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Video Programming / Re: Midnight Madness 2023! CAN...
Last post by HunterZero - June 03, 2023, 01:25:22 PM
Midnight Madness Stream this weekend!
This is a repeat from FanimeCon last weekend!

Saturday, June 3, 2023
11PM - 2AM All times Pacific

Hi everyone!!

Thank you so much for coming out to the gathering!!  Our gallery of unofficial pictures taken by us as hosts is live right here:

Please feel free to share, tag, download, crop, use on your cosplay pages, etc. This gathering is for you, for us, who cosplay as these characters!

We were having some camera issues toward the very end so we didn't get as many shots as we would have liked. If you need a higher resolution version of a picture (because Facebook sometimes reduces resolution) - please message me and I'll send it to you directly.

If there are any images that you would like removed, please message me as well and I'll accommodate you as best I can.

Thank you to all who attended or showed interest in this gathering.

Our location wasn't ideal as I would like but given our day / time it was the best option.  And hey, we can all say we took up the biggest gathering spot at Fanime!!!  Who says old school isn't awesome?  Hopefully next year we can get back to a spot that is a little more protected so I can talk with you all more and of course I miss the terraced steps that we had inside back in 2018 and 2019!

We hope to see you all again for FanimeCon next year and the 2024 Old School Cosplay Gathering!! It will always be held the evening of Fanime Friday!
Big Event Showcase / Playlist for the 2023 Black & ...
Last post by le_momo - June 01, 2023, 12:49:40 PM
Hello everyone!

We had an amazing evening at our 14th annual Black & White Ball. Like every year, we have gained quite a bit of interest in the playlist! Here is the full playlist for your enjoyment.

Please take note that our playlist is generally set and finalized before the Ball to give our staff some time to edit/cut the tracks and even out the sound if necessary.

If you would like to get a head start with requests for the 2024 playlist, hop over to our Twitter or Facebook pages or email us at Thank you!

