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It's today!!! See you all at 6:30 in the main entry way!

I'll be hard to miss, kashira/you know!?
I will be waiting for you guys at the Hub,( see the con map in your booklets if you're still confused on location)
I'll be wearing my gloomy Bear kigurumi- todays been a destressing day for me- but I'll be there! ready and willing to run a fun gathering for all u guys!  I'm so excited to see all the digimon cosplays!!!
2-3 days guys!
head count: everyone still coming? =P I've finished Kanaria, and will be awaiting everytone Saturday @ 6:30 in the main entryway by one of the sets of side steps!
Everyone ready?
Day 0 is tomorrow!!!
UPDATED!! 2 days till we meet!
SO, a few things you need to know!

1: the "HUB" is located in the very back of the main entry way, first floor of the con center- there is usually a small black stage set up for gatherings, we will meet there at 7 PM friday!

2: I couln't finish my cosplay on time thanks to finals and life.... SO I will be dressed as either Death (Sandman) or in a gloomy bear kigu. I am still running the gathering, just out of cosplay =) so keep an eye out!

see you there!
UPDATED! we now have our time and location! check the main post for details!
Friday evening @ 7 PM!
We Got our time & locations!!!
check the first/main post for details! we will meet later in the day, saturday!
My character is Tamako from Rinne XD just fyi =P
So Excited to see everyone!
Thats alright, things like this happen! hopefully you'll still be able to attend Fanime and have a great time ^^
update: I'll be ranko (female ranma)
Thinkinggggg Lum, kagura, or ayame...  depends on diet success, self confidence, and time ^^'
Just so you know you can't claim time or location yet. Once BSaphire (head of the gathering staff) gets back to us all she will ask us each for our 4 top time choices and location choices and assign one to us each. there's no guarantee that you will get your top choice time or local.  Locations are reserved  per time slot, and any gather NOT given the assigned time will be kicked out of the location.
Great! im leaning towards maybe later in the day Saturday or Sunday or on Monday for this gathering.  It's be great to have a Jun! or Kanaria!, or even a shinku! XD
I myself have been having trouble deciding between Shinku, Kanaria, or Kirakishou  lately, leaning more towards Shinku or Kanaria though.
I'll keep this forum updated with any news on dates/times ^^
Changed my mind~ I'll be there as Yukina