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Forum Games / Help make an AMV!
« on: January 10, 2014, 03:25:34 AM »
Hey everyone. Friendly neighborhood editor here, hoping to get a little something going where you guys recommend anime (or battles therein) to be put to various songs which I will post as they come to me! Recommendations are always welcome as well. This is gonna take a while to get rolling, but I'll do the very best I can. :)

First things first: Here's some of my OLD work. There is a reason that is BOLDED and UNDERLINED. I made these AMVs YEARS ago, and have since had a lot of experience with various editing softwares. :D

Mabase Rhapsody (FLCL; Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen)

Air Gear - Sweet Victory

Those really aren't good indicators of what's to come... but it's better than nothing. Anyway, the first song is:

All Signs Point To Lauderdale - A Day To Remember

So please, post away! I'd love to hear your ideas! And I look forward to making AMVs that you actually enjoy watching. :)


Big Event Showcase / Battle of the Bands at Fanime?
« on: November 28, 2012, 01:34:12 AM »
So, I'm sure the title probably brought a few people in here.


I am trying to get in contact with someone at MusicFest because I believe this could be a good idea - we have many bands in the SF Bay Area who are J-rock or J-rock inspired, and not only would it be good exposure for them, but it would be a great draw for the convention.

If any one at MusicFest thinks this is a good idea, PLEASE contact me. I have experience running events like this, and I would be more than happy to set it up and/or help run it.

Email: izzymeteor@gmail.com
Skype: izzy_meteor
I'll give my phone number to those who want it through my PMs.

I think this could be big - Let's get the ball rolling!

Gaming / Pokémon League at Fanime? Discuss.
« on: March 12, 2012, 12:16:27 AM »
Hey everyone. I was thinking about possibly setting up a DS impromptu competition and having people stationed around the public spaces of Fanime with "badges" (stickers or buttons) that trainers with their DS systems can collect. Would anyone be interested in this? I'd be willing to do a panel (or something similar - Gathering, Room Party, etc.) for an Elite Four-type thing. I'm working on banging out the rules, but first I need to know if anybody is interested.


7th Gym Leader

Panels and Workshops / Panel Idea: Cosplay Chess!
« on: July 12, 2011, 10:20:39 PM »
So I just got back from Anime Expo over the fourth of July weekend, and one of my FAVORITE panels was Cosplay Chess. It was a big event, with 32 pieces on the board and two people playing chess. Each time a piece is taken, the board clears, and those two characters "fight", with the taking piece winning. The fight can be anything - For Example:

King takes Pawn. King = Lelouche (Code Geass), Pawn = Roxas (Kingdom Hearts 2)

Lelouche looks at Roxas, activating Geass, and makes Roxas strip and kill himself.

The pieces then return to their spots. Anyway, I was thinking about signing up to make this a panel, but I need to know there will be people there to participate.

The panel will hopefully (ideally) last 3 hours, giving time for up to 3 games, but I dont particularly count on this. Below is a list of the pieces and those who have already signed up! ;D

King -
Queen -
Bishop (Blk) -
Bishop (W) -
Knight -
Knight -
Rook/Castle -
Rook/Castle -
Pawn -
Pawn -
Pawn -
Pawn -
Pawn -
Pawn -
Pawn -
Pawn -

King -
Queen -
Bishop (Blk) -
Bishop (W) -
Knight -
Knight -
Rook/Castle -
Rook/Castle -
Pawn -
Pawn -
Pawn -
Pawn -
Pawn -
Pawn -
Pawn -
Pawn -

Things in the Universe / Lycan510's FMV Contest entry 2012
« on: June 05, 2011, 06:38:12 AM »
Hey guys! Lycan510 here.

Next year will be my sixth year at Fanime, and I STILL havent gotten a single AMV in the running. So I'm starting EARLY this time - And giving it a good 350-some-odd days to get it done. But I'm stuck - I need some help picking my song!

Give me some help! This poll will be up for a few weeks. I wanna get it started soon! Voting starts NOW!

Thanks in advance!
Izzy D.

Live Programming and Events / Pics? (Proposal on Stage Zero)
« on: May 31, 2011, 04:17:15 PM »
Hey guys.

