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I plan to go to this as Milim Nava!
I so would have gone if this was on Sunday!! I'm going as Milim on sunday & have another gathering saturday for something else but I'll still try to go to this 😭
Would anyone be interested in a Blend S gathering? I'm going as Maika, and I'd love to get some photos with anyone else cosplaying from Blend S! Anyone interested in hosting it?  :)
Preferably on Friday!
Hm, I went as Junko last year but I'd totally bring her back for a gathering! If it fits my schedule, I'll be going. :)
Hi! I went all 4 days of the con, let me know if you took a photo
Friday: half Rem / half Ram from Re:zero (went to the re:zero gathering)
Saturday: Litten from Pokemon (went to the pokemon gathering)
Sunday: Junko Enoshima from danganronpa
Monday: I don't think I got any pictures taken, but I was just wearing a pink seifuku with white cat ears and tail. :)
SUUUPPEERR last minute, I know. but if I can make it by that time, I'll be going as Litten! also, I'm gonna need help finding the place lol
This will actually be my first time attending a gathering..
but I plan on going as half Rem, half Ram!
havent seen any posts for a gathering on "Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon". :( Wondering if anyone's going to cosplay any of the characters or if there is a gathering? Let me know! My boyfriend and I are doing Bell & Hestia