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Bumping this up because I need more people for this panel to happen, Haikyuu cosplayers pls hit me up!

Contact info:
Instagram: cultcosplay


Hello all, I'm here to tell you an idea I have for a Haikyuu game panel between Karasuno and Nekoma. This panel would be a game show style panel with challenges like charades, dance off's, karaoke, etc (still coming up with ideas, suggestions appreciated). Both teams compete in as many rounds as possible, and one is crowned winner!

Characters needed: anyone from either Karasuno or Nekoma (would like to have at least 6 from each school if possible) also one spot open for character not on either team to act as the scorekeeper/host

Characters taken: Asahi

How to get cast: Simple, just contact me with
1) your name and age (you don't have to be a certain age to be on the panel, but ages of panelists will dictate how we structure it)
2) some sort of contact info for planning (skype, line, email address)
3) character you would like to be (if you cosplay more than one character let me know!)
4) a picture of you in your cosplay

This panel won't be submitted unless I can get at least 3 from each team and a host on board so if you cosplay Haikyuu PLEASE hit me up! I really hope we can make this happen!

Contact info:
Insatgram: cultcosplay


I'm interested in being on your Haikyuu panel but I tried to find your instagram and your profile didn't show up. Did you change your username?


Homestuck! / Re: Is the only HS panel really only 18+?
« on: May 23, 2016, 12:37:29 PM »
No, theres a 16+ Homestuck panel (they don't check age for these) its Saturday morning 9am-11am panels room 1

Hello, so I have been seeing a lot of posts on the forums about Homestuck panels. Last year me and a few friends hosted the Rainbow Rompous Party House Panel (I have since realized that it is spelled rumpus, my sincere apoligies) and we are hoping to do it again this year.

The panel itself is a truth or dare game setup just like last year. We will collect dares around the convention and before the panel, stick them in a bucket (it is a clean one) and then take turns doing truths and dares. Last year was really fun, but we think we can do even better this year.

We are currently looking for cosplayers to help us put on the panel as last year we had major holes in our cast.

Here is the list of characters we need for sure:


We have currently cast most of the roles but you may volunteer to be a backup (you can never be too careful).

Here is a link to a written application <> and please include either a video if you can or some photos of you in your cosplay (there is a spot on the application for a link). The video can be really simple, just you improving the character and maybe a few quotes.

I hope we can get enough people casted to have all the beta kids and trolls on the panel, and if we get enough interest we may open it up to alphas.

If you have questions you can email me at

UPDATE this panel has been scheduled for Saturday of the con 9am-11am in Panels room 1

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