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Hotel and Facilities / Waitlist Experiences
February 09, 2018, 02:35:12 PM
Hi everyone!

I'm on the waitlist for the first time. Can anyone please talk about their experiences/odds of getting a room when on the waitlist?

(Although I managed to register for my badge within the first 3 minutes, I had no idea that hotel reg even opened until 2 hours ago. ;__; School and extracurriculars have been sucking the life right out of me; I wasn't paying attention to personal emails, and the lack of social media notifications didn't help.)
Hotel and Facilities / Mind if I hitch a ride?
May 21, 2017, 06:34:14 PM
(TO MODS: Please move this to the proper place if needed!)

'Lo! As it stands, my plans A through Y of getting to Fanime have all failed. I'm in desperate need of a carpool! I live locally in the bay area, north of San Jose. I'll definitely have one small luggage about 2 feet tall and a backpack; the rest of my stuff is small enough to just sit in my lap. I'd like to go Friday morning (at least before 11am) and be dropped off at the Pacific Motor Inn about 2 blocks away from the con.

I will pay for gas and even cook fresh breakfast if you want! I really don't want to take BART and bus for 3 hours while wearing and carrying all my stuff. ;___;

Social media links only given upon request
Ideas and Suggestions / Housing Priority
January 23, 2017, 11:31:04 PM
I've been thinking about this for a few days, but I'm not so sure it'd be easy or possible. It's basically just an idea to mull over, but I wish physically disabled attendees and peeps who are working/conducting business at Fanime had housing priority over everyone else, if not rooms already set aside for them.

I'm pretty sure someone or others might've talked about this before. I guess after finally getting a bit experience under my belt, I'm starting to see why the more seasoned goers often groan about a big, old con having so many issues.
Hotel and Facilities / 2017 Roommate Thread
January 18, 2017, 09:42:06 PM
'Lo Fanime gang! If you want roommates OR need a room yourself, please feel free to post here!

What you need to know:
+ Please be respectful to your roommates along with everyone else on the same floor.
+ Please do not try to crowd beyond the maximum occupancy of the hotel since it is a fire hazard.
(If you have any other suggestion, please voice it out.)

Roommates Wanted: (only main leader can post it)
+ Introduction: Introduce yourself and your disposition/personality. Do you have Facebook or Tumblr? Feel free to post it up.
+ Hotel Information: where are you staying at and how long you're staying in.
+ Costs: how much for each person, how to pay, etc...
+ Requirements: what are you looking for, your set rules, etc...
+ Contact: How to get in touch. Please keep all your PMs and/or emails until the day they're check-in.
+ Miscellaneous: Anything else you like to add.

Need a room:
+ Introduction: (same as above)
+ Hotel Information: where and how long you're willing to stay
+ Requirements: any restrictions or requests you like to make.
+ Contact: (same as above)
+ Miscellaneous: (same as above)

Once transactions are done, please post in bold and underline words that it is fulfilled. As stated above, don't forget to keep all your PMs and emails of your exchanges.

Thanks and good luck everyone!

(adapted from 2016 thread)
I'm planning a long-term goal of applying for Artist Alley in 2018. Yes, 2018.
I saw that some of the things not allowed are "Food, beverages, makeup products, soap, skin care products, face painting services or hazardous items."

Does nail polish fall under that if it's already dried and on the products I'm intending to sell? Also, does anyone with experience of going through this process have any tips to share?
I'm staying at the Ramada, but check-in isn't until 3pm. I also don't have a car. I'm trying to figure out (A) what I'm supposed to do and (B) how I'm supposed to do it chronologically. Does the hotel have a place where I can put my luggage? If not, I'll be using the fan storage until check-in time. If I use the fan storage, does it require having my badge already?

Overall, I just wanna be prepared for when I'll be lugging my all stuff around, where, and for how long.
Hi! My little brother and I are going to cosplay Kagami Taiga and Himuro Tetsuya from "Kuroko No Basuke". I was wondering if anyone knew where I could buy good quality jerseys and shorts of theirs, along with a Kagami wig that requires little/easy styling. I've looked all over, but it's difficult for me to trust the quality of a product when it has very few or no reviews. x3
Hotel and Facilities / Tips for an ABSOLUTE Noob?
January 14, 2016, 02:18:20 AM
Hi everyone! This'll be my fourth year attending Fanime, but this is my first time on the forums... and my first time basically "adulting".

I've never made hotel reservations on my own before, and I have some social anxiety, so even asking for help here is kind of intimidating. From what I understand so far, the discounted Fanime rooms are really hard to get because of the rush of everyone trying to get one. I'm trying to get a room big enough for 3 - 4 people, but also trying to save money. Is the rush worth it, or should I just pay the regular price now?

What should I be expecting when I'm in the process of reserving a room? Can I pay with a debit card or cash? Do I pay online or do I pay in person? Are you supposed to check-in exactly at the hotel's check-in time? Help... ;__;