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Video Programming / still no video schedule
May 22, 2023, 05:26:44 PM
Nothing on the site and diddly in the pocket guide.

If we got to take the shuttle there it should be obvious that there should be info about when stuff is happening so we know when to leave.
Registration / Shouldn't Pre-Reg have happened by now?
December 12, 2022, 10:12:15 PM
I feel like in previous experience sign-up would have happened by now.
Just wondering if there will be an AMV contest besides to hentai one for those of us that can't make it to Silver Island or just would rather make stuff without hentai (no judgement from me i've entered the HMV contest before)

Apologiese if I missed a post that answers this question.
been using windows movie maker to make amvs for a while now and im thinking of actually buying an editor (even though as of now I havent felt restricted but ya never know) was wondering if anyone could tell me which of these are better for working on amvs:

Ulead Videostudio 11

Pinnacle Studio 11 (basic or plus)

a while back (come to think of it was around the time of the last fanime) I got the trial of adobe premere and sony vegas and couldn't figure either of them out... I also tried ulead figured some of it out (more than I did the former 2) but I discovered a problem, that would drive me up the wall, I could figure out any way to empty the library without takeing forever to delelte each clip on by one (BTW if anyone knows how please enlighten me ^^;) and so I was gonna try pinnacle but I didn't find the trial version to see how it works) I figured with that factor I should try to get word of mouth, figured it would be the smarter thing to do than waste $50-100 only to say to myself "forget it! im going back to WMM!". havent upgraded my PC or anything if that narrows it down. I realize its a longshot but I figured someone might be able to know from expierience, any helpful resonse at all would be greatly apreciated.

thank you