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About the forums / forums software updated to SMF 2.1.3
January 12, 2023, 08:56:09 PM

I've updated the forum software to the current version.

If you see anything amiss, please let me know.

One of the problems with a forum of this size is that it is a target for spammers.

While the total at the bottom of the main page says we have nearly 13000 accounts, I reckon over 11000 are spam accounts.
Some of them actively spam the boards, and are caught and disabled and/or banned.
Others simply leave links in their profile and signature, and try to use that for search engine ranking.

To that end, there have been some changes with the new software:

  • We now use reCAPTCHA as the captcha for registering.
  • If you have fewer than 5 posts to your credit, you must also use reCAPTCHA to verify that you aren't a bot.
  • All links to websites have been disabled in all profiles.  Sorry.
  • You may not have links or images in your signature, unless you reach 5 posts
  • Posts in "Forum Games" do not count for this.

We also use Bad Behavior, Project Honey Pot, and Stop Forum Spam.  There are three sets of mods that seem to help things.

Hopefully, I will not have to spend more time chasing spammers.
I've updated the forum code base to SMF 2.0.3.
I've restored most of the old functionality, so things should be the same as before.

New things:

  • You may now change your "Display Name" to be separate from your login username.
    You no longer need to send in a postcard to update your Display Name.
  • Various anti-spam features, to be discussed in a different post.
  • You have "Buddy List" in your profile, and can follow your forum friends.
Changed things:

  • The "Ignore User" feature is now part of the Buddy List.  It will still block PMs/Posts from people you ignore.
  • Quoting a post with an image has a different button.
  • Various moderator features.

If you feel there is a feature that you want to add, please visit
If there is a mod that you like, and that will work on this codebase, let me know, and I'll see what happens.


Some statistics on the Artist Alley signups today:

1st submitted account:   1/28/2012  12:03:01 PM
100th submitted account: 1/28/2012  12:06:26 PM
200th submitted account: 1/28/2012  12:10:09 PM
300th submitted account: 1/28/2012  12:22:53 PM

1st created account: 1/28/2012  12:01:36 PM
100th created account: 1/28/2012  12:03:09 PM
200th created account: 1/28/2012  12:04:40 PM
300th created account: 1/28/2012  12:10:01 PM

Congratulations to those who have been marked as preliminarily approved, and best of luck to those on the waitlist.
If anyone has lost anything at Fanime, please email [email protected].

Make sure to include as much information as possible, including a description of the item,
and where/when you might have lost it.  We'll check it with our inventory.

If we have a match, we'll get the item to you.
Hi all,

This is for programmers.

Are you a fancy application developer for either the iPhone or Android or something else?

FanimeCon will be releasing its schedule data in XML form, suitable for parsing in your favorite convention application.
If you're interested in getting access to this, please email me at [email protected] with the subject line I would like XML data, please

This data will be available when the official FanimeCon schedule goes to print.

Please note that Fanime will have its official Web schedule, official Print schedule, and official mobile site.
All other convention applications are considered "unofficial".
(Sorry, we ran out of time to create our own apps this season)

We will also maintain an XML feed of at-con schedule changes, available in happy RSS form.

Anyway, for quick coders, have at it.   Maybe create a thread for your own unofficial convention schedule applications.

Ruins of byo/b/ / It's gone...
May 16, 2009, 11:02:36 PM
Uh oh.

It seems that low level sea disturbance was, in fact, a volcano.
It's erupted pretty strongly in the area, and neighboring boards have been affected.

Things in the Universe is on fire, but it should return to normal soon..

But byo/b/ took the brunt of damage.  All those flaming threads added to the carnage,
and the whole thing quickly became covered in volcanic ash.

It's like it never existed at all.  Maybe one day, someone will be able to dig out the older threads of byo/b/
Or maybe all of its drama will be forever lost to history.

Will anyone be able to rebuild over that territory? Time will tell.
Okay, I'm creating a happy place for people  Hooray.

Basic rules:

  • There is nothing considered "off-topic", although Fanime-convention related activities should probably go to the upper parts of the boards.
  • Mean, unkind, and insulting behavior will get an automatically one week exile.  You can disagree, you can be stupid, you can be an idiot, but you can't cross the line and flame them.  Sorry.
  • No actual swearing (in avatars, signatures, or posts) is allowed.  I'm lowering the threshold to "Whatever can be said by Yosemite Sam" in terms of permitted swear words.

If these rules work for you, welcome.

If they don't, please try out a different area.

Hi all,

As per the new structure, this Gaming forum is intended for PC Gaming, Video Games, Console Gaming, Table Top games, Hand Held games, Mind Games, Board Games, etc.

This is not part of the "official FanimeCon" boards; topics about the Console Gaming, PC Gaming, or related gaming events at FanimeCon would go into the Live Programming section.

I think I've caught the recent things and moved them appropriately, but if there's FanimeCon Gaming thread from May 1 or later, please PM me and I'll move it.

Things in the Universe / Forum Mods
September 23, 2008, 11:08:18 AM
It's a toss up between putting this here instead of "About the forums".

