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Registration / A Place Where I Can Get Notified For 2016?
November 09, 2015, 04:34:47 PM
Hey, I know that the registration announcement is around this time (November To January) but i wanted to know if there's a place where i can get notified as soon as its up? E.G. Facebook alerts to twitter alerts or even their app that they have on the android market. (not sure for iPhone). I've checked Facebook, Twitter, App, Forums Etc. but it hasn't been updated in a while! I assume they will still use Facebook and Twitter for 2016 though so if i follow and put the notification on it will alert me?

Knowing that the time is coming for the announcement i feel like i need to stalk the page 24/7. Its not getting a badge or ticket i'm worried about its the fact that people say hotels get filled within 2 hours!

I assume the Hilton is the first to get filled and Hayatt, well i'm pretty sure their expensive but its relatively close and i believe is one of the hotels that has shuttle?
May 19, 2015, 03:28:38 PM
Looking For Members To Join My Team Currently 2 Out of 5 members. I am gold 1 and looking for a range from silver 1 to plat 5 from any season.
EVEN if you are not in this range apply anyways! reguardless if you are bronze or challenger.

i will add you or reply here

Main Role:
Weakest Role:
Age: (not require) (but would help)
Anything About you or your LoL history: (again not required but helpful/bragging rights)