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I'll be there stranger heheheheheheheheh

I'd like to see up hold and mothercoat come back again but I know that's probably not likely.
I would definitely love to see Blood Stain Child though. 

I couldn't remember if I mentioned this in an earlier post but there's a chance a friend of mine is coming up to fanime this year and will be dressed as claire heheheheheh

Heheheheheheheh Thank You.

Mutsu stole my icon >.> The_Merchant I search throughout the forums and have not found a gathering for this year Would you like to join ours?

Sure thing and about the old thread it is possible it may have been deleted during the annual updates for each year's con but who knows?  Either way I look forward to seeing lots of RE cosplayers again this year heheheheheheh

I have to agree with a previous post on here by another that I think there is another RE thread for the gathering as well.  Either way I'll be back again with The Merchant heheheheheheh

The card would have been an awesome idea, in fact I was tinkering around with some possible designs XD

So, I see you pesky pirates are still here...listen up, you sea-faring scoundrels! Fanime is ninja territory! Take your scurvy-ridden pirate selves elsewhere...or else there may be trouble brewing in your futures... *Makes semi-threatening gestures towards everyone.*

<throws together giant ninja banner pointing out said action of making semi-threatening gestures>

Looks like I might be joining you and the other RE group.

That's where we're gonna be stranger heheheheheheheheheh

Myself and Darth Diclonius look forward to seeing you there strangers heheheheheheheheheheheh

What kind of products?! I want some!!!!

You'll have to wait and see stranger heheheheheheheheheh

Hope to see an even bigger turn out this year!

I might be there, selling some goods to any stranger from either side who fancies a good product heheheheheheheh.

The_Merchant- OMG. That's so kickass. Are you going to cosplay as the Merchant this year?!

Yes I will be bringing the Merchant back this year and will be at the resident evil gathering.  Be sure to drop by and check out all of the good things on sale stranger heheheheheheheheheh

For me it would pretty much have to be my Merchant costume heheheheheheheh here are a couple of examples:

Fanime 2005:

Fanime 2006:

I didn't do Fanime 2007 as the Merchant or rather the merchant costume you see above.  2007 I was Lt. Merchant of the RPD heheheheheheheh

Precisely heheheheheheheheheh

Merchant: What Are Ya Eatin?

Guy: It's a f*&%ing cupcake! <storms off>

Merchant: Ah...I'll buy it at a high price

Guy: <yells from down the hall> Shut Up!


Live Programming and Events / Re: Fanime Dance stuff.
« on: February 07, 2008, 01:33:46 AM »
I DJ'd for years (over 20) lugging record crates (not to mention speakers, remember Cerwin Vega Quakes anyone?). I couldn't get into CD's cuz I found it too hard trying to find particular songs regardless of "cataloging" and the feeling of vinyl control.  I just finally got my laptop last August and I gotta say what a damn relief! But that's not to say I haven't paid my dues or if you were to take it away from me I can't DJ anymore. Hand me some vinyl and I'd have no problem. Of course a lot of the new kids now are just gonna "die" on the tables if you make them use vinyl (let alone carry a crate) cuz they "can't handle the version" or "it skips." hah

Speaking of "kids" we've got a "youngling" in our crew right now that's using our CD's/laptop but we force him to carry record crates anywayz! bwahaha

As for the bay/hyphy stuff. I will say that I do like the beats. It's just the rapping gets too "ebonic" (that would be the bast way to describe it). You take old skool (style) hip-hop and the rapping isn't nearly as ghetto or gangsta. Just my .02 on that subject.

"Cuz you can only go dumb for so long..." :lol:

Man carrying record crates was our way of getting extra weight lifting in ^_^  I still love my turns and my vinyl ^_^

That would be awesome heheheheheheheh

Cosplay! Construction, Tips, Gatherings, Advice / Re: END OF CON PARADE!!
« on: February 05, 2008, 05:01:06 PM »
If anyone needs a flag, more to the point a Zeon flag for the Parade! I'm your man!

That would be awesome to have ^_^  Sieg Zeon!

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