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^ I only go to Fanime and I pretty much have the same goals every year: Have Fun, Cosplay and...repeat the last two goals throughout the con.
< Needs some friends who likes anime and has a goal to lose weight
> I haven't been on forums in a while but I've been having college troubles...In spite of that I still put in time for games...including LoL...ehehe
V Can you tell us a funny story that happened between you and your friend(s)/family? If not, then what would be your dream job and why?
I'm sorta thinking about cosplaying Ringo from Air Gear but I'm not completely sure yet.

(Spoiler-alert if people haven't read the manga yet; though it doesn't show much...but just in case)
I was thinking of doing this version from chapter 266 of the manga

or This version from chapter 341

What trips me out are the shoes. Not sure how to go about customizing or making them in the first place. But any help on the outfits too would be nice.
Thanks in advance!
Quote from: Olivine on May 19, 2012, 09:49:36 PM
WOW! That's a really good Celty cosplay! c:

Thanks for the compliment! The helmet and scythe took quite a bit of work lol. I consider it my best cosplay so far xP
I'll join as Tifa from FFVII:AC or Rinoa Angel Wing version from FFVIII. I haven't decided which one to do yet but definitely one or the other xP
Hey guys. I'll be joining as Shura, with a couple of friends of mine who are going to be Rin, Yukio, Shiemi and (maybe) Izumo. Can't wait to see you guys there.
I'll join as Celty. I missed the gathering for last year (someone even sent me a pic of that gathering assuming one of the Celty's was me....). Digression aside hopefully I won't miss it this time. Excited to see you all there!

P.S. if anyone happens to have a picture of me from last year PM me please haha.
These are some references:
^ I've been excited since I started working on my Rinoa Cosplay...But I'm not excited for cramming in schoolwork, studying for finals and last minute cosplay sewing/painting,etc. at the same time.
< Considering on cosplaying Mafumofu (imo it's better to take advantage of events where Cosplay is socially acceptable)
> I'm sorta worried about how to manage my time and work between now and Finals Week/Week of Fanime....also wanna at least pass all of my classes...
V Have any good FanimeCon stories to tell? If not, tell us a story about one of your most enjoyable life experiences.
^ Lol I doubt my cosplaying skills quite a bit. I do appreciate compliments about my cosplay though...
< Is a social butterfly
> Skipped class to go to the Sakura Festival last Sat. and had a mini Ao No Exorcist group with me as Shura (friends as Rin, Yukio and Izumo and a new photographer [friend's cousin]).
V What was the best cosplay you've ever done (if you do cosplay) If you don't cosplay what was the best cosplay you've ever seen? Post a pic if possible
Quote from: Nina Star 9 on April 09, 2012, 09:39:29 AM
Quote from: dajoo on March 31, 2012, 08:59:21 PM
If fabrics r us does fail you I found these two knits on

You'd probably want the first one for the project you're doing. The only annoying thing is you'd have to darken every other stripe, which could be done with fabric markers. Also remember to get a stretch needle before trying to sew it or it will be an unholy mess.
Darkening every other stripe would be difficult, time-consuming, messy, and probably end up looking really cheesy.

Rinoa's rib knit is a wider rib than the one linked to here, so the "negative" part shows up more, making it look striped. It isn't; it's just how the "negative" part of a rib knit looks darker due to seeing the backside of the knit and it being in shadow, giving what you are seeing as a striped appearance. Any rib knit will give that effect naturally without having to be striped.

I need a bit of advice on a prop gun.
I was planning on carving it out of probably a block of styrofoam, then sealing the foam with something and painting it. Since the gun is fairly flat, I was going to just use a sheet of foam so i just have to worry about an outline istead of carving the sides, as well, like I would if I used something like expanding insulation foam. I also need a rather large single sheet, since I don't want to have to somehow join together two pieces to create the entire length of the gun.

Would this even work? I'm not sure what to seal the foam with, or even if the rather porous foam I was looking at would be a good option. I was thinking of using gesso to seal the foam, but I'm afraid it will just sink into all the little holes and I'd need a -lot- to get a smooth coat. If that wouldn't work, what would? I was hoping that I could seal it (sand it, seal it again, etc.), apply my decorations (which will be a combination of cut pieces of craft foam glued on and hot glue directly applied to create the raised designs), and paint it, without having to cover it in something between the sealant and the decorations/paint. Would that work, and how sturdy would it be?

Also, I was planning on using a length of PVC pipe for the barrel (which goes all the way back, so I would just need to glue it into a channel on the top of the gun), but I don't know what kind of glue to use to attatch it (I guess that partly depends on how I seal the gun?) or if that will be too heavy, especially considering how lightweight the body of the gun could potentially be. Any tips there?

I was planning on doing something like this, where piece 1 is the styrofoam body, piece 2 is the PVC pipe, piece 3 is an extra, decorative piece (though it might be good to make it structural somehow... any ideas?), and piece 4 is shaped craft foam that hides the junction (thank you, Atlus character designers, for giving her a decorative piece right there!).