I dont know if anyone caught it, but I proposed to my girlfriend (now Fiance) at Fanime on stage Zero during the Trivia game on sunday night. Did anyone snag a pic or video of it? If so, I'd really appreciate it.


Izzy "QTv" D ^_^

Mod Edit: subject

Hey my fellow Fanime peeps!

Unfortunately, this is not a Fanime-related thread. However, it is Convention related!

This year will be my first year going to Anime Expo in LA, and I fully intend on making it the best experience I can. In order to accomplish this, I am driving down to LA in my new van. It has 4 captains chairs, and a bed in the back. It doesnt fold one way or the other, currently, but I fully intend to get it fixed before I leave. I am looking for 1 to 3 individuals who are also trying to get to AX, but have no real way of accomplishing this. I have 3 major requests for those traveling with me.

1) Gas and food money, however small, would be greatly appreciated - it is NOT required, but would be very helpful.
2) Trash is to be disposed of in the specified containers. Please don't make me clean up after you.
and 3) All drama and problems can be left behind or saved for the con. I am not your mother or a therapist, but if you absolutely MUST talk about it, I'll listen. I'm not a total hard-ass. :)

I do have ONE requirement. I require anyone traveling with me to make a mis of music that they like. Songs can only be skipped at the owners request, and the whole CD must be completed before we switch to another. I love hearing new music, and rocking out to songs I already know. The CD case gets passed around, and each person gets to choose a CD. The only CD one cannot choose is their own.

I think it would be fun to take a road trip. What do you say? :D If you, or your parents, need to meet me, I'm more than welcome to talk on the phone, Skype, or meet in person at Fanime. I'm really open, and I like meeting new people. Let me know!


EDIT: Forgot one request. If you have a room at AX, I would greatly appreciate use of your shower. Thanks!

Hey Everyone!

Some of you may know me from previous years. I am a professional videographer and director, and I would love to have some people volunteer for interviews at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end of FANIME 2011, as well as people just doing random stuff during the con! My general idea as far as Schedule are:

BART/Driving shots down to the CON!

Run through the Artist Alley, Dealers Hall, and Gaming Hall!
Find interesting things during the day!
Attend the Rave!

Cosplay Gatherings!
Up and Down the Hall!
Stage Zero!
More of the various Halls!
Black and White ball?!

MORE Cosplay gatherings!
Up and Down the HALL some more!
Stage Zero!
Fanimaid Cafe?!

Sad leavers D:
"Exit interviews" - Pro's and Cons, coming back next year?
Closing Ceremonies!

So, basically, if you're around and you see someone with a big camera with a mic on it, COME TALK TO ME! I won't bite, and I won't pry more than you're willing to talk about. :D If you wanna see me somewhere specific, you can email me at izzymeteor@gmail.com !!! My email is always open, and I will ALWAYS respond! See everyone at the con!

Izzy D.
The Meteor Alchemist

Things in the Universe / Good Techno Remixes
« on: June 02, 2010, 04:27:30 AM »
Hey there all. I was recently asked to be the DJ for a friends Anime/Rave party. So, I'm looking for anything that might be suitable as far as remixes are concerned. I have plenty of hardcore, trance, etc, i just need to find the remixes of some of todays hottest bands. Post away! I will take and use any and all answers!!!


DJ Amano

Forum Games / Game Idea- Assassins! Read for more info.
« on: April 29, 2010, 10:44:59 PM »
I hope this doesnt get shut down. Im not trying to imply any true violence or assault. This is merely the eqivalent of a scavenger hunt, in the form of tracking down people instead of objects.

So, this isnt as much of a Forum Game as it is a lead up to Fanime itself!

The name kinda gives it away. In Assassins, everyone involved is given a number. This is your Agent Number. You are the only person who should know this number. You target will be involved in the game, so if someone doesn't know what you're talking about, they are not in the game. Think of this as an elimination-style tournament, and once you are eliminated, you are done. You cannot "kill" anyone, and you cannot be "killed". You can, however, be prodded for information. You may also lend your services to Agent 0 as a contract "killer".

Your number must remain secret at all times. If I receive information about your number being revealed, I will track you down and "eliminate" you myself.

