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Quote from: "jess3zor"
ello ello.  I...still need to register  :oops:

Good to see ya ^^.  look forward to seeing your costume for 06 :D

Greetings strangers heheheheh....I your friendly neighborhood merchant will be returning to fanime once more to display some of my many fine products....look forward to the RE gathering in 06...heheheheh thank you

Greetings strangers heheheheh...

saw the board was up and had to drop in and say hi.  just registered too and can't wait till 06's naruto gathering ^_^

Quote from: "dosukinuta4"
No, the reason Dosu has the face wrap on is because he got so drunk that he puked strait up and it landed back on his face and the stomach acid ate away at his face, and he doesnt want that little secret known.XD

P.S. Hope thats not too graphic for any of u.XP

Either that or he is a part time scarecrow like Milhouse's dad on the simpsons.

What?  No Kabuto?!  This can't be!   :(   All of the basic sound nin get their orders from Kabuto and now there isn't one to guide them <sniff>

I'm still caught trying to figure out a way to get a headband plate made but fuse it with my basic sound ninja mask....Luckily there's plenty of time.....except of course when I'm wearing it to AX in less than 2 weeks.

I have to agree that Dattebayo sucks ass.  Their audio sync is always off track with the video.   Anbu is the best in my opinion.   and serajwl, that's a kick ass shot of the dosu's you posted ^_^

Quote from: "serajwl"
Quote from: "dosukinuta4"
Your Dosu totally pwned the other one (no offense to him); I think it was the straw.

I have to admit, the straw kicked the crap outta my rug, but at least i had a sound amp. AND I HAD SPEAKERS!!! Woot. As soon as i saw the other dosu, i played "i think im a clone now" by weird al. lol. it was awesome. serajwl should remember that.

Hahahaha. I reign supreme wit my sound amp and speakers. But my amp didnt go diiiiiing, it went ... thwak. :(

you know why blue's dosu pwn3d yours? because i made his  :wink:

Yeah and your shield for link kicked ass too ^^

Quote from: "Blue Impulse"
Quote from: "dosukinuta4"
Awesome!! Im remembered, and that means that im loved. Too bad i lost my voice tho. I think the mask kinda killed it. I got sick too. For the last 3 days, it sucked.
Did anyone see the Sasuke that got arrested? Me and my friends saw a Sasuke get escorted out of the building in handcuffs by 3 officers. I dont know what he did or which Sasuke he was, so dont ask. Im just asking if anyone else knows. It was interesting.

He stole stuff from the dealers room and ruined it for all of us. We can no longer  wear full face masks in the dealers room without having to remove it for random security shit.

Yeah that sucked ass having to keep removing my mask everytime I went inside the dealer's room.  Good to see they caught him.

I'm probably going to go as a basic sound nin again except this time I'm gonna try and make a mask with the fused head protector on it for next year and get some better leg tape for my kunai pouch.

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