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The three big things that were issues with this was-

1)The Distance-I've been to the DoubleTree so many times I can do it in my sleep...but, there were issues, not the least of which is parking.
2)The Dealer's Room-Almost exclusively yaoi fan art and materials. Would it be too much to ask to have Fakku's table here, if you don't want it in the main dealer's room?
3)The Yaoi Emphasis-You know what, fair enough, but I really would have liked a yuri and heterosexual track? Maybe four tracks of programming?

Solutions? It might be too late to make any real changes, but...
1)Stick it at the Hyatt or the Fairmont. It's closer and easier to get to, which deals with the whole shuttle-bus problem.
2)Start the Silver Island Dealer's Room earlier, perhaps at 5-6pm.
3)Four programming tracks-two yaoi, one yuri, one everything else. "X"-rated material after 8 pm, unrated/NC-17 after 10 pm.
4)Put the Fakku table here and try to have more non-yaoi vendors in the Dealer's Room.
5)Do some adult panels, like "how rope bondage really works," "how to be adult without being creepy in your stories," "how male and female sexuality and sex really works," or "where is the line in story writing between 'negotiated consent' and 'forced consent' and 'rape'"?