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Edit: currently transferring the room over :)
options include johnny rockets, pizza my heart, psycho donuts, spaghetti factory, my milkshake and suggestions of course ^_^
Changed my mind, going as Shinichigo Shiro for the Danganronpa gathering. Hope to see you all there!!! :D
didnt mean to write it here sorry
have a room at the hyatt from thursday-monday(9am) if anyone still requires a room
Quote from: FinalStar02 on April 27, 2015, 04:19:53 PM
Quote from: ShikiIchijo on April 26, 2015, 08:12:33 PM
I read that a bow is okay. Is a real stringed bow alright? I am stringing an old now that used to just shoot suction cupped arrows. It's not powerful. I'm using a thick string so I can't even knock an arrow. I will also not be carrying an arrow. Just in my quiver but those will be glued to the bottom and are just dowel rods with no ends.

I just want to clarify that it will be fine before I start painting my bow red.

I am not sure where you read that, but unfortunately, you can not bring a real bow, or even a toy bow. If it was designed to shoot projectiles, it is not allowed.

Here is a link to the official FanimeCon Props Policy

If you wouldn't mind, where did you read that Bows are ok?

Quote from: FinalStar02 on March 01, 2015, 12:08:27 PM

Can I carry my bow & arrows?
If the bow has absolutely no tension to be able to fire something, and the arrows have no tips, then yes, we can let you carry it. Real bows have an ability to fire something, and are considered functional projectile weapons. To carry a "real" bow you'd have to string it with something which could not be tensioned to fire anything.

if its room party couldnt you charge like $5-$10 a person?? should help cover the cost of alcohol. although someone would still need to supply a suite.
Thank you for your reservation,
Your FanimeCon Housing confirmation number is. Please refer to this confirmation number whenever you contact FanimeCon Housing regarding your housing arrangements. You may wish to print this page for your records. You will also receive a confirmation by email.
You will also receive a confirmation by email. Please refer to this confirmation number whenever you contact FanimeCon Housing regarding your housing arrangements.

'you will also receive a confirmation by email' twice? lol
my prayers are with those that are still trying to book :)
you shouldve dressed as yuno tomorrow since today is just the pre-con thingy. tomorrow is the real deal :D

i was gonna cosplay yuki today but im too tired from the drive here and i dont think that would leave me with much energy tonight so i'll just cosplay him tomorrow =)

worst comes to worst, if we cant have lunch or dinner we'll all just order pizza and chow down in my room  8)
ok finishing up my packing and getting the last details squared away. so i should be there by thursday morning if everything goes right. hope to meet alot of  you :D

ffs i'll have to stop by burlingtons coat factory on thursday afternoon to buy formal clothes for sunday :<
hmm it seems that i cant find my tux from 2 years ago :<
the only other thing i have is dark gray clothes that the clerk said it was business attire? (idk anything about clothes or fashion or anything of that sort since im a 22 year old male who does nothing but work and watch anime so i just took her word for it) but im pretty sure that doesnt count as formal, and i dont think i have time to go to the store to buy a tux :/

oh well im still gonna join you guys on whatever time yall choose
texting will be the easiest way. or we can just all go to the friday morning line at the same time and after that we can go get something to eat.

ohhhh id better start looking for some formal clothes to wear so i can ask yuno for a dance before the world comes to an end  ;D
i can make it thursday after badge pickup, if im not able to get it because of the long lines then i'll still attend thursday night but will have to get the badge friday morning. monday will be a no no for me cause im leaving early in the morning.

dang if only yuki had formal cosplay for sunday :<
hotel check in for me is at 3pm. so i'll try my best to make it. cant make guarantees though.

ffs i hate this formus thingy cause it makes it hard to post
i posted like 2 days ago but idk what happened to my post. but anyways i'll be going as yuki. i dont think im gonna get his 2nd version costume (purpleish one) in the mail on time for fanime, so i'll have to use his original yellowish costume :/