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^ Hm. I don't really have an answer for that.
< An app of what sort?
> I've fallen into the dangerously territory of wanting to buy things again...
v Are you starting to yearn for Fanime?
^ Progressed quite a bit, but I seem to be dawdling at the moment.
< Good luck!!
> Thinking about jobs, colleges, and a short film.
v What's on your mind?
^ I did not.
< Soup weather is coming upon us!
> Gosh am I really excited for this weather.
v Your favourite kind of weather?
^ For this?
< How often are tournaments?
> Time to be responsible.
v What's it time for?
^ Nah.
< What might this junk be?
> Woo, got a solo in the musical revue show.
v Going to the NorCal Cosplay gathering?
^ Mediocre-ly. Depends on the situation, I tend to loudly panic, or go the pragmatic route.
< How'd you hear about it?
> God I love The Voice.
v Favourite show?
^ The Voice premiere!
< Ah my brother is also playing Destiny as his voice leaks through the walls.
> I'm improving in belting woo!
v How are you feeling?
^ About how dodgy this water tastes.
< What happened with the tickets?
> Writing up some plans in preparation for pitching a musical we could do.
v How often do you re arrange your room?
^ Yep.
< Ah, good luck in ticket purchasing!
> So late night essay writing isn't fun.
v Plans for Monday?
^ AT&T
< Glad to hear things are going well with your setup.
> Got an essay to do and some filming.
v What's the next con you're heading to?
^ This is a reference. I do not know references.
< How is that going for you, with the setup.
> I'm not used to homework. Can't focus. Need to sing showtunes.
v Favourite "casual" game?
^ I have not heard of this! I'd like to, that'd be pretty sweet.
< I did not. One game, I knew for a while and am looking for a replay, and the other, I'd like to continue.
> Heathers is an intense movie. Like holy shit. Seriously.
v Favourite cult classic?
^ Stay at home.
< Mad Father and deIz. Wonderful games, I must say.
> Procrastinated and need to write, record, and film today.
v Favourite early 00s movie?
^ OH. I finished the stupidest, yet greatest video ever. I love it so much.
< Downloading a few games, myself. Let's pray my computer doesn't spaz again.
> In a bit of a stump writing a new video that needs to be filmed today or tomorrow.
v A YouTuber you admirer?
^ TV's Blossom.
< Oh my goodness, that sounds intense that I kind of want to try.
> I want to drink oodles of sweet tea.
v You're favourite beverage?
^ Nothing as of yet. In about twenty minutes, perhaps.
< Ah, my brother has been frequenting Wilds Wings to increase his spice tolerance.
> Brutal, my grades last semester were too shite to allow me a work permit.
v Are you in a bit of a rut?
^ School in the morning... nothing more for today.
< Oh my goodness, I could go for wings.
> No! I musn't get distracted counting...
v What's one saying you say often?
^ I am not attending SacAnime this weekend.
< I'm surprised I haven't started counting down the days to Fanime.
> I like food. I could eat food.
v What could you eat today?
^ Ack, can't think of one to be honest... though there has been one trying to start up, with Dan Avidan on a roller coaster.
< How was the con?
> I have too much free time.
v A song that's currently in your head?
^ No, my brother does, though.
< Oh my you have a motorcycle?
> Singing in the empty lab with food. This is good.
v Do you enjoy being alone in the office?