Projectiles are not allowed. You must physically touch your target and tell them the passcode, which will be determined if this game catches on. :D

No real violence is allowed and will not be tolerated. If I get any reports of an agent assaulting another agent, I will 1) remove your name from the list and ban you from future games, and 2) report you to Fanime Security.

Agent 0 will have a price for services rendered. Going rate starts at $1 box of pocky, and escalates from there- with services going to the highest bidder.

With your entrance into the competition, you must submit a list of cosplays you will be wearing (if any), your cell phone number, the hotel and room you are staying in, and a photograph of yourself. These will be used in the envelopes I will use to distribute the "hits". Your cell phone number will not be given out. This application is to come directly to my inbox. Do NOT post is as a comment.

Reporting a false hit may result in one or more additional agents being turned on you. So remember, your hit will be confirmed. And please, if you're "killed", be a good sport. Be honest. I dont wanna have to look into it and disqualify both of you.

Winning the Game:

You will win the game when it is just you and Agent 0 left. It is elimination style, so there will be only one agent left at the end. The prize shall be determined at a later time. It may be anything- from a box of pocky to a hat, to a pair of goggles. Even I, Agent 0, don’t know yet. In the case of an exceptional agent, this may be a larger prize.

Now, lets have a good game, shall we!!!

Agent 0 out.

Agent Rolls call:

Agent 1 - Confirmed

Agent 2 - Confirmed

Agent 3 - Avaliable

(lights up)

Ichigo, now that you're my student, i've decided to make you my new project!

you really don't have to do that...

i know, that's what makes me so nice!  (flaming little heart cover and hop)

whenever i see someone less powerful than i,
and let's face it, who isn't less powerful than i?
my tender heart tends to start to bleed.

(Yoruichi has walked on stage)
and when someone needs a makeover,
i simply have to take over!
i know

i know exactly what they need!

and even in your case, (puts a hand on Ichigo’s shoulder)
though it's the toughest case i've yet to face,
don't worry, i'm determined to succeed!
follow my lead,
and yes indeed, you will be...

POPULAR! you're gonna be popular!
i'll teach you the propper poise,
when you talk to boys,
little ways to flirt and flounce, ooh!
i'll show you what shoes to wear!
how to fix your hair!
everthing that really counts to be...

POPULAR! i'll help you be popular!
you'll hang with the right cohorts,
you'll be good at sports,
know the slang you've got to know.
so let's start,
'cause you've got an awfully long way to go!

don't be offended by my frank analysis,
think of it as personality dialysis,
now that i've chosen to become a
pal, a brother and advisor,
there's nobody wiser!
not when it comes to...

POPULAR! i know about popular.
and with an assist from me,
to be who you'll be,
instead of dreary who you were...uh, are.

there's nothing that can stop you,
from becoming popular... lar...

la la, la la!
we're gonna make you pop-u-lar!

when i see depressing creatures,
with unprepossessing features,
i remind them on their own behalf
to - think - of
celebrated heads of state,
or specially great communicators!
did they have brains or knowledge?
don't make me laugh!

they were POPULAR!
please! it's all about popular.
it's not about aptitude,
it's the way you're viewed,
so it's very shrewd to be,
very very popular like ME!

why, mister ichigo, look at you. you're beautiful!

i, i have to go...

you're welcome...

and though you protest,
your disinterest,
i know clandestinly,

you're gonna' grin and bear it!
you're new found popularity!

la la, la la!
you'll be powerful!
just not quite as powerful as ME!

I wonder how well this will go over. XD

Okay. Cast list!

Urahara: Lycan510


Rankgiku: Lycan510's sister

Please folks! I really want this skit to be pulled together! Let me know here or on my phone via text or call at 510-852-1213!!!!

As you can see, there are a couple choices for skits, all of which we have practiced and are ready for. All thats left is to give the people (but mainly the fangirls ;] ) exactly what they want!

SO. Here are the choices.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn - Ringtones (Warning: YAOI!)

Bleach (IchigoUryu) - Loathing (Warning: YAOI!)

Bleach (UraharaIchigo) - Popular (Warning: MOAR YAOI!)

Kingdom Hearts (4 male Org13 members) - Who Loves You? (Warning: MUCH YAOI)

Death Note (Light, L, Near, and Mello) - Cake or Death? (No Yaoi .__.)

