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Indeed- there are zero responses, only an update  that the first 25 entries starting in January can be submitted for early reg, and they aren't even responding to that.
Right now, there is a major staffing change, and we will be lucky to hear anythjng on time at all. I wouldnt be surprised if this is one of those years like 2013. (We don't talk about that year)

For the most part, sit tight. There will be some kind of registration. Download forms and get familiar with them. Make sure to follow all the rules and guidelines from the previous year as they most likely will stay the same. Gather all of your cosplayers information ahead of time.
Keep checking here, Facebook and Twitter.

Meanwhile, any cosplayers in for Masq- let's keep communication!
Are there updates for 2017?
We may be waiting a bit while they wait and confirm their abilities before announcing anything official in order for things to go smoothly. I am betting after Sunday something will come along. This is my 13th year at masq, and I am sure that even though we are waiting longer than we traditionally do, it will be for a good reason with less headaches ^_^
Yah Thank you for replying!
I hope that this helps a lot of you out there with these concerns who needed to have answered. I do support the masq and its growth and it does start with understanding its direction and change.
Many will need to be open to change and adjust, but as long as we have this event available to us, we should be sure to remember to have fun with what you've got ;) Even when things are uneven, the staff works hard to fix it- I saw a lot of hard work this year for us cosplayers and long hours- you gotta give Masq Staff some credit ;)
The feedback out there from the audience is "Not a fan of the new judging system." "If you were not practically naked you did not get awarded." "There were some really great people that gave it their all and didn't even get an honorable mention. "

Personally, I don't think that there are too many chances for performers to get awarded. It was hard to see their heart sink when clearly they worked very hard. The current winners of corse deserve their awards - I totally called best in show ^_^
The industry awards are great, but they don't really have much depth and could be given more meaning with some clarification. A lot of questioning about qualification to "judge" was flying around, so if they clarified before that their prize was not part of the masq judging it would have made more sense and eased a lot of tension. A lot of people were not aware of these loose ended categories and so it seemed sort of off hand.

The ribbons were cute! I would suggest the top 3 to get some hard core trophies to show for their earnings though. People wanna display their earnings and be proud of it. The conclusion by many were that there needed to be 2nd 3rd and 4th in all 3 categories and then best in show.

Also did the judges know that a ton of us got cut off from any stage rehearsal? Its VERY important because a skit can have boundaries and if you aren't allowed to know your surroundings it can very much effect performance. We don't spend a year making a skit for fanime to be thrown to the sharks do we? Waited for FIVE HOURS to get a rehearsal on stage and told no. Well lets hope that some things can be worked on for next year.

I can appreciate all the changes and striving to make things better and right, new ideas and kind gestures this year from masq staff. Growing pains are hard, but just keep going and the combination will be right eventually! So, thank you for trying hard for all the cosplayers :)

I hope we hear something- because we start our skit every august and thats a whole lot of planning. Most likely we're waiting for a whole package deal to be sorted an put together once and for all- but its been over a week. Being in the dark is nerve racking sometimes.
There is still nothing- is there a link?
Cosplay Spectacular = Masquerade
Based on past 3 years time allowed 2:30
Cosplay Spectacular Masquerade has skit entries and costume judging. Awards at the end
Yeah - 30 seconds to set yourself up, 2:30 Max for all skit and its content. They will cut you at 2:30 if your music keeps running passed the time limit. I would pay $200 to go back to 3 minutes. Cutting that 30 seconds has been terrible for skit building for us.
Even when in the very last hour- at least 2-3 groups do not show. So, if you need a spot and you are on top of things you will  get one. Just keep checking back here in the forum, and I am sure that as the date gets closer there will be more support here.
There are no official request for time slots in Cosplay Spectacular. If your group has special circumstances, there will be a box in your form when you sign up to describe what your special needs are. I would suggest putting anything out of the ordinary in there, and keep in direct contact with the coordinator to confirm your needs. This is the best way to help the Staff and your group get everything you need.  :D
As Masquerade has gone in the past, it has toggled between Saturday and Sunday, but remains Sunday for the majority to keep top billing bands in the auditorium for prime time Saturday night events.

Optional rehearsal is open usually around 1-2pm til 3 or 4pm to get your team familiar with stage. That is not mandatory. What IS mandatory is the 5pm meeting to go over procedures of the show and stage. Hopefully we will have a standard structure like this again.  ;D
Yes, there were very few who used the video. Many years ago one girl used it for her background. A few years or a year later one group used it tactfully with their skit. The video rules were that your soundtrack would have to be in your video and could not be separate. Unless we get someone with experience in having video done as part of the masq programming, I would not advise it. However I would really like to use that feature this year as well.
Usually, depending who is in charge, we are lucky enough on April first to get to sign up. It really depends on who is running the show this time ;)
Big Event Showcase / Re: Masquerade prizing...
January 23, 2013, 08:59:35 PM
Don't get me wrong, I love masq and we're lucky to have any prizes at all, but change can do wonders for your image ^_^
Big Event Showcase / Re: Masquerade prizing...
December 30, 2012, 10:08:49 PM
I'm not going to lie... If you win at fanime, just look forward to the recognition and the trophy. The rest is literally whatever the vendors want to get rid of, which sadly 90% just gets added to the swap meet pile, thrown out or given to the good will. This is my 11th Fanime Masquerade and I have seem some pretty ok prizes in 2009 but I think the higher the prize the better the products. Something should be done if possible about the quality or prizes. Either bigger trophies, better merchandise, or competitive prizes to other conventions. I am grateful they stopped giving out ancient fanime t shirts :)
There's an artist in Artists Alley who does gaming terrain Creepytown Miniatures and can paint armies if people are interested in gaming stuff. Table # 145
If you have an AOL account for registration- it will NOT get to you in time! (mine is still not there so I had to use a gmail account)
In the past, judging starts around 2pm Friday to the early evening- Saturday 10-12pm (LUNCH!) then 1-5/6pm- Sunday is suggested for people with costumes with complex make up, or really difficult to put all together and take off.
I *think* they may have been combined- sign ups with judging slot sign ups. It might have been that when we officially sign up and get approved- we go to the next step. I DO know you got three choices for slots ^_^

We are going to try and bring Fai, Sakura & Syaoran- Possibly chi-maybe huge maybe Karaogane- Masq rehersal starts at 1pm- we will all be leaving to go there- so if its that time, we can't showww :( we'll see!