Song; Artist; Source/Why we used it; Dance
  • Forest of Mystery; Yasunori Nishiki; Video Game (Octopath Traveler 2); Waltz
  • Cogele El Gusto; Wayne Gorbea's Salsa Picante; Style-Specific; Salsa
  • Hannah's Theme - Forgotten; Yangyang Mobile, Veralia, Dualist Make Music, Cylight Studios; 2023 Theme (Postal Service), Video Game (The Letter Visual Novel); Night Club Two-Step
  • To The Heart (Vocal Ver); Barry "Epoch" Topping, Fiona Lynch; Video Game (Paradise Killer); West Coast Swing
  • Tanko Bushi (Boogaloo); Minyo Crusaders; Japanese Band; Cha Cha
  • Soldiers Paean; Kenji Hiramatsu; Video Game (Xenoblade Chronicles 3); American Tango
  • キャンバス Canvas; Keisuke Ueda; 2023 Guest of Honor; East Coast Swing
  • On A Clear Day; Joe Hisaishi; 2023 Theme (Postal Service), Anime (Kiki's Delivery Service); Waltz
  • Anarchy Rainbow; Toru Minegishi, Ryo Nagamatsu, Shiho Fujii, Yumi Takahashi, Toshiyuki Suo, Sayako Doi; Video Game (Splatoon 3); Merengue
  • I'm Gonna Sit Right Down (And Write Myself a Letter); Nat King Cole; Style-Specific, 2023 Theme (Postal Service); Foxtrot
  • A Tisket A Tasket; Ella Fitzgerald; Style-Specific; Balboa
  • Hearthome City; insaneintherainmusic ft. Snarky; Video Game (Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl); Rumba
  • DEMO; Paparazzi (Lady Gaga Cover); DJ Ice; Tango
  • DEMO; Butterfly (Tokyo Ghoul); Avera; Waltz
  • DEMO; Don't Stop Me Now; Queen; Jive
  • Chou Cream Funk; Philosophy no Dance; Anime (MASHLE); Hustle
  • Song of the Ancients; Jun Hayakawa, Atsuki Yoshida, EMO Quartet, Keiichi Okabe; Video Game( NieR: Automata); Argentine Tango
  • Dance Hall; Mrs. GREEN APPLE; Japanese Band; West Coast Swing
  • KICK BACK pero es versión SALSA; Tricker; Anime (Chainsaw Man); Salsa
  • Hikari, the Warrior; Yasunori Nishiki; Video Game (Octopath Traveler 2); Night Club Two-Step
  • Rockn' Roll, Morning Light Falls on You; Kessoku Band; Anime (Bocchi the Rock); East Coast Swing
  • Great Cotte Falls (Day); Kenji Hiramatsu; Video Game (Xenoblade Chronicles 3); Waltz
  • Sweet Juice; Purple Kiss; Korean Artist, Song Request; Cha Cha
  • Demon Slayer Lisa/Gurenge; DJ MasaJosé; Anime (Demon Slayer); Bachata
  • Hombres De Acción (I'll Make a Man Out of You); Tricker; Animated Movie (Mulan); Tango
  • La Dueña del Swing; Los Hermanos Rosario; Style-Specific; Merengue
  • Gorgeous Step; (K)NoW_NAME; Anime (Spy X Family); Balboa
  • Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I'm Yours); Stevie Wonder; 2023 Theme (Postal Service), Style-Specific; West Coast Swing
  • Payaso de Rodeo; El Caballo Dorado; Style-Specific; Line Dance: El Caballo Dorado
  • So Beautiful; DPR IAN; Song Request; Rumba
  • Suzume feat. Toaka; RADWIMPS; Anime (Suzume no Tojimari); Night Club Two-Step
  • Habana; Aico Simon; Style-Specific, Japanese Artist; Salsa
  • L.I.E.C; MAMAMOO; Korean Group; Hustle
  • Mujo No Yume; Horacio Salgan Y Su Orquesta; Japanese Band; Argentine Tango
  • If Wrapped In Kindness; Yumi Matsutoya; 2023 Theme (Postal Service), Anime (Kiki's Delivery Service); Bachata
  • Hajimete no Mura; Yuji Yoshino; Anime (Spice and Wolf); Waltz
  • Ponyo On The Cliff By The Sea; Kazumi Tateishi Trio; Anime (Ponyo); Balboa
  • Cruel Angel's Thesis; Lowland Jazz; Anime (Neon Genesis Evangelion); Foxtrot
  • DEMO - Bondman (Spy X Family); (K)NoW_NAME; Balboa
  • DEMO - Drown (Vinland Saga); milet; West Coast Swing
  • DEMO - La Comay; Sonora Carruseles; Salsa
  • Gloomy Grotto; Yasunori Nishiki; Video Game (Octopath Traveler 2); Waltz Mixer
  • Iris Network; Kenji Hiramatsu; Video Game (Xenoblade Chronicles 3); Waltz Mixer
  • Professor Layton Compilation; Tomohito Nishiura; Video Game (Professor Layton), Song Request; Waltz Mixer
  • Silver White Heart; Yasuhisa Baba, Kazuki Komai, Hiroki Morishita, Takeru Kanazaki, Daichi Aoki, Daichi Ishihara, Joya Shioiri; Video Game (Fire Emblem Engage); Waltz Mixer
  • Honeycomb; Ayumu Imazu; Japanese Artist, Style-Specific - West Coast Swing
  • Otome No Policy; Yoko Ishida, Rui Serizawa, Makoto Nagai, Seiichi Kyouta, remix by hOnEY; Anime (Sailor Moon); East Coast Swing
  • With You; Hidenori Shoji; Video Game (Like a Dragon: Ishin); Night Club Two-Step
  • Izayoi Namida; Aika Yoshioka; Video Game (Hakuoki); Hustle
  • You Wouldn't Know; The 8-Bit Big Band; Video Game (Portal); Foxtrot
  • Sad Tango; Rain; Korean Artist (Japanese Release); Tango
  • Spy X Family Main Theme - Electro Swing Ver; tnbee; Anime (Spy X Family); Balboa