Please, if you find something that you would like to see performed, post here with a link to the song.

Thanks so much! Anyone Interested in joining us should contact me!

Email - Lycan_510@yahoo.com
AIM - Lycan510
MSN - Lycan_510@yahoo.com
Phone # - (510)852-1213

Thanks so much!

Isaac Dorntge
Founder, PafuPafu Productions

Hey there!

Lycan510 again, looking for some people that want to cosplay any character from ANY mortal kombat game!!! :D So, i guess ill start the list!


Raiden - lycan510



I'll be contacting the place soon for a time slot!

Hi all!!!

After 2 weeks of painstaking work on these videos, heres the final product pt 1 and final product pt 2!

please comment, rate, and tell me what you think!

PS Sorry about poor quality. My friend and I weren't using very god equipment.

Hello all,

This is Lycan510 of Pafu Pafu Productions (Skit #18 with Organization 13 for those who ere there [I was the only Demyx with an actual guitar]). ANYWAY!!! At the end of the con i told people that i was making a recap of the entire weekend.

UNFORTUNATLY, half of my footage got deleted when my laptop crashed! so anything you al have to help, video, pictures, anything, would help immensly! so please send it to one of the following emails to get put in a video recap of fanime 2008!

lycan510 on aim!

Thanks to any and all!

moved. please lock and/or delete


UPDATE: We are all going to meet after the Kingdom Hearts Gathering on Saturday to record lines, and get the blocking (on stage movement) down!!! please let me know if this inconveniences you in any way!

This is Izsak Creed, aka Lycan510, Head of Pafu Pafu Productions, with an announcement for a skit at Fanime 2008! This is our first year in the Masquerade, and we want to get known! So please, read through this, and if you're interested, please let me know! Post, PM, IM, or Call me! My number will be posted at the bottom of the Page.

MC Opening: Welcome to the World that Never Was, headquarters of the notorious Organization 13! Pafu Pafu Productions presents, "Imposter!"

(lights up. Roxas midstage, whistling to himself. Cell phone rings, Rick Astley ringtone)

Roxas: Hello? Oh hey Axel. Yeah im free right now... you wana meet for an Orgy? WHAT?! Oh you wanna meet with everyone. alright ill be there shortly. i love you too. (hangs up the phone)

(Riku sneaks on from stage right. Roxas hears him)

Roxas: What are you doing here?!

Riku: kicking you and the rest of Organization 13's, butts.

(knocks roxas out. drags off stage. Lights down)

(Lights up. Riku on stage adjusting Org cloak. Xigbar comes out, Cobra Starship "The City is at War" ringtone (bang bang shoot em up), picks up phone.)

Xigbar: Hello? Hey Mansex-I mean, Xemnas, whats up? Roxas was found where? In the dungeon and tied up? So we've got a fake walking around somewhere. Okay, ill keep an eye out. (hangs up) Hey you (points at Riku) Who are you?

Riku: uh um...

Xigbar: wait a sec... look at me. (looks Riku in the face. Riku smiles and waves. Xigbar startled) Guys! Guys come quick! I have the Im- (Riku knocks him with the keyblade and runs away. Marluxia goes across stage. sounds of a struggle off stage, and sora comes out, limping, and on his keyblade. Demyx comes out on stage, headphones on, dancing and holding guitar, back to Riku. Riku comes up behind him. Demyx spins around.)

Demyx: Oh no you dont! C-C-COMB- (Riku hits him over the head and Demyx falls over.)

Riku: Geez, does it ever end? (starts to run off stage but stops and turns around) Guess not.

(Zexion, Xemnas, and Axel run in front of Sora)

Xemnas: Get him Zexion!

Zexion: You must be kidding. And ruin my nail polish? yeah right.

Riku: What are you, an emo kid?

Zexion: Shut up!!! (runs off stage crying)

Axel: Xemnas, you're the strongest. You take him out. Im gonna go find Roxy-poo. (Axel runs off)

Xemnas: For gods sake. This isnt a sess pool, i swear. But, i cant let you get in the way of MY Kingdom Hearts!

Riku: Dude, Kingdom Hearts doesnt have your heart. You didnt have on in the first place.

Xemnas: Shut up!!!

(Roxas comes out in boxers, and hits Riku over the head.)

