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Hiei. I'll be there XD
I'll be there! Don't know who to be yet, but I'll be there!
Time to reset! super early!
post here when you all know who you plan to be for next year!
I'm planning on Kanna (my friends want to be naraku and Kagura) but we'll see!
Thanks so much to all who showed up! ^^ See you next year!
thanks so much for coming! I had fun hosting, now if only i can finish a cosplay for it for next year!
directly out front in front of the Convention Center on the right hand side if you're looking at the entrance. where the giant grass steps are
I'll be running around as Chaika Trabant from Hitsugi no chaika (Chaika the coffin princess) If anyone is also cosplaying from this I'd love to meet ya!
Also Location map!
so you all can find us!
I'm wondering if my prop "gundo" would be allowed?

it does look like a sniper rifle, but there is no trigger and its made of pvc
i've seen plenty of Yoko cosplayers with "guns" so i was wondering it its the same principle & ok to bring?
I wont make it saturday, my only free day is friday before 2 :/ ah well. have fun! hopefully ill run into other clampers while im dressed in ashura then! :) 7-8 days! ahhhh
Thank you!
the official gathering is already set for the current time and i cant host it at any other time
BUT you can all feel free to set up another meeting at somepoint :)
Hopefully you'll make it =)
I'll have a sign, but just in case here's what I'll be dressed as:
Its bright red & yellow and I'll try to keep a sign with me!
if you're looking at the convention center directly, we'll be on the left side by the trees!
we should be easy enough to find! (i hope!)
usually, yeah. but sometimes no one shows up haha, its hard to say until the actual gathering. I know at least 4 people are 100% for sure coming though
Hi there, it doesn't take much really, just to guide people to set up for pictures and to set the group up for the pictures on the list and to communicate with the photographer. I don't really know how else to describe it =/ really its just being there and making sure the photographer and group knows what pictures are planned and to be in charge so nothing goes wrong =)

I'm fine with running the gathering still, I just will not be dressed in digimon attire (rather I'll be dressed as cyborg 003 from cyborg 009) while i run it.

Also, updated the list ^^
Ill try to be there friday as 003 from cyborg 009
Updated with the photo order and such!
let me know if you have any other suggestions for me to place on my list
I'll be running the gathering after all BUT I sadly will NOT be dressed up in a cosplay from the digimon series TT.TT 
I'll post again when I know what I'll be dressed as so you can all find me. (ill probably have a sign as well)
Name of gathering/event: Digimon gathering 2014
Changes to gathering/event info:None
Possible attendee count: 12+
Gathering/event photography order:

Full group
good guys/heroes
bad guys
good versus bad
full group

Name of gathering/event: Rumiko Takahashi Gathering 2014
Changes to gathering/event info:None
Possible attendee count: 5+
Gathering/event photography order:

Full group
ranma main cast
ranma side cast
love interests
other series
main cast
side characters
love interests
Full group silly
full group
ill be at fanime as Ashura from Tsubasa for a bit, if this is  going on