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Video Programming / Anime videos long missed....
June 08, 2009, 02:20:24 AM
I wanted to see more Trigun and was hoping to see the complete Hellsing OVA series up to current point of release.
Anyone interested?
Only saw these once each:::
Colorful dvd=$10
Hentai figurine(not model nor is it close to being half a foot big... more like a few inches at most); comes with original paperslip w/ details on it. It's maid restrained from behind.=$8
A.I. Love You! vol. 1 manga=$7   read a few times, in great condition.
Holloween vamp cape= $4.
Death costume(covers entire body and hides face. Enter from behind)= $8 bucks
---I'll probably add more stuff soon. Most likely more anime-related stuff.---
I'm open for possible negotiation.