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I'll go as Marceline! I'll be walking around playing instruments and singing with my Marshall Lee and Fionna c:
Hi everyone! Count me in as Korra (:

I like the idea of having the gathering on Sunday. However, it would be really awesome if we could make the gathering time before the Cosplay Spectacular meeting (not quite sure what time that is) that day for anyone who's planning on performing, yeah?
If you guys want, you can check here for your photos!

Here's my cosplay group's report on dA:

And here is the video I made to celebrate that amazing weekend!:

Photo set on Flickr (currently uploading more):
count me in as Haruhi. :3
Height really doesn't matter. Most people will consider your cosplay accurate as long as your costume and wig look like the character's outfit and hair. Hit the right poses with the character's attitude, and you're set! (:

But for tall cosplays.. I'll suggest:
Milly from Trigun
Sailor Jupiter from Sailor Moon
Yukari // Caroline from Paradise Kiss

and cosplays that involves long gowns or dresses usually look nice done by tall people. :3
Sorry if this is the wrong forum or if there's already a topic for this, but I haven't really seen any gatherings for TMOHS.
Is there anyone planning on starting a gathering? That would be really cool. :3
Gonna be ginjinka Pikachu!