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I'm planning on cosplaying as Lillian, the main female character in hm tale of two towns!
Hello! I am planning on cosplaying a character from Harvest Moon and was wondering if anyone would like to do a gathering for Harvest Moon, Story of Seasons, and Rune Factory. If so I was thinking of maybe Saturday unless any other day works better. If you're interested please let me know when would be best for you as well as the character and game you're thinking of cosplaying as!
Hope to see you all at Fanime!
I was also sad to see there was no danganronpa gathering last year.
I cosplayed as Chiaki last year so hopefully I can bring it back for the gathering! 😊
I'm fine with any day as long as it doesn't interfere with Caitlin Glass's signing event!
Me and my friend are thinking of trying to cosplay as 'Sailor Eevee' and we were wondering if anyone would be interested in joining in to create the full set of eeveelutions!

Anyone who's interested let me know, along with your favorite eeveelution(s)