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^ Nope, nothing set in stone.
< How often do you make a trip to Sacramento?
> Phone still won't display the keyboard...
v Last place you vacationed in?
^ The touch screen on my phone is working, but it won't let me enter my lock screen password.
< How do you usually sleep?
> I might go for it, since I feel like I'm going to have the time, but malls really drain me.
v Latest tech problem?
^ Monday to pick up my schedule for the school year.
< I shall procrastinate on not procrastinating.
> Aye, Auntie Anne's is now hiring.
v Your first job?
^ This one's a thinker, seeing how I rarely finish a series.
< Another cert?
> I've done nothing. Not a good thing.
v Any words of wisdom?
^ Is Seiji Sawamura.
^ Looking forward to the school year this year.
< The meeting was good. There will only be three returning students from last year, so we're pretty much the teacher's assistants this year. So many ideas... I cannot contain them!
> I must produce things!!
v What are you excited for?
^ Are things you should be concerned about when you haven't slept through the night.
< It's HELLA hot.
> Yay, I have a broadcasting meeting today :D
v Most cosplayed character for you?
^ Nah.
< Ah, but what kind of granola bar?
> I have pickles.
v How do you feel about pickles?
^ Absolutely nothing! Wallow in the heat.
< Sleep is good.
> Jesus Christ, The Voice is such a great series.
v Favourite vocalist?
^ Cold weather. Very, very cold weather.
< I try to keep my room very dark in an attempt to make it cooler.
> Seems to me I'm in a bit of a working slum.
v How do you do your laundry?
^ Not at all! Still need to finish Flowers of Evil.
< The best steps possible?
> This heat really isn't working out for me.
v How does the heat affect you?
^ Ate his hand. His dominant hand.
The year it wanted to open up.

Does your shampoo make your hair tingle?
Man, it feels good to have my laptop back.
^ Never have I a clue.
<  The amount of contouring in Jojo cosplays.
> I wanna do something, but I don't know. It's hot out.
v How do you keep cool?
< Hola.
> Hm, haven't watched anime in a while.
v How's the weather for you?
^ Not at all! But I should be eating better...
< Eh, I don't really have money for a new laptop.
> Hoohah, I don't know.
v What do you know?
^ Bought a sweet ass dress that makes me feel like a princess going on a picnic. Also a just as nice top!
<  New clothes!!
> I am lacking in properly functioning laptop.
v What do you need to fix or replace?
^ I could be, but, I haven't been doing much.
< Saw a bit of the game at a restaurant. Twas intense.
> Totally enjoying the cloudy weather.
v How's your weather?
^ I take them often, so I think so!
< Heard Germany kicked some major caboose.
> My love for Just Dance has not left me...
v Any food in particular that you're craving?