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Panels and Workshops / FanimeCon 2023 - Sumo & Cthulh...
Last post by HunterZero - May 24, 2023, 08:33:30 PM
I will be attempting to stream my non-18+ panels on twitch again this year!
All times Pacific

Friday, May 26 @ 3:30PM - Sumo! You Should Watch Sumo!
You should watch Sumo!
There has never been a better time to start watching Sumo! Recently, there have been an increasing number of ways available to international viewers to watch this exciting and dynamic sport. Come learn the basics, ways to watch, and how to appreciate Sumo!

Saturday, May 27 @ 12PM - Cthulhu For President!
Cthulhu for President! Why choose the lesser evil? The longest running campaign in anime convention history continues! This will be our 15th year at FanimeCon! Come see why it's all your fault that Cthulhu still hasn't won the Presidency!

Video Programming / Re: Midnight Madness 2023! CAN...
Last post by HunterZero - May 24, 2023, 08:28:46 PM
I will attempt to stream Midnight Madness from FanimeCon 2023!

11PM - 2AM
All times Pacific

This is something that gets discussed every year because they put that in the rules but then I always see people with those things anyway. I've brought large suitcases and small dollies before myself without issue. I think those things within reasonable size should be okay, because otherwise I'm not sure how they want us to transport our things if we bring more than a single tub of items.

EDIT: I just received an email with some info about this, apparently dollies and carts are allowed up to the doors of the South Hall but are not allowed inside. So you can use them from your car and in line but will have to manually carry things once you get checked in basically. This is frustrating for the people who end up being located in the back of the hall since it's such a far walk to carry all your things. It does also say only "Rolling dollies, carts, wagons, and other similar items are not allowed inside" but does not specifically mention regular suitcases, so that might be a good method if available to you as far as moving things inside.
Live Programming and Events / Re: SWAP MEET 2023 OFFICIAL IN...
Last post by Devi 1313 - May 24, 2023, 02:12:19 PM
Hello, I've been seeing people discussing on facebook what is and isn't allowed to bring our stuff in, like dollies and large suitcases. If we have a folding cart that we plan to put our boxes on is that allowed?
Quote from: BattleblockB0ss on May 13, 2023, 12:52:47 PMomg i forgot owl house was disney! ill try to check the gathering out, though I wont be cosplaying

Yep! There's an OH gathering as well on Sunday, but I'm making two different versions of Eda and want to show them both off!
Good afternoon old schoolers!

Almost time to go!  Tomorrow will be FanimeCon 2023 Day Zero, and of course Fanime Friday will follow and with it the 2023 Old School Cosplay Gathering!

It has been a long road this year, almost longer than the road to 2022 for me in some ways.  I hope all your cosplay and convention preparations are working out, that registration goes smoothly, that if you are using on-site housing that you are staying at the hotel of your choice, and that you will join us Friday evening for this gathering that is a great FanimeCon tradition.

Last OP for this year (back to tons next time, I promise), the series your hosts will be cosplaying from (Cyber Formula Zero era anyway).

Celebrating An Era - 1990's!  Future GPX Cyber Formula (1991)
Live Programming and Events / Virtual Panels etc.
Last post by JimTobal - May 24, 2023, 11:46:32 AM

I cannot attend the con in person so I was wondering if the panels or video programming rooms are available to view online as well if I have a valid pass?
I couldn't find a Marvel or Comic Book gathering, so I guess the Disney Extended Family is where I should go.
wrong thread.

plz delete.
Quote from: teknetos on May 23, 2023, 01:45:39 AMSounds fun, I'll plan for one of my Gundam character cosplays that day!

Awesome!  We usually have at least a couple cosplayers from the many pre-2001 Gundam titles.

Quote from: AshenStarMage on May 23, 2023, 08:30:33 PMHealth permitting, I may be able to cosplay Belldandy from Oh! My Goddess at the gathering.

Yay! I hope everything works out for you!