  • Ievan Polka; Hatsune Miku; Style-Specific; Line Dance: Tokyo Polka
  • Broken Bonds; Yasuhisa Baba, Kazuki Komai, Hiroki Morishita, Takeru Kanazaki, Daichi Aoki, Daichi Ishihara, Joya Shioiri; Video Game (Fire Emblem Engage); Waltz
  • Postcards from Paraguay; Mark Knopfler; 2023 Theme (Postal Service), Style-Specific; Samba
  • Capsule; Chica Boom; Japanese Band; Salsa
  • La Canción de Dolores Madrigal: Secretos; Hitomi Flor; Animation-Inspired (Encanto); Cha Cha
  • SHOCK!; Ayase; Anime (Buddy Daddies); Hustle
  • Tropu'hopu, Secret Paradise; Yasunori Nishiki; Video Game (Octopath Traveler 2); Rumba
  • The Case of the Woeful Stalker; Kohei Tanaka; Video Game (Princess Connect Re: Dive); Tango
  • Soul Galaxy; BRADIO; Anime (Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!!); East Coast Swing
  • Light of the Fireflies; Mayumi Sudo; Video Game (Tales of Legendia); Night Club Two-Step
  • Blue Dream; Platina Jazz; Anime (Saint Seiya); Foxtrot
  • Stay With Me; Miki Matsubara; Japanese Artist, Song Request; West Coast Swing
  • All Our Days; Jeff Williams, Casey Lee Williams; Anime (RWBY); Waltz
  • DEMO - Flor Vermelha; Yuki Hayashi; Samba
  • DEMO - Hold It Against Me; Britney Spears; Bachata
  • DEMO; Signed, Sealed, Delivered; Stevie Wonder; West Coast Swing
  • Footloose/Run for Cover/Footloose; Taisei Iwasaki; Anime (Blood Blockade Battlefront); East Coast Swing Mixer
  • Yugiri's Song - The Saga Incident; Franchouchou; Anime (Zombie Land Zaga Revenge); East Coast Swing Mixer
  • Tsumi to Batsu to Angra; Mitsuru Matsuoka; Anime (Fuuto PI); East Coast Swing Mixer
  • Itadaki Mambo; Platina Jazz ft. Niklas Gabrielsson; Anime (Itadakiman); Salsa
  • Jump in the Line; Harry Belafonte; In Memoriam (Harry Belafonte 1927-2023); Merengue & Line Dance: Conga Line
  • Dear Father; Tomoya Ohtani, Quinn Barnitt; 2023 Theme (Postal Service), Video Game (Sonic Frontiers); Night Club Two-Step
  • DEAL MAKER; David Delgado; Anime (Hazbin Hotel); Cha Cha
  • Tango of Tears; Nobuo Uematsu; Video Game (Final Fantasy VII: Remake); Tango
  • My Heart Will Go On Remix; DJC (Originally by Celine Dion); Style-Specific, 2023 Theme (Postal Service); Bachata
  • Luna De Miel; Chica Boom; Japanese Band; Salsa
  • ANIMAL CROSSING; Shawn Wasabi ft. Sophia Black; Video Game Inspired (Animal Crossing); West Coast Swing
  • Athletic Theme; The 8-Bit Big Band; Video Game (Yoshi's Island); Balboa
  • Fiery Bonds; Yasuhisa Baba, Kazuki Komai, Hiroki Morishita, Takeru Kanazaki, Daichi Aoki, Daichi Ishihara, Joya Shioiri; Video Game (Fire Emblem Engage); Night Club Two-Step
  • Kimi ha Dareda; 22/7; Japanese Group, Song Request; East Coast Swing
  • Daughter of the Sea; Avera ft. Sharm; Video Game (World of Warcraft); Waltz
  • Partners - The Game is Afoot!; Yasumasa Kitagawa; Video Game (The Great Ace Attorney 2); Tango
  • Like Crazy (English Acoustic ver. April Fools' Day); Jimin; Korean Artist; Rumba
  • Sai (Color); Manami Numakura; Anime (Kakuriyo: Bed and Breakfast for Spirits); Merengue
  • Let's Get It; Big Mike; Marvel (Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur); Hustle
  • The Light Shines Brightest In The Dark (Marlow); Jon Batiste; Film (Marlow); Foxtrot
  • Candle Flame; Jungle ft. Erick the Architect; Song Request, Style-Specific; Hustle
  • Bachata en Fukuoka; Juan Luis Guerra; Style-Specific, Japan-themed; Bachata
  • I Don't Feel Like Dancing; Scissor Sisters; Style-Specific, Song Request; Soul Train Mixer
  • We Should Be Dancing; KAKKO and TAKASHI; Style-Specific, Japanese Artist; Soul Train Mixer
  • El Mago de Viento; Anna Saeki; Style-Specific, Japanese Artist; Argentine Tango
  • Aizu Bandaisan (Latin); Minyo Crusaders; Style-Specific, Japanese Band; Salsa
  • Sunset; Blu-swing; Song Request; West Coast Swing
  • Rivers In The Desert; Shoji Meguro, Lyn Inaizumi; Video Game (Persona 5); Hustle
  • A City of Another Civilization; Motoi Sakuraba; Video Game (Tales of Xillia); Foxtrot
  • The Song of Restoration; Hidenori Shoji; Video Game (Like a Dragon: Ishin); Tango
  • Bunny Picnic; Shigekiyo Okuda; Video Game (Super Swing Golf); Samba
  • I Don't Wanna Dance With Nobody; Sub-Radio; Style-Specific, Song Request; West Coast Swing
  • Cha Cha Slide (Sinister Remix); DJ Casper, Arranged by Trickssi; Line Dance: Cha Cha Slide
  • What's Love Got to Do With It; Tina Turner; In Memorium Tina Turner 1939-2023); West Coast Swing

