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I don't want to sound rude or anything. But is anyone going to bring anything to the picnic? I don't think its fair that a one or two people bring something and everyone comes empty handed. :/


m00se - Mio (?)

school uniform. Lawl.

Wh00t! YAY!  ;D


I want to bring cheesecake :D

but would that be fitting  ??? ???

I'm just afraid that it might get icky.

Going to the gym...be back in an hour. Have to strave & exercise for this cosplay..LOL!

YAY! Just finished Mio cosplay.  :)

What should I bring to the picnic?  @_@

ahah it'd be nice if you brought anything tea party oriented like cake, snacks, tea, a tea set if we're lucky LOL. Just nothing like chips, fries, uh.. hamburger lol. i'll make it an event, thanks for reminding me :D

Yay! Np! Should one of us bring paper plates, forks, and/or etc.?

I can't think of any events or other stuff to do other than the picnic.

If we're allowed to request non K-ON! music...Gee - Girls Generation *3*

YAY! Just finished Mio cosplay.  :)

What should I bring to the picnic?  @_@

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