 friends (?)

Zabuza - Jangular

Karin - YuffieK

Kazekage Garra - fragiledreamer

Shippuden Gaara - ShadowRoxas

Temari - Satoshi-kun's friend

Temari Shippuden - realnurseratchet

Kankuro - Nemuren

Haku - localuvr, lonelykangta

Sai - mrdustin

Pein - nekokazzie's Boyfriend, senritsu, Uzu's friend

Konan - (GG)Nami_Misaki, nekokazzie, Ree, Uzu

Tobi - Myth, nekokazzie's group, chanocular (?)

Hidan - nekokazzie's group

Deidara - KHfan-boy, Mister_E

Itachi - Otaku_Princess, ToshiX, Ga-san

Kakuzu - VampireAlucard

Kisame - Zenorith

Orochimaru - Chibi_Sasuke_1

Kimimaro - naruto_ramen_1

Goth Loli Sasuke - redroses3164

Goth Loli Naruto - loveoflolita

Punk Punk Naruto, Sasuke, and Iruka - Kage_pirateninja_wolf and friends

Obito Uchiha - TobiMokuba
Things in the Universe / Holiday Spirit?
December 01, 2007, 11:14:55 PM
Is anyone else having a hard time finding the Holiday Spirit this year? 

Usually by now I'm blazing thru my Christmas music, decorating the house, buying gifts.  Generally making a scene and being a cheerful holiday type chick.  I just can't seem to find the joy in it all this year.  It's like a chore, not a holiday.  And that just plain sucks.  It's not like I'm more depressed than normal...I just don't seem to be enjoying anything about the holidays this year.

Any ideas on how to bring some joy into the season?  Anyone care to share their tales of joy / sorrow / annoyance so far this year?
General Anime Chat / Suggestions
November 12, 2007, 07:06:32 PM
My friend is not into anime...yet.  But she really wants to find an anime she can enjoy.  She keeps asking me what she should watch and so far I've had no luck.  Now, honestly she just might not be an anime fan, and that's ok.  But I thought I'd ask here and see if anyone had some good ideas.

She's a HUGE vampire fanatic.  Loves Buffy and books about vampire and their love lives.  Also loves fairies and pixies.  Watches a lot of soap operas, still watches Beverly Hills 90210 reruns. 

Her boyfriend tried Helsing with her...that was a big no go.  I've thought about trying Karin, but I'm afraid it won't go over well because of the whole "reverse Vampire" thing.   Any ideas?  It doesn't have to be vampire related, I think it's the "romanticism" of Vampires that she likes.  I'm just at a loss on what to try next.

Please let me know if you have any ideas.  Thank you in advance.