If you are also interested in viewing our previous playlists, you can find them at the links below:

Panels and Workshops / Self-Publishing Panel - and mo...
Last post by StevenSavage - May 29, 2023, 04:06:15 PM
Really glad to run the Self-Publishing panel again, so I had a thought - if folks are interested.

Perhaps here, on Meetup, Facebook, etc. we could make a Fanime Self-Publishers group.  We can chat, meet, and keep in touch year round - and it fuels more efforts at the con.  Looking for any thoughts on that.

It usually takes a while for the photos to be posted (give the awesome staff photographers some time!), but here's where to find them and all other gathering photos:

You can also check out previous years gathering photos at this link. Thanks again y'all!! 💖
Registration / Re: Refund or Badge Rollover t...
Last post by JimTobal - May 27, 2023, 12:57:51 PM
I sent through my feedback yesterday after confirming at the venue I was not able to attend (or get any kind of refund). For me, the biggest issue I've had overall here has been around comms in certain areas (or lack of it).

I'm not sure if I'll be coming back (or if I'll be allowed back, policy-wise) but at the very least I'm hoping that feedback is useful to the organizers to try and give a good experience to the attendees.
Registration / Re: Refund or Badge Rollover t...
Last post by Lan Moore - May 27, 2023, 10:06:59 AM
They told me i should have contacted them  by May 29, 2022 when i have been emailing them since February 2022. I thought Con was short for CONvention not CON artists
Registration / Re: Thieves and liars
Last post by Lan Moore - May 27, 2023, 10:02:32 AM
Registration / Re: Thieves and liars
Last post by Lan Moore - May 27, 2023, 10:01:43 AM
Registration / Thieves and liars
Last post by Lan Moore - May 27, 2023, 10:01:21 AM
I've been asking for a refund for a while now with staff ignoring my emails. I finally got a response and they  lied to me telling me never requested one in time. I provided proof I did and now they just ignore my emails again because i called them out