Thank you!

Yeah I ended up buying the fabric suggested and the ribs are small but I'll just have to use it...not enough time and money to look for other ones for now...But either way I hope it turns out alright despite it being a bit too green and too small of ribbing xD

As for the prop gun you can probably use pvc pipes for piece 2 and 3. and in the area around piece 4 where all 3 main parts of the gun meets you could use some strong adhesive like gorilla glue (it expands and foams as well). Mind's sorta blanking at creativity atm but for the craft foam, it tends to dry up and crack after a while if you leave it just painted so you should seal it with something as well. I've used a gloss finish mod podge glue when that happened and it looked fine after touching up the paint a bit. I don't usually use foam and foam sheets so I couldn't give any suggestions about those...I mainly use paper mache and that usually works out just fine for me (having made a scythe and trident out of paper mache and other parts).
Quote from: dajoo on April 01, 2012, 01:15:15 AM
Victoria's official website is Unfortunately they do not have pics of the things they have in the store. (It's a real treat to see all the stuff) On a side note a quick bing search turned up:
Depending on budget and what your feel of what it should be. As for the distance thing I completly understand. I'm originally from the SJ area, but am now out in Tracy.

Thanks for all the help! I pretty much found everything I need now...I just need all the money to afford everything and make it.
Quote from: dajoo on March 31, 2012, 08:59:21 PM
If fabrics r us does fail you I found these two knits on

You'd probably want the first one for the project you're doing. The only annoying thing is you'd have to darken every other stripe, which could be done with fabric markers. Also remember to get a stretch needle before trying to sew it or it will be an unholy mess.
Quote from: MidnightPrincess94 on March 31, 2012, 08:45:41 PM
Quote from: dajoo on March 31, 2012, 08:28:36 PM
Depending on how much money you have to spend I would recommend looking at Victoria's Dance & Costume. They should have anything from the cheapy halloween ones to a good pair of theatrical quality. As for the ribbed fabric I would recommend either Fabrics R Us in San Jose or I've only come up wanting a couple times at Fabrics R Us, so I'd start there.         
^ I second tht. Victoria's Dance & Costume is a good place, from my past experiences.

Thanks for all the suggestions! I live about a 45min drive away from SJ so venturing out there for fabric might not be an option considering I don't have a car for myself.... As for the wings is it possible to link the source of what you guys are talking about?

Does anyone know how to make realistic white angel wings? I'm probably not going for full sized wings for convenience's sake.

I wanted to do Rinoa's limit break Angel Wing from FFVIII. Also...does anyone know of any places where I could get ribbed blue fabric that matches?

Character Reference:
In Game Limit Break:
^I actually haven't been saving up for Fanime (not yet at least) but usually I'd try to not spend too much in my account and/or set aside some cash.
< Needs to start saving up for a hotel room
> I need a good place to buy fabric. I'm in the bay area but there aren't really any good fabric shops least not that I know of. Been wanted to finish up and start some cosplays for a while now. I'm sorta wonder how the heck am I going to get thick ribbed fabric for FFVIII's Rinoa.
V Having a hard time with something lately?
^ I don't celebrate it but a lot of my friends do...
< can finally use the internet for his PS3
> Come to think of it...I haven't been on these forums in forever! Nor have I continued working on any cosplay stuff.....errr ^_^"'
V What have you been up to lately?
^(lol answering my own question) Just follow this link to my dA it has a story of what happened during Halloween this year.
< Was totally juiced that Momoi was pretty close by at the time
> Here's a story of one thing that happened during this year's FanimeCon '11: So it was my debut of my Celty cosplay and apparently it was received by others so well that I had to stop every min. or so and ended up posing for 10-15mins only to end up being asked for more pictures after the mob clears up. Well I'm glad that my cosplay turned out really well but the few things about me wearing that helmet...1) If someone uses flash they can see my face in the pic 2) I highly dislike going down stairs because the helmet prevents me from seeing the steps below and one of the few times I actually stumbled some people behind me screamed out to me saying "BE CAREFUL CELTY!!!" that made me go ^_^"'
V same question
^ I sorta wonder when have I not felt stressed
< Feeling pressured during Jr. Year (good luck and try to have fun when you can!)
> needs a break from a complicated reality and relief from emotional/physical exhaustion
V Tell us a story please?
^ I got a new laptop late August.
< Got a new computer and is saving up for a car.
> I have been pretty broke and yet I somehow still manage to buy food and cosplay stuff somehow... I actually got my Shura Kirigakure cosplay done during the Summer and now I'm working on the Namimori school uniform version of Chrome Dokuro.
V What have you been up to lately?
I wanted to see the whole group that gathered up for this Dx

Well I cosplayed as Celty on Friday, Saturday and Monday. Most likely some of you have seen me around with my flaming black scythe. I'm on a quest to find pictures of myself x3 I most likely saw a few of you around too.