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Ill try wither Rockman zx
or L
ah I'm attempting to do a megaman zx cosplay

i need to start on it soon. Does anyone have any reccomended materials that would look good?
dude i like glomped you in mcdonalds XD
i personally havent been to AX and i hope to go at least ONCE but what from what i heard it sucked this year

i read in the earlier link about the american and japanese voice actors.

sheesh rude.

I like fanime because it has more of a family feel(somehow) and plus i heard AX isnt open 24 hours D:

i miss fanime...
oh yeah im looking for the kakashi cosplay who was selling stuff and had a red eye

and also the guy who was th e only person at fanime doing a dragon ball z cosplay >_>

this guy did a great cosplay
i saw like no emotion in him
anyone have myspace/gaia/etc.?

i wasnt very noticable but i did have some fan girls

i was cosplaying as L
gaia: Kazuma_uzumaki
why must we have to go back to society?