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Sorry to Necro a thread, but iirc it used to be Avairrianna that herded the scouts and spycrabs into the valve gathering for the last few years but I don't think she's been running it since 2017.

I was honestly a little shocked that there wasn't a valve gathering this year, but that may also be a reflection on the state of the gaming industry currently and what's going on with the valve community as a whole, that said, I saw plenty of and valve properties represented at con this year, so there's hope. I'm also still in the works of revamping my HECU engineer cosplay.

Hopefully it can get reconstituted for 2020.
I dropped the ball on getting paperwork done on this one, I'm sorry.

Next year perhaps?
Quote from: Angelx624 on November 02, 2015, 02:26:51 AM
Congrats on being the new head!!

So.... gathering threads on here will still be a thing, right? :o

Seconding this on all counts.
So I kinda fell off the face of the earth for a while buuuut I got my photos uploaded, can't say the're that good though (did get a nice new camera after the fact though)

So my plan is to hopefully be around to host this one once again.

here's a link to my album from the gathering.

Also the Kalash's stock broke off so, gonna have to either fix it, turn it into vera, or make another.
First page updated! We have a time, and a place.

Also I may be somehow managing to get most of my props brought up to Fanime by a friend.

additionally I may also be dead tired and half asleep. It'll depend on whether I get friday off or not.
I'll see what I can do. I may go straight from my shift at the gaming hall to the gathering and then to my room to change and then finish checking out.
Sunday.... I may not be able to make it because I'm going to be leaving a bit after noon to get back to Oregon for work on monday (nope, don't get memorial day weekend off)... I'll see if I can make it though.
Staff & Volunteers / Re: Are staff allowed to cosplay?
January 12, 2015, 10:26:06 PM
Additionally when a staff member is not on shift, they are allowed to cosplay, as at that point they are for all intents a congoer...unless I missed a memo and that is no longer the case.
Thread necromancy activate!

I'm contemplating Combine overwatch again, Or a rebel this go around, granted rebel will just be the combine gear sans mask with a lambda sprayed over the combine flash.

Also might build a Combine turret (maybe some hoppers, and a pulse rifle grenade too) and be an Overwatch engineer.
Haven't really looked into that yet. Been kinda busy with work and whatnot.

Anyway, so in about a month I will be moving to a new place, with a garage, which will allow me to resume woodworking and whatnot. And I will be, if nothing ruins my plans, creating an arsenal.

I'm not quite sure how I'm going to peacebond them all though, also a few of the weapons (kalash, spas 12 and all my reaver weapons are in another state to name a few)... I'm thinking snazzy suit, letting my hair turn into an eagle and winging it as Nic Cage as the lord of war... it will certainly be interesting if I roll a trolly up with a crate full of arms up to the rovers peacebonding station.
This got brought up in one of the facebook groups for staffers, is the a general guide for listing Fanime staff positions on our resumes?

Or should it just be:

Fanime Staff for year(s) [dates]
Position (unpaid/registration compensated)
General description of what we did

Also does anyone have an example of the 2015 logo so I can have a look at it? Couldn't find anything on the fanime site itself.
I still live, however I'm in oregon now working for the Forest service, however, with any luck (and a position over winter) I'll probably have enough vacation time accrued to make it to fanime (or well be able to take off the day before and the day after for the drive in and out).

Yes the plan is to make it to Fanime next year. I'm also looking to add to my prop arsenal and possibly replicate the cryo crate that River was stored in for that one episode to haul all the props around and make for a nice stage prop for next year's photoshoot.
Working on my rifle for my combine cosplay. The shotgun will be returning as well as a few new modifications to the uniform. My mask is in tatters though and I may have to make a new one though. Don't have any bondo otherwise it would be finished by now.

I'd post pictures but my camera and laptop are fighting and one won't recognize the other.
Still alive, in the "think it up in my head" phase for another rifle for my Combine cosplay. Also recently replayed HL2 and am reworking my overwatch gear as a result.
Still alive, had a computer die on my recently and other stuff was keeping me away from even thinking much about Fanime, but with any luck this will happen again.
There's a few dwellers around (one of them runs around with a chainmail trenchcoat over the vault-suit)

I usually run around as a wastelander for a day or two, though last year I re-did the anti-material rifle into a grenade rifle. I'm tempted to make a new rifle of some kind for next year.
So in case the fellow whedonites missed it, dark horse is teasing at doing a serenity comic.

My life has been kinda upside down since January and it's finally settled down, so I'll be able to post the pictures I took in the next few days once I find the camera again. I swear I had the damn thing last night.
Still sorting out computer issues.