I remember the last couple of times I've asked about letting regular posters become moderators, there was a lot of interest.

Is that interest still there?  Or are there some lingering questions?
About the forums / About the "About the forums" forums
September 13, 2008, 04:36:31 PM
Hi all,

This is the forums for suggestions or comments on the operation of the forums or its hardware.

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, go ahead and make a new thread.   If you have lots of separate ideas, go ahead and make separate threads.

I'll try to give a serious reply to serious questions, and joke replies to joke questions.  I may not be able to get through all of them, but I do plan on reading this forum often.

About the forums / Forum Rules - Updated January 21, 2013
September 13, 2008, 04:33:30 PM
Welcome to the FanimeCon forums.

This is a growing community, allowing our fans to ask questions, and participate at greater levels.

Because we have lots of people, there are some general rules and guidelines:

  • Be cool
  • Be awesome
  • Don't be hating

New for 2013

  • Don't be a dick
  • Don't be that guy

If you're in doubt whether to make a post or make a thread, check to make sure that it meets these standards.

That's it. Have fun, and go wild.
Things in the Universe / I love you.
September 11, 2008, 05:15:03 PM
So, I think I'm going to change the forums to play this song on every page.

Things in the Universe / the "Ask sysadmin" thread
September 09, 2008, 07:39:41 PM
Hi all,

Yes, I'm working on some different things in the background.  All will be revealed in time.

While I'm waiting for some paperwork to complete, I figured I'm shameless steal an idea and start this thread up.

It's just like any other "ask X" or "Ask the Moderators" thread.  The usual rules apply.

Let's get this train rolling.
Hi all,

I need a Cooking Mama apron.

If you're good at making such things, let me know.

Hi all,

We are bringing back the tradition of booking of "pre-registering" some contestants for the Trivia Show.

The Trivia Show is a trivia based game show, running Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights 8:30pm to 11:30pm.

While we always take contestants directly out of the audience, we are also interested in having a few "seeded contestants" with a guaranteed spot on stage.  If you are interested, have a good knowledge of anime, and have some stage presence, email us at [email protected]

Applications must be exactly 45 words long, and include a head shot.
Hey all,

I'm inspired to try something different, so I'll take a swing here.

I'm trying to create a staff information site for staffers to get information.

There are some basic requirements on access:
* There are at least two roles.
* One role is the normal staffer: they have the ability to read nearly everything on the staff site.
* One role is the senior staffer: they have the ability to write new content, either for all staff or just senior staff.
* People who aren't staff should have no access to the staff site.

Other requirements on content:
* There should not be a bottleneck or a single gating point:  if the tech-lead wants to write a paragraph, they should be able to do it directly without having to rely on some administrators busy schedule.
* There should not be a risk to bury content.  if GR posts 10 updates on guest status, this should not bump a critical article on con-ops.

And two last administrative requirements:
* It should be easy to install (less than 8 hours)
* It should require little to no day-to-day maintenance.

As a stake in the ground, I'm thinking of MediaWiki with some tight permissions.  I can set up one Wiki page per department, control editing a bit, and that should be that.

Are there better options?  What say you?
This is the place where you can post about something that you made.

So be visible and fun.

Use tags in your subject titles. For example, you are showing off your art project put something like [Artwork]. If you are posting something relating to your music creations, post [Music]. This is not necessary, but helpful.

OK: Links to your artwork, or deviantart site.
Not OK: Linking to other people's artwork.  This isn't the point of this forum.
OK: Explaining that you take commissions for art.
OK: Asking for an artist to make something for you.

OK: Links to your cosplay photos.
Not OK: Linking to cosplay photos of other people.  We have a different forum for that.
OK: Explaining that you take commissions to make other people costumes.
OK: Asking someone to make a costume for you for money.

OK: Advertising that you do commissions.
Not OK: Using this place as a store.
This forum will no longer support buying and selling. Please go to this section: (dealers room),33.0.html
Or this section:(Cosplay section),30.0.html

Not OK: Bumping your threads solely to keep them on the first page.
Not OK: Using your friends to do a bump, solely to keep it on the first page.

OK: Praising and being positive for something posted here.
OK: Constructive Criticism and feedback
Not OK: Being overly mean or being a jerk.  Go to byo/b/

So far so good?

This does not have to be exclusive to art or cosplay or anime, but the same general rules apply.
If you have a game or science fair project or an acting gig or something that you've created, then post it here.

This forum is experimental; I'd like to see this grow and prosper, in the "by Fans" style.

Hi all,

There will be another incarnation of the trivia game show.

Right now, I'm looking for some people who can assist in writing questions.

It's mostly a trivia show, so I'm biased for those who can write that sort of things.  I'm trying to inject some more humor into things, so if you're good at jokes and being funny, that's helpful too.

If you're ambitious and want to go all the way up to producing (that is being able to create an idea, sketch it in a feasible manner, making it actually work) in addition to writing, that would be also appreciated.

If you're interested and interesting, please email me, [email protected]

FanimeCon 2008, [email protected]
Who's up for sushi?  I know a place.