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Well the full target of this gathering is to get all the cross-dressing cosplayers to get together fot pics and activites! And if people want Yaoi/Yuri pics!
My friends and I will probably join this event it seems fun!
I mean cross-dressing cosplaying in general
I will be returning as PTS Sasuke! And my friend who was Shippuden Shino will be going as Shippuden Sakura and my friend who was the gangster will be going as the Third Hokage
P.S. If I can get the outfit together I will have a surprise second cosplay
Is there anyone going as a character that isn't their gender? (example:a guy dressed as Temari)
Personally I think the whole gathering went well except for the Naruto Freeze Tag which didnt happen cuze of the Yaoi Pics.
Sheesh people and their guy on guy action but granted I'm a Yaoi and Yuri supporter ;D ;D
I think BrightHeart76 should put together the Naruto Gathering again cuze she did such an awesome job!! Anyone who agrees pleze say so!!!! ;D ;D
Well right now Im still thinking but I might go as PTS Sasuke again or I might go as PTS Tenten!
I went as Sasuke the whole time at Fanime!

Link to mine and my friends Fanime Pics:
Link to my youtube account:
I went as Sasuke the whole time at Fanime!

Link to mine and my friends Fanime Pics:
Link to my youtube account:
at the gathering will we be posing for pictures? if so will this include yaoi/yuri pics?
what do you do at naruto gatherings? can you explain to me because i dont really get it? oh yea and my friend is going as shippuden shino he doesnt have an account on the forums though.
ok thats awesome
wow signs are banned that's ok to me eventhough i made a totally awesome unique sign

Quote from: AnimeEmperor on February 12, 2008, 11:16:11 PM
Signs made me chuckle, but I won't miss them. If you want attention take the time to cosplay.
taking the time to cosplay is a good idea to get attention but arent some cosplays more popular then others?
jackehhh if u want to u can be the narrator and if i can get a plushie that would work
a skit with audio from funny scenes from naruto abridged
I wanna do a Naruto Abridged Skit! Any Ideas?
it took me about a month to make mine!
White Sasuke Shorts: about 3 days
Sasuke shirt: long time cuze i kept screwing up on the Uchiha symbol but I finally got it! YAYZ
ur girlfriend can bring people back to life! LOL btw do sasuke cosplayers usually get glomped alot with or without sign?