Roxas: Combo Breaker, douche.

Axel: Oh roxy-poo! You did it! (tries to glomp Roxas)

Roxas: NO! NNNO! THIS ENDS NOW!!! (runs off stage)

Axel: but but but... Roxas wait!

(Xemnas puts head in hand. Lights out.)

MC: That was, in order of appearance, Roxas, Riku, Xigbar, Marluxia, Demyx, Zexion, Xemnas, and Axel from Kingdom Hearts 2!

So there you have it. The skit i worked long and hard on. Heres a list of cast members:

Roxas: Budds
Riku: Rikal
Xigbar: Sadistic-otaku
Axel: theoccfox
Zexion: IdiotLord
Xemnas: Xemnass (cosplay.com)
Demyx: lycan510


Thanks so much,

Lycan510/Izsak Creed
Pafu Pafu Productions
AIM: lycan510
YIM: izsakcreed

Aloh aloh again!

Recently conceived was a movie that in the minds of many reflected a REVOLUTIONARY time. Of peace, love, and lots of sex. And then, randomly listening to the Across the Universe soundtrack and trying to think of an amazing skit idea, Revolution came on. So, with that said, heres the idea.

Characters: (In order of appearances)

King Bradley (FMA)
Demyx (KHII) - lycan510
Edward Elric (FMA)
Ash Ketchum (Pokemon)
Axel (KHII) - oddfox
Roxas (KHII) - Death_note_Matt (?)
L (Death Note)
Haruhara Haruko (FLCL)
Ak/gito (Air Gear) - Saholin Feilong
Uchiha Itachi (duh...) - Utaku_Princess (?)
Integral Fairbrooke Wingates Hellsing (Hellsing) - lycan510's sister
Jiraya (duh again...)


King Bradley is onstage, behind a podium, with a mic, lip-synching to Hitler speech) Demyx rolls out on a chair, wags finger at King Bradley, and starts into Revolution from Across the Universe)

Ed (jumps out and starts singing to King Bradley):
You say you want a revolution
Well you know
We all want to change the world

Ash Ketchum (comes out holding a pokeball, and a pikachu plushie):
You tell me that it's evolution
Well you know (kicks pikachu plushie)
We all want to change the world (throws pokeball on the ground)

Axel (come out, with fist raised):
But when you talk about destruction (humps the air)

Roxas (comes out bent over, holding backside):
Don't you know you that can count me out

Don't you know it's gonna be alright [x3]

L (rolls in on rolling chair in his croutch):
You say you'll change the constitution
Well you know

Haruko (runs on):
We'd all want to change your head (smacks L with guitar hero controller)

Akito (comes out in straight jacket):
You tell me it's the institution
Well you know

Itachi Uchiha (steps out of the side, looking at Akito):
You better free your mind instead

jiraya (carrying a picture of gendou [NGE])
But if you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao

You ain't going to make it (smacks poster away) with anyone anyhow

Don't you know know it's gonna be alright [x3]
 (sound of record skipping, and everyone looks dissappointed, starts walking off. Demyx holds up a hand, when Axel and roxas are only left on stage. Demyx looks up and nods, starts into gay bar, in middle at "something to put in you". lights go crazy. axel and roxas dance, then everyone joins. Demyx solos, and ends the show. everyone bows, runs off, grabbing props.)

So there you have it. If you're interested at all, and are cosplaying one of these characters, please send me a PM, and post here.


Lycan510 and company.

Hello! Lycan510 here! Ok, so same thread, new idea. I need Organization XIII members STAT. The theme of the skit is going to be either La Vie Cosplay (La Vie Boheme [RENT]), or You Cant Stop The Beat (Hairspray 2007). Heres a list so far:

Xemnas - TitaniumDioxide
Xigbar -
Xaldin - inuyashi_25
Vexen - Shaolin Feilong
Laxaeus -
Zexion -
Saix -
Axel - TheOddFox
Demyx - Lycan510
Luxord - HvcMichaelchris
Marluxia -
Larxene -
Roxas - lavabluefish

dateless for black and white ball. sad right? well, if anyone wants to go, im free. lemme know.

please no flaming. i know im a loser. u dont have to say so, dammit. lol jk

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