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I will be there as Minecraft Ryan (Edgar included, of course), and Minecraft Ray, Minecraft Geoff, maybe Minecraft Gavin, and perhaps the Tower of Pimps will be accompanying me.
Also, even if it's sort of unofficial, you should still get a spot assignment from BSapphire, so that this doesn't accidentally interrupt any other gatherings, and to make sure we even have a space available.
I think the day that is best for me and my group is Friday, so that's my vote :)
Me and 3 other friends will be doing the Achievement hunter Minecraft skins this year!!!! I DO so hope this gathering happens! So far our group includes Geoff, Ray, Gavin, and Ryan (me). TOWER OF PIMPS B****ES!!!!!
I will probably put on Steve just for this gathering then. Steve will be there! :D
since this gathering is now on friday, i will not be able to attend as steve. would sesame street possibly be included in this gathering?
Any word on the date or time? I am super psyched about this gathering! :D
Steve will be there :D
If it is on Saturday, I will be attending as Steve from Blues Clues (see my icon). I always wear Steve on Saturday, so I hope that's when it will be. I was actually thinking of making a similar gathering as well. Here is the link, which has a list of old 90's children's shows.,17641.0.html
Hope to be there! Blue skiddoooo!
this is kinda late, but did anyone take a photo of Steve from Blue's Clues? reference photo is my icon :)
I have elected to send everyone from this event to the Nickelodeon/Cartoon Network Gathering, since it seems that they have it more together xD I will be at that one as well. Here's the link:,17543.0.html

Hello, this is Steve (most commonly seen on Saturdays at Fanime) and I was wondering if any other cosplayers would be interested in a gathering for characters from 90's TV shows!
Below are the 90's/late 80's/early 2000's kids shows that would or would not qualify :) the shows that are under "Not Preferred" and "Do Not Qualify" are there because they either fall under another cosplay fandom such as Disney or Marvel/DC, or are more adult cartoons such as Family Guy/American Dad.

Feel free to weigh in with comments, suggestions, and questions :)

Hey Arnold
Blue's Clues
Magic School Bus
Reading Rainbow
Powerpuff Girls
Angry Beavers
All That
Scooby Doo
Darkwing Duck
Pirates of Darkwater
Where's Waldo
Land of the Lost
George of the Jungle
Where is Carmen Sandiego?
Pinky and the Brain
The New Adventures of Madeleine
Sesame Street
Barney and Friends
Bananas in Pajamas
Peewee's Playhouse
Inspector Gadget
Captain Planet
Bill Nye the Science Guy
Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood
Big Comfy Couch
Johnny Bravo
Ren and Stimpy
Ed, Edd, 'n' Eddy
Courage the Cowardly Dog
Bear in the Big Blue House
Dexter's Laboratory
Spongebob Squarepants
PB&J Otter
Beavis and Butt-head
Rolie Polie Olie
Out of the Box
Dragon Tales
Clifford the Big Red Dog
Jackie Chan Adventures
Angelina Ballerina
Berenstein Bears
Between the Lions
Design Squad
George Shrinks
Thomas the Tank Engine
Kratt's Creatures/Zoboomafoo
Seven Little Monsters
Sagwa: The Chinese Siamese Cat
Legends of the Hidden Temple
The Wild Thornberries
Rocket Power
Dora the Explorer
Kim Possible
The Proud Family
Schoolhouse Rock!
Lizzie McGuire
Pepper Ann
Rocko's Modern Life
Jimmy Neutron
Danny Phantom
2 Stupid Dogs
Cow and Chicken
Swat Kats
Casper the Friendly Ghost
He Man
The Jetsons
The Flintstones

Not Preferred:
Ninja Turtles
Looney Toons
Power Rangers
The Simpsons
Family Guy
American Dad

Does Not Qualify:

I am coming! Cosplay for Friday not set yet.
-Pickled Weasel (deviantart)
I will be cosplaying as Derpy Hooves/Ditzy Doo. But only if the gathering is on Friday or Sunday